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The Iron Grudge

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Within the temple of Kal’Evraal, Jorvin Starbreaker broods over the most sacred book in Dwarfendom, the Great Book of Grudges. His palm slit with an iron seax, the Starbreaker raises his brush, and once more begins to write upon the ancient tome, his grim scowl peering over it’s pages. 




The Wronged:

 Clan Starbreaker

Kazrin Starbreaker

The Assailant:

 Clan Ironborn (Allegedly) 

The Wrong:

 The maiming of High Remembrancer Kazrin ‘Gardathsson’ Starbreaker

The dishonoring of Oaths made between Clans Ironborn and Starbreaker, prior to the former’s downfall

The betrayal of kin, as of the marriage of Kazraden Starbreaker and Kalmania Ironborn

Terms of Settlement:

Five eyes taken from the (Alleged) members of Clan Ironborn.

The head of the current Clan Father or Mother, whoever they may be.




The current Clan Father faces Clan-Lord Jorvin Starbreaker in single combat (CRP) before the Obsidian Throne.

The Submission of Clan Ironborn (Allegedly)  before the Courts and Clergy of Urguan for trial.


The Annihilation of Clan Ironborn




Narvak oz Urguan

Narvak oz Gotrek

In Dungrimm’s Name

An Oath before Anbella

Justice will be Done

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“How can we even reason with the ironborn, the most evil of dwed?” Gildroc Goldhand wondered aloud.

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