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Da Kirkja Dverga : Anbella

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~ ᛞᚨ ᚴᛁᚱᚴᛃᚨ ᛞᚡᛖᚱᚷᚨ ~


“The Forge-Father took his hammer and hit the world, shaping it into mountains and valleys, hills and dells. He took his chisel, and with it shaped caves and forests into his creation. Lastly, he held his creation in the fires of his soul forge, and the heat of the forge would become the warmth of the hearth, bringing life and comfort to the forests and caves. As life became so did ANBELLA, the Hearth Mother. She would look over the hearth and extend the grace of it to those who earn her blessing.”


ANBELLA is the god of life, the Hearth Mother. She is patron to homes, any place where life dwells be it the forests or the halls of dwarves, and the safety and comfort found there. She is patron to the living, both beastfolk and descendent, and of the service and care done to them. These are the two facets of ANBELLA, the home and its people, both which she seeks to see the keeping of. 



Teachings of the Hearth


The Teachings of the Hearth are a collection of moral principles based in the patronage of ANBELLA. They serve as guidelines for those who seek to honor the Hearth Mother. These teachings revolve around the display of respect and dignity towards the Hearth and its principles.



Khaz, meaning hall, or home, refers to not just a building but all ideals tied to it. The family, shelter, comfort, and tradition. To honor the home is to honor your  family; familial ties are the most sacred bonds, and cannot be violated or dishonored whimsically. The home is a place of comfort, lit and warmed by its hearth; do not let it become corrupted, let it be a place of safety and grace. Traditions are what makes your home unique, do not dishonor your culture lightly, hold high the traditions that define you. 



Anym, meaning life, is the teaching less on what life is but instead on the importance of protecting and nurturing it. You must not disrespect the sanctity of a descendent’s soul. A soul forged by Yemekar is blessed with great potential, every moment in his world allows a soul to shape reality for the better in Yemekar’s design. For that reason, you must always seek an outcome that preserves life, not seek its destruction lightly. Do not agress on others, even the yrromar, but instead act with grace and her blessing shall find you.



Hefruth, meaning forests, nature, acts as a symbol of all life, beyond just that of the descendents. Although not sacred, animals and plants too are to be used honorably and respected, not destroyed on a whim but with purpose and intent. The forests are teeming with life, and thus often are a good place in the eyes of the Hearth Mother.



Paragons and Heroes of Anbella


Paragon Yudora

Yudora was the wife to Urguan, and as such mothered all the progenitors of the elder clans, and set the traditions and lessons that all dwarven mothers to come would  follow. She is also the epitome of dwarven femininity, a model for all daughters to follow. 


Paragon Indago Stormhammer

Indago Stormhammer was a sacred leader if ever there was one, reforming the ancient clergy to bring great success and increased spirituality and then leading the Grand Kingdom through a war with Oren. Throughout his reign as both High Prophet and Grand King, his work was dedicated to the protection and well-being of the dwarves, a home maker of kingdoms.


Paragon Bjor Cottonwood

Bjor Cottonwood was an inspired young forest dwarf whose work was dedicated to making a new home for the forest dwarves that would lead to their first consistently prominent age. He united the forest clans in their new home of Hefrumm and created a community in dedication to Anbella, and led it until his untimely sacrifice to save his kinsmen from the Alar. 


Paragon Dwain Irongut

Dwain Irongut was the progenitor of Clan Irongut, and passionate about ensuring comfort and safety for his kin. He held luxurious feasts where he would share drinks and spread the grace of Anbella’s hearth. For spreading the principles of the hearth by ensuring a good home for his kin and clan, he was named Paragon of Anbella.


Hero Dutesli Treebeard

Dutesli Treebeard was a proud devout of Anbella, working hard to extend her teachings to all dwarves. Through this dedication, she led the dwarven clergy past political rivalries and across all dwarven holds, thus extending the grace of Anbella. 

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