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  1. ”Later days, Skalp. Perhaps someday we will reunite in the fields of Stargush’Ströh, however I’m not sure I am worthy enough to enter past its gates.” Cheypzhut sighed, throwing his arms to his sides. ”Iron in the blood.”
  2. A MISSIVE FOR FINE WINE ENTHUSIASTS ~ To I, and many others, wine is not simply a beverage or commodity, but rather an idea. I, Vaalyun Ludovic d’Beaumont, call for thee, o’ like-minded individuals, let us gather for a night of debate, discussion, and most certainly, wine; mayhaps even follow such with the establishment of a committee, or bureau for the raw appreciation of this art form. I look forward to thy response, o’ wine enthusiasts of Arcas. Send a bird if thee are interested. Signed,
  3. ”It really is rather amusing seeing the mali of today’s Haelun’or making a considerable deal out of the littlest, most insignificant predicaments.” Vaalyun d’Beaumont scoffed with a conceited smirk, reading through the document in loathing with a shake of head and an exasperated sigh. The elf dragged the cigarette he’d been smoking away from his mouth, pressing the butt of it against a wall, then flicking it away. ”I’d like to see how much lower the Silver State can stoop.”
  4. Username: Hephqestus Character name: Vaalyun Christina Age: 45 Race: Mali’aheral Are you a citizen of Tor Eldar?: Yes Discord: Hephqestus#8435
  5. I cannot express my hatred for this new chat filter thing. It’s not like the server’s main playerbase is comprised of toddlers. My god.
  6. Long live the Rex +1
  7. P.S. I will prepare a feast for you, out of the goodness of my heart, in the event that you vote for me. If you do not, I will still prepare a mighty feast for thee. Contact me for more information. -Vaalyun
  8. SURNAME: Christina FIRST NAME: Vaalyun ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: Still looking for residency DATE OF BIRTH: 7th of the Deep Cold, 1725 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the province of Helena?: Yes Do you have any other title, peerage or public service that may conflict with becoming an Imperial Senator, as per the Edict of Establishment (1736) or Edict of Election (1736)?: No If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the Imperial Senate, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?: N/A ((MC NAME)): Hephqestus
  9. Christina for Senate, 1760 ~ I, Vaalyun Christina, in the name of the true king Horen, vow to stand against the progression and upgrowth of institutional biases and prejudices, but in favour of that which will benefit certain minorities coexisting within the Empire. Alas, although the Empire is very much a successful and fruitful nation, there are certain stigmas attached to the ideology of protectorate Imperialism. And by this, I am referring to the aforementioned problem of the institutional bias lingering all around the nation, be it in Haense or Helena, it is truly everywhere; I would like to bring an end to this to further the economic growth of Oren, the general perception of the nation, and the quality of life to all whom live in our great nation, no matter their socioeconomic background, race, nor beliefs. I would also like to see a decline in both general prejudices, and high unemployment; and I will stand for the betterment of education, and generally, the right for education for all youth in our nation. Very few to none of the children living in Oren receive proper education; not only will allowing them proper education better their lives, it will also cause an influx in employment rates in the future that is to come, seeing as how our youth have received a professional education, and are able to find work in more economically beneficial lines of work with what they have learned. Vote for me if you would like to see a better Oren, if you would like to know what true empowerment is as, a vote for me is a vote for the betterment and growth of the Empire. To vote for me, is to know you are helping the Empire grow stronger. Kindest regards,
  10. Climb the rolling hills, I say. Claw at them, at the grass and soil clinging to the hard grounds, thoroughly through the howling pull of the wind. Let every fibre of your body shift it’s way up, flattening every little weed and flower blowing in the grass; see them die, with glee, because this is nature. Mother calls; and your journey comes to an end at once, but has it, really? And so you rushed down the rolling heights of nature, feeling your form push past the walls of wind, losing balance as you made your way through the little crags and creeks, and produce, and carrots, and leeks. Supper time; and yet you’re famished, you think, looking into the bowl of soup, which to the childlike imagination, could be a lake of sorts, one of fire, and fry, blowing at it to bring it to a fair and just temperature. You’ve never enjoyed sitting at dinner, although to say it was dinner was rather modest, considering Father and Brother had rarely made an appearance, what with them deciding to neigh stray away from the mundanity and boring customs and traditions of common society, and deciding that waking up before the children had awoken, and arriving hours after they’d gone to bed was a way of life. But you remain silent, nonetheless. You rush up the creaking stairway, dragging your naive hands across the age old tapestries as Mother barked at you to come back and wash the plates, but you abstain. The bedroom seemed to have lost it’s charm, ever since Brother started working with Father back in the infirmary, but you can barely remember yourself having any memories with him around either. Something seems strange... “Dinner Time,” Mother calls, but dinner already happened. What’s going on? “Dinner Time,” Mother calls, Why, though? Father returns, but it is bright out, and Brother is not with him; Mother has perished. Why has this ensued? What is the meaning of all this? But soon, none of that will matter becausee ”Haven’t I told you to take three pills, and not two on multiple occasions?” You hear a lady ask you.
  11. Vaalyun looks at his document in pride and glee, anticipating other people will look at it and benefit from it to make the Empire a better place. ”This is going to be simply splendid, I’m sure of it!” He’d exclaim.
  12. In my many years of residence in the Empire, I have found that the Orenian people are, for the most part, rather welcoming of new ideas, and there is little, to no real racial detriment nor segregation amongst the townsfolk, and for that I salute Imperialist society as for coming this far in terms of modernising the general perception of the world outside of Oren, within the nation. However, with that said and done, I do believe there is institutional prejudice and bias towards the upper class members of society in Helena; I’ll go to as far as saying that the Imperialism has turned into extremist Loyalism. Now, this is not to say Helena is stepping backwards per se, the complete opposite, actually; today, I see elven children roam the streets of Oren, given the full respect they deserve, whilst the complete opposite ensued when I was a child. All I am saying is that there is institutional injustice happening in Helena that harms the economy, personal wealth/socioeconomic growth, and the general perception of the Empire. And I believe the best example of this in place, is how the Office of Stewardship tends to give specific individuals the option to reserve a property, which brings lesser/smaller companies at a risk of going out of business. We can see that Carrington and Co. have flourished greatly through reserving properties to turn into warehouses and parlours of business while other companies who do not have much of a name in Helena cannot achieve such, which leads them to less mainstream approaches to business such as the participation in criminal activity. Another example of institutional bias is the retreat of the Wonks, who have sadly chosen to depart after years of not being given the proper opportunities nor welfare to make a name for themselves in the face of the Empire. Years back, Helena had an influx in Wonk population, but it seems that the Imperial Treasury failed to do their job and give these Wonks the financial opportunities, nor residential opportunities to flourish and call Helena their home which, as I recalled earlier, has caused the abridgement of Wonk population in the Holy Orenian Empire as a whole, if my memory serves me correctly. This may even count as institutional racism. This bias of sorts, I have found, comes from the Empire’s tendency to allow for practices in Imperialism to operate in an unjust way, leading to the prevalence and/or detriment to a number of different social groups within Oren. These are not the repercussions of any ‘conscious’ prejudice, as to suggest, but rather simply a result of the way Imperialism’s existing norms and laws. Signed,
  13. Icarus L. Vitarium [Hephqestus] 31 Writer
  14. Vaalyun the Two-Faced blinks at the invitation amongst his arrival at the Silver State, attempting to remain calm despite embers of discomfort crackling internally. He decides to put on an incredibly unconvincing smile as he leaves the envelope in his right pocket and continues to gleefully stroll through the city.
  15. Name: Vaalyun Visaj ((MC Name)): Hephqestus Age: 21 What magic are you trained in, if any? I hath never practiced the magic arts in my, albeit short, life. How do you lay claim to the fact that you are pure Mali'aheral? To know that I am of pure Mali’aheral kin is my pride, and perhaps, I daresay, a blessing. How long have you resided within Lareh’thilln? I hath resided in the Silver City of Lareh’thilln for nine years, ever since I was but four or so feet tall, and I must say; it is quite a jolly place. Will you follow the maehr'sae hiylun'ehya to the letter in the pursuit of arcane knowledge? I always will and always have been a devout follower of maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, and the magic arts and arcana will NOT prevent me from continuing to do so. What magical knowledge do you wish to acquire, if any? Ah, well; conjuration, transfiguration, and arcanism have always seemed interesting to me, so I suppose I would want to learn those.
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