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Da Kirkja Dverga : The Creation Mythos

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~ ᛞᚨ ᚴᛁᚱᚴᛃᚨ ᛞᚡᛖᚱᚷᚨ ~




Book One: The Forging of Reality

When being had not yet become and the only existence was Vuur’dor and the primordial forces within it, there was no purpose, there was no design. There was only chaos. But sound through the dark expanses of Vuur’dor was a boom, the fall of a hammer. With each hammer’s strike did the primordial forces, once chaotic, bend into shape and were given the design that only a Creator could give. YEMEKAR, lord of creation, used his infinite might and power to shape reality. As he demonstrated this strength, so did KHORVAD, god of power, come into being. He was tied to the reality YEMEKAR had made, a reflection of YEMEKAR’s ability to create. YEMEKAR however was not satisfied with such a creation, and set out to decorate reality so that it could serve as the canvas for a far greater work; YEMEKAR would make a being like himself.


YEMEKAR knew that in order to make a being like him, he must make for them a home. The forge-father took his hammer and hit the world, shaping it into mountains and valleys, hills and dells. He took his chisel, and with it shaped caves and forests into his creation. Lastly, he held his creation in the fires of his soul forge, and the heat of the forge would become the warmth of the hearth, bringing life and comfort to the forests and caves. As life became so did ANBELLA, the Hearth Mother. She would look over the hearth and extend the grace of it to those who earn her blessing. 


The sparks and embers of the soul-forge’s fire burned into YEMEKAR’s world, seeping deep within the rock. They became the gemstones and valuable ores, materials that YEMEKAR’s children may use in their crafts to make great works in his name. Sparks and embers that flew into the air became the stars, bright and powerful gemstones in the sky. As the treasures were deposited in the deep darkness, became GRIMDUGAN, Lord of Greed, who would guide the children of YEMEKAR in their search for objects of great beauty and hoarding their wealth.


YEMEKAR reached into the soul-forge with his tongs and took out a large ember. He set it in the sky above his creation, and it burned brilliantly and brightly until it was golden. It was similar to the other stars in the sky as it had great value, but unlike the others, it was meant to be exchanged, not hoarded or used in crafts. It was the first coin, and by its beaming light YEMEKAR’s children would be able to exchange their crafts and skills, and its rays became trade and bartering. And became ARMAKAK, the Merchant Father. He would guide the mouths of the tradesmen so a favorable deal is made and prosperity reaches all.


YEMEKAR took his creation, hot from the fires of the soul forge, and doused it. The waters poured into the world and filled the deepest and widest valleys, creating the seas and rivers, some waters cooling into steam and forming the clouds. The speed and excitement of the coursing rivers and rushing winds became the feelings and emotions of the world and became BELKA, Lady of Passion. She would guide the hearts of the world to mercy and would inspire divine passion into people who earn her blessing. 


YEMEKAR’s creation, now becoming more ornate and detailed than ever, was carried to his workbench. There the soulmason placed his chisel on his creation and carved into his creation names of what he had made in his sacred language. These symbols and names, known as runes, carried great power in them. As the runes were carved into creation, so did become wisdom and scholarship, and became OGRADHAD, Lore Master. He would guide those who dedicated time to discovering his vast knowledge in their research and extend his blessing of divine wisdom to those with the temperance and humility to earn it.


His forging near-complete, YEMEKAR took a smooth stone from his workbench, and with his tongs deposited it deep in the fires of the Soul Forge. It burned bright and hot in the Soul Forge for a millennium, until he took it out. It was so burning hot that it was pale and glowed faintly. He took the stone and placed it on his workbench, carving a rune into it, naming it. It became Khaz’a’dentrumm, and it would serve as the home of the gods that had been made, as well as the resting place of his children once they were done crafting on the world he made them. Thus became death, and its patron DUNGRIMM, Lord of the Dead. He would guide those children of YEMEKAR who perished to the next life in Khaz’a’dentrumm, and give his blessing to those who would risk death for the sake of honor.




Book Two: The Shaping of Souls


YEMEKAR looked at his creation, beautiful in its design and perfect balance. He saw that it was time to begin a far more complex project. YEMEKAR placed the world again on his Ruhn-Anvil, ready to create the first souls, the rest of the Brathmordakin at his side. He was going to make a being like him, and thus the Forge-Father set to work. 


For his first attempt, YEMEKAR decided to forge a being with great power and might. He reached into the fire of a volcano and bent it into form, and it became Krug. Krug was mighty, having a strong determined will, however he did not use it as YEMEKAR did to shape and craft, but he used his strength for violence. Krug saw the world as a challenge, and everything was just his next opponent. And thus the blood of the orkos would forever flow with destruction.


YEMEKAR saw the destructive nature of Krug and knew that he would have to instill an intense loyalty and love for the world into his creation. He reached into an ancient forest of trees towering into the sky, and grabbed the gentle breeze, shaping it into form, and it became Malin. Malin was curious, his obsession and love for the world around him would guide him not to hurt a fly, and he would tend to the forests rather than destroy them as Krug had. However he was not by his deep love of the world inspired to create as YEMEKAR had, but instead he would only keep and study what was already made. Malin saw the world as a perfect garden,  obsessed with maintaining it; he would never dare use the resources YEMEKAR had gifted him to make something new. And thus the blood of the elgus would forever flow with preservation.


Looking at the powerful and bloodthirsty orkos and the passive elgus, YEMEKAR then sought to make a soul that was not prone towards anything, one that would be shapeable and could be formed into anything. The Soulmason looked to the rolling hills and reached into the rivers coursing between them, and from its bank he drew out clay, folding it into form, and it became Horen. Horen was simple, he did not have a great passion for anything, yet was able to do many things, a jack of all trades. However Horen did not with his variety of skills use them to create great works as YEMEKAR had, but instead to further his own interests. Horen became obsessed with himself, and saw the world as his to exploit. And thus the blood of the umros would forever flow with simplicity and selfishness.


YEMEKAR gazed upon the three persons made so far, and felt that none lived up to his expectations. He laid his sight on a mighty mountain, with a teeming forest and deep cavern below it, and pulled from its heart a shining jewel. It was ornate and sturdy, and YEMEKAR then forged it into form, and it became Urguan. Urguan was inspired by the beauty of YEMEKAR’s creation not to destroy, preserve or further himself, but instead to create. He took the resources available to him and shaped the world into great works. He saw the world as a canvas, just as YEMEKAR had. And thus the blood of the dwedmar would forever flow with creation.


YEMEKAR knew he had finally made the perfect being, one like him. He looked back to the misshapen souls, imperfect and corrupt in their design. However, despite their failings, YEMEKAR in his infinite love for his creation could not bear to destroy what he had made, even if imperfect. Having made his perfect creation and letting live the three failures, the yrrommar, YEMEKAR retreated back to his halls in Khaz’a’dentrumm, the rest of the gods joining him and becoming the Brathmordakin, and they rejoiced as creation was complete.





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