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  1. Dark, so could the niceties of that familiar quintessence liken themselves to, in obscuring above much else that which reigned about the domain for which one soul amongst others reckoned. But this – this was no soul to man – for, to his essence, he bore the aloof of a beast, as so did his shrewd breathing pulsate about the semblance to. For thus short instances, that lowly spirit only ushered the natural way of all that ever was, and all that ever would be; inhale, to preface exhale. Inhale, then exhale. Forsooth, this one bore to he naught a conspicuous, nor quantifiable form, for any matter;
  2. Woke up from my evening nap today at 22:45 in a cold sweat today; when it came to me, that actual voidal magic was being written, and then it came to me that this alibi could be the thing to allow for me to nap peacefully once again.
  3. Stifle the last likeness of a chuckle, echelons from great in its coarse nature, for having claimed a quality for being harsh and guttural, as if brewed and forged by steel to the underbelly of one 'aheral's dried throat, so beseeched of himself; one particular mali. For to flex a single brow, in contraction about to its ridges and grooves about the bridge of his nose, and far end of his frons, it were for the bold mali'aheral to heed naught but a single quirk in it, raising it to a brow for to follow the tempo at which he arched to that brow of his. Wherein, oracle foretold no more than sardo
  4. Omg… Mordu… so 👉👈 I've never had a magic but 😳 your telekinesis lore is just so good ❤️ would you be willing to give me a grandfather? 🥺

  5. I hope you're good and well, and wish you all the best for the future. It was good working with you whilst I was on the ST/ET, however unfortunately short my tenure was. Take it easy.
  6. If you are looking to play an orc, I would highly suggest looking into cultural, as well as spiritual lore. It is never fun roleplaying, without a decent grasp at nor generally coarse understanding of the lore at hand. I, myself, would liken my knowledge of any part of Uruk lore, be it; that of culture, honour, or the Orcish creed of Spiritualism, rather veteran, and would be happy to answer any queries regarding anything of such semblance.
  7. Congregate, 'lo dominions in herb. Forsooth, spring has blossomed to its séance in your favour.
  8. deciding i wanted to be rex, followed by me proclaiming myself rex in a forums post and IRP and leading a nation into total war.
  9. “The tireless and most devout worship makes us men… makes us more than men… makes us – makes us men no more.” To much appeal for his sorry state, and appeal to greater beast hood, the Vicar, First of the Ordained sayeth, but few harrowing croaks crossing and begrudging that tongue of his, laced in the cold embrace of blissful sacrilege.
  10. At its talons, the kind jay met the somber embrace of the ground, in contrast as to the loose nature of the cobalt skies, it flapped its wings – not once, but times a-several, – thus meeting far and fro, its destination at coarse, crude caw in its cry, as to such alert descent then. Hempen, so it were that managed its not at the foul cretin's feet, forming at ditches in its craft of inlay at soil, fertile or otherwise, but a tattered set of scribe clung at that strip of rope, in its poor knot yonder about the bird's ankle. "To the sire, Jean yr Kastafir'ei – otherwise, the sire, Ja
  11. “Aye for Sarkozy.” One Vladislav Barrow pronounced his absentee vote. “Nay on the formation of the Imperial Commission.”
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