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Tov and Yermey, 309 ES



Mariya Angelika of Hanseti-Ruska, Duchess-Consort of Adria, c. 284 ES by Diane Anion



“If I've learnt anything from my time in the capital, it is that we must cherish the moments we can. I cherish that moment, even if I must return to a grimmer reality moments later.” - Mariya Barbanov


Mariya Angelika Barbanov (1705-1738) was a Haeseni princess and a member of House Barbanov, later marrying Adrian, Duke of Adria, and thus becoming the Duchess-Consort of Adria. She was the first Grand Lady of the Court, under Queen Milena of Adria and was the host of numerous events and festivities throughout the kingdom of Haense. Mariya later was the female face of the Holy Orenian Empire as her husband became the Lord Protector. 


She was the daughter of King Marius II and his primary consort, Valera of Adria. Being the firstborn of the pair, she was bestowed the titular honor of Princess Royal at birth. Throughout her life, she was known for her love of the arts, whether that be poetry or being the host of various revelries. 


THE MARUSVAR MASQUERADE is held in celebration of her life, as well as many other figures of historical note to Haense and its prosperity. 




February 27th, 7pm EST


In honor of historical personage of Haense, such as Princess Mariya Angelika, the theme of the masquerade shall be to dress as a notable figure of Haeseni history or mythology. All attendees who do not wish to donn a costume are asked to wear the color of red in its place, as Mariya Angelika was rarely seen without the scarlet shade in her clothing. However, whoever has the best costume will be awarded a prize of one thousand mina. 


All who wish to come to the event are required to be wearing a mask, even if they are not in costume of a Haeseni historical, or mythological, figure. The masquerade will be held within the great hall of the Ekaterinburg Palace. For assistance with costumes, please send letter to Margaret Helvets, or Aleksandra Stafyr with Alimar Attire. 


“Love is stronger than pain. . . Even now, it remains the one constant lifeline in which nothing may sever. No worldly occurrence can break a bond more spiritual.” - Mariya Barbanov



HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Maya Valeriya Barbanov, Queen Mother of Hanseti-Ruska, Baroness of Antioch


HER HIGHNESS, Princess Aleksandra Mariya Stafyr, Countess-Consort of Nenzing, Lady Maer of Hanseti-Ruska


HER HIGHNESS, Princess Margaret Antonia Helvets, Lady Chamberlain of Hanseti-Ruska


HER HIGHNESS, Princess Tatiana Lorina of Alban


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Princess Tatiana’s countenance bundles with subtle mirth, heavily garbed forearms feld beneath her bosom. She dips her head in satisfaction to her late cousin’s wife, the dowager Queen, and the Princess Margaret of Kaedrin. 


Somewhere else, Queen Milena, rightfully restored to the stratum where Princess Mariya ‘Blackwing’, and her children – wholly and righteously Barbanov in their own right -- reveled in GOD’s grace, boasts a smile of utter pride. “For you, Marelika, my dearest Maya has brought our plans to fruition. May the generations of our people to come know your name, and virtuous patronage of the arts, be it within the Adrian City of Renz or the Imperial Palace Novellen.”

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A certain Mariya Angelika smiles from the Sevens above. A life marked by fear of fading from the tomes in which her ancestors would someday read, she could peacefully look upon a world in which remembered. Though time had, and ever continued to pull apart the vestiges of her life- her family, her name- something true remained.


Though her mortal body walked no longer, her writings and spirit lingered. Perhaps, that was enough.

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