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Haelun'or Trade Fair

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[Sunday, the 12th of July,]

[Set to start at 1:30pm EST]



The time of fairs and festivals is upon us, lliran, as the summer weather sets in and the air swelters with heat, accompanied by the buzz of cicadas. The Haelun’or Trade Fair opens to the people of Arcas to show off the markets of Laureh’thilln, the Silver City of the Mali’thill. 


In order to expedite and reduce waiting times at the gates for those who wish to attend, outside attendees must contact Elokarir’hiylun Dele Seregon for an Entrance Pass. It’s required that you cooperate with the guards at the gatehouse regardless, but this should reduce the processing time so you may enter the event sooner. The form is attached below. This will allow for better event management by the team running the event, so it is strongly encouraged you fill out this application; else you may be turned away from the event to prevent overcrowding.


Library & College Events

[Writing Contest]

Contestants may bring a pre-written book, written by themselves, for judging by the Tilruir'indor and two judges to be chosen at the event. The max number of pages allotted is 12 pages plus a title page, totalling 13 pages.

[[For OOC clarification, this may be a Google Document if you so choose, judging will just take longer.]]


Tavern Events

[‘Acid Pit’ Challenge]

A spicy chicken eating contest. 1d20 over three rounds, highest combined numbers wins the game 1d20 represents the amount of wings eaten in a single round. Run two games of this based on interest. 


[Clothing Showcase]

This is an opportunity for tailors to pridefully show off their work. Tailors and seamstresses must apply beforehand and be granted Fair passes to come and display their work if they are from beyond the city. They may pair with the citizenry or their friends to showcase these outfits through the event, or they may singularly wait for the judges to present them.


Merchant Row

[Scavenger Hunt]

An event-based on promoting the visitation of all shops. Interested players will be given a notebook to record the locations and price of the items found within the markets of Haelun’or. The winning player will be given a prize.


[Foreign Favorite] 

Event-goers may be asked to place a stick in a chest with an item in it as a tally to which item is the crowd favorite. Every merchant is able to participate and submit one of their shop goods they are most proud of.

[Open Market]

All shops will be open and merchants will be on hand if there are questions about stock. Foreign merchants may apply for a temporary stall space via contacting the Okarir’hiylun and applications will be approved by the Okarir’nor.


[Community Dinner]

A large group of tables could be set up in the square, or an area with a large amount of space, and individuals wishing to participate would bring a dish of food, homemade or otherwise common. At some point during the fair (the conclusion of the fair makes the most sense), a large community dinner would then be hosted for the ‘thill and participants involved to sit together, drink, eat, and discuss.


[[Application Form: Application Form]]










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Nivoren Telperion Cannot wait until the scavanger hunt during the trade fair. “It feels good to be home once more.”

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