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The Sixteenth Annual Brandybrook Drinking Night!

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Da Sixteenth Annual Brandybrook Drinkin’ Night!


~Halfling burrows on the other side of the Dinkle River!~

T’is the most wondrous time o’ the year! Party time! Us wee folks o’ Brandybrook have been expanding a lot as of late, with new burrows bein’ constructed on the other side of the river ‘n all that! Let us celebrate this growth with BOOZE!


What: A drinking party!

Where: In Brandybrook, the home of the halflings! (Next to Aegrothond!)

When: Close ter the end o’ this Elven Week and the beginning of the next! ((4 PM EST, Sunday the 16th of February))


Long Live Brandybrook! Glory ter t’a wee!

-Pervinca Driftwood

[!] The message ends with the official seal of Brandybrook!



I’m too lazy to type everything out anymore, but if you want to find all of the screenshots of the Drinking Nights, check the link below!



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