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In Celebration of the independent Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska

13th of Msitza and Dargund, 339 ES





“We come as Crows”





Long Live King Josef I, and the Dual Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska!


It is with immense jubilation and pride that we celebrate the official independence of the Kingdom of Haense. This historical moment in our grand nation’s history is declared a national holiday among our countrymen, dated as the 11th of the Amber Cold, 1786.


In recognition of this momentous occasion, we declare a great state revelry to be held within our capital of New Reza, to ring in the bright future of our free and thriving nation. Hosted within the Crows Hearth Tavern, free drinks will be distributed to all in attendance, the costs covered and to be paid for by the Marnan Foundation in honor of this culturally-significant event.


The revelry will be started with speeches given by those in our kingdom’s highest offices: Their Majesties, King Josef I and the Queen-Consort Isabel, the Queen-Mother Viktoria, the Lord Palatine Konstantin Wick, and the renowned Lukas Rakoczy. Toasts to the health of the kingdom and to the future of our people will be allowed throughout the evening. A raffle will also be coordinated, entrants being eligible throughout the evening to win grand prizes in the spirit of true celebration.


To break from the usual formal theme of these occasions, we instead treat you all to a night of drunkenness, frolicking, and delight as you take part in food and drink, festive table games, and exuberant merriment among friends and kin. Let the lands of Arcas hear the crows calling from our roost, as we show our pride and intent for a stronger future!










HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Isabel Franziska Barbanov, Queen-Consort of Hanseti-Ruska


HER LADYSHIP, Henriette Marna de Rafal, Secretary to the Queen





OOC Information

Where: The Crows Hearth Tavern, New Reza, Kingdom of Haense

When: Friday, September 25th, @ 4pm EST


"My only mistress is Haense" - King Josef I ‘The Liberator’



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