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The Imperial Contract House

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Imperial Contract House

Est. 1756



[!] This notice is posted throughout the lands of the Holy Orenian Empire, Cloud Temple, and neutral nations




As directed by the Secretary of the Treasury, Peter de Sarkozy, the treasury of the Holy Orenian Empire is happy to announce the formation of the Imperial Contract House. The goal of organization being to more effectively facilitate trade and commerce within the Empire, as well as to obtain the necessary goods and services required throughout it. It is to be primarily managed by the Imperial Treasury’s Undersecretary of Labor.


Contracts for goods and services will be offered primarily by the Imperial Government, however outside parties are permitted to participate. Eligibility either as a contractor or a contractee shall be determined by the Imperial Government.


The Contract House


As a member of the Imperial Contract House, you will be able to bid on contracts offered by the Imperial Government, nations of the Holy Orenian Empire, as well as third parties such as businesses or individuals. Contracts will be awarded based on a bidding process that will take things such as price, reputation, and terms into consideration.


To apply, simply fill out the form attached and send it to the Undersecretary of Labor. All are welcome to apply.


[!] Attached is a form for application

OOC: https://discord.gg/Qvjjh6W



Undersecretary of Labor, Peter Bisk

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