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[✓] [Magic Lore] Shamanism Overview

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Shaman Overview


Shamans are the tools of the spirits, bound to enact their will on the mortal realm. They are given power in exchange for worship, and thus only worshippers are able to become shamans.




A brief overview of the subtypes and their capabilities.



  • Takes up two magic slots.

  • Can visit the Immortal and Elemental Realms.

  • Blesses, heals, and raises morale.


  • Feat that requires a teacher.

  • Can visit the Ancestral Realm.

  • Raises morale, allows channeling of Ancestral Spirits.

Witch Doctor:

  • Takes up two magic slots.

  • Can visit the Immortal and Elemental Realms.

  • Curses, heals, and raises morale.


  • Takes up one magic slot per pact.

  • Can visit the Elemental Realm.

  • Manipulates elements, spiritual fighter, builder.


Tenets and Disconnection




While the spirits tend to be forgiving deities, there are a few things that they will never tolerate of their shamans. These two rules are simple and difficult to break, preventing people from targeting others for disconnection.

  • Attacking another spirit with malicious intent that is not approved of by the Greater of the realm, while in the spirit realm.

  • Not worshipping the spirits, or worshipping other deities or making use of any other magics that use a higher power or power source.




The LT must be given screenshot proof of tenet breaking, and will then deliberate to decide whether or not it is a punishable offense. Offenders are given three chances which are added to their MA in the form of strikes once it has been decided that they have broken tenets. Teachers that knowingly mislead their students, causing them to break the tenets, will have a strike added to their TA and MA.


  • No forcibly disconnecting other players. This can only be done by the LT.

  • Proof must be submitted. Hearsay is not accepted.


Common Shaman Capabilities


Purify Void

All shamans have the ability to purify a small area of a voidal corruption or void heath for a short period of time. This may be extended at the discretion of an ET holding an event within the area. This cannot be used to completely remove the affected area. All rituals, no matter the subtype, require a miniature shrine to be constructed to the spirit used for the ritual. This can be as simple as a statue on a table with an offering pot. While the ritual is progressing, the affected area slowly retreats in a vivid pattern of blue smoke from the ground.



- Requires a five emote ritual.

- Clears a 5x5 area.

- Lasts for 24 IRL hours (1 IRL day).


- Requires a four emote ritual.

- Clears a 10x10 area.

- Lasts for 48 IRL hours (2 IRL days).


- Requires a three emote ritual.

- Clears a 15x15 area.

- Lasts for 72 IRL hours (3 IRL days).


Witch Doctor: Calls upon Scorthuz to cleanse the area. Requires a ritual and three separate reagents. While the shaman dances, the reagents light up with a pale blue aura.


Farseer: Calls upon Scorthuz to cleanse the area. Requires a ritual and three separate reagents. While the shaman uses their preferred method of meditation, the reagents light up with a pale blue aura.


Lutauman: Calls upon a favoured Ancestral spirit to cleanse the area. Requires a ritual and an offering to the Ancestral spirit. While the ritual is ongoing, the offering lights up with a pale blue aura and lets off blue smoke.


Elementalist: Calls upon their Elemental spirit to cleanse the area. Requires a ritual and at least 2 blocks of the element of their pact. While the ritual is ongoing, the element will swirl around the shaman.



  • Cannot completely remove an area of voidal corruption or a void heath.

  • ET extension times can last for as long as the event takes place.


Spirit Walks

Shamans are able to meditate and loosen the grip on their soul to send it to the spirit realm. They can take up to five people with them. Each subtype can only visit the spirits that they can connect to, listed here.


Witch Doctor - Immortal, Elemental

Farseer - Immortal, Elemental

Lutauman - Ancestral

Elementalist - Elemental


It should take three emotes to connect to the spirit realm and gather the souls of all willing participants. Once there, the shaman may RP out the landscape of the ever-changing spirit realm. The personality of the spirits change slightly depending on the shaman who visits, creating new interactions with every trip.

T1-T4 shamans must use helpful tools or drugs to achieve a stable connection, usually cactus green or the beating of drums. At T5 these are no longer mandatory, but may help to create a good atmosphere for people. Magic cannot be cast while on a spirit walk. The tools of a shaman will follow them in, as they are passively charged with spiritual energy. This includes staffs, instruments, pipes, etc..


  • Requires RP consent to enter.

  • If someone dies in the spirit realm, they are returned to their body.

  • Shamans are expected to be responsible and provide a fun and interactive experience.

  • This cannot be used in combat ever.


Spiritual Sense

Shamans have a very limited ability to know whether something has spiritual links. They may touch an object and find out whether it holds power from the spirits.


  • Cannot find out ANY information other than whether something is linked to the spirits. This is mostly for identifying blessed or cursed objects, or for event sites.

  • Cannot be cast at a distance. Requires physical contact.


Old Blah/Blackspeech

Old Blah is one of the oldest languages known to the descendants, for it is the very language itself that the Spirits use to speak. In order for a shaman to begin speaking with the spirits, they must first set out to learn this language. This can only be taught to them by their teacher or another Shaman. The language itself is rather hard to pick up and takes a considerable amount of time to master.


  • It is extremely difficult to pick up old blah as a language due to the fact it was created by spirits, and should be roleplayed as such. You should have difficulty learning the language and will never get anything with it right the first try.

  • It takes two roleplay years of intense studying to become proficient in using Old Blah, and even then some students will continue their studies with the language after to refine their tongue.

  • Old Blah must be learned from the Teacher, or a T5 Shaman with an accepted MA who has gone through their own training.

  • Spirits will not respond to Old Blah chants that are the same word repeated over and over, demands for power, or anything insulting towards the spirit being spoken to.

Link to Old Blah Dictionary: 

Links To Subtypes For Easy Access

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Totems: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/192923-magic-lore-shamanic-totems/


Credits for entire project hoo boy there’s a lot because this took a long ol’ time:

Me obviously for being amazing

syko and ilikefooddude for doing some writing stuff

Funky and Draoen for being top lads and doing lots of writing and being epic cool guys

hedgehug and humanistic who wrote some other stuff

Frott for putting up with my whining and stupid questions

also Jandy for starting the topic

My horde of proofreaders who helped a lot-








sort of wolfkite but not really

if there are other people that I forgot sorry

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This Lore has been accepted. Moved to Implemented Lore, it will be sorted to it's appropriate category soon. Please note that if this is playable lore, such as a magic or CA, you will need to write a guide for this piece. You will be contacted regarding the guide (or implementation if it isn’t needed) shortly.

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