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Vote Lukas Rakoczy, 1774




A Fresh Face

A newcomer to campaigning, Lukas has always taken an active role in the politics of the Empire. From attending campaign rallies to encouraging citizens to vote, he has bore witness to the rise of many Haeseni greats: Terrence May, Sir Konrad Stafyr. These great men have spent decades fighting for Haense in the Imperial Diet, but the time has come for a newer generation to take up the torch of leadership. A vote for Lukas is an investment in the next generation of leadership, one which will take Haense and the Empire to never-before-seen heights.


Primary Issues

A vote for Lukas guarantees focus in the following areas:

  • Provincial Rights: Lukas Rakoczy SHALL work with provincial governments and the Imperial government to properly define the rights and obligations of provinces and royal vassals, a relationship which has always been problematically murky. In doing so, this shall allow for greater efficient internal governance, more government work in the provinces and greater political unity;

  • Budget Balancing:  Lukas Rakoczy SHALL work to balance the Imperial budget and cut unnecessary spending to halt the current push for increased taxation, instead obliging the Treasury to minimize their own spending before imposing additional taxes upon the hard-working people of our Empire;

  • Haeseni Recovery:  Lukas Rakoczy SHALL liaise closely with the Aulic Government of Hanseti-Ruska and the House of Commons to ensure the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska recovers quickly from the devastating Scyfling invasion by providing economic reliefs and aids to the lands most damaged and a naval initiative to rebuild the destroyed Haeseni fleet to secure our northern sea-borders;

  • Employment:  Lukas Rakoczy SHALL work to support non-governmental organizations (such as the Northern Geographical Society) in the advancement of science and to provide employment for the citizens of the Empire.




The Josephite Union

For the Dignity of All


Vote 2 Konstantin Wick

Vote 3 Angelika Bykov


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