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Paradoxical Bestowment

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“Freedom, at last” breathed a particularly average Mali as he exited the tall silver scapes of Haelun’or. For the past months or perhaps years he had been lost wondering inside the city as he tried to make friends with those who lived inside; however ultimately once more an anxiety manifested and forced his departure to yet another land for the time. He was never a stationary kind and that caused a lot of sudden coming and going to wherever the road led him. This time in specific it took him deep out into the unclaimed lands not too far from the wildlands where he mulled about for a time and as he walked he soon realized that he was far gone from the world and in fact he was lost. It was not long before he decided that his only true option was to stay a night and find a place to sleep- a place to relax for now. With this on his mind he gently tied a blindfold around his eyes and searched only for a short time before finding a comforting tree to which he leaned against and quietly calmed his mind.

Sleep was often a commodity not granted to those with the ability to see past the norm and for once he felt as though he had been granted such only by the will of fate. A peaceful slumber overtook him at first although soon what he assumed would be a nightmarish hell overtook him. His typical dreams were skewed and wretched, things only the most insane of men would dream on but to him they were visions of what to come or perhaps what had already arrived. On this particular night a dream unlike any other manifested, one so unlike a dream for it was as if he drifted aimlessly through a reality far from his own. Suddenly it was as if a third sense had opened as in this scope of dreams his eyes suddenly shot wide and with it came the start of a new reality.

Infinite and yet at the same time impossible images shot by as he was pulled through dozens of different scenes. The first was burned into his mind and it was as though a million vastly tall trees all warped and bent around into a seemingly endless tunnel and soon the trees warped and twisted into gnarled lines only hardly existent but at the same time so apparent. Impossible geometry and shapes warped across his vision as he was sucked through what seemed to be the circular but endless depths of his mind. Then began more and more confusing appearances and facades that opened his eyes more and more as his hasty and unwilling venture continued. Faster and faster did he move before suddenly it was as though he moved rather too fast to understand the details anymore or as if he had come to a total standstill; regardless of those movements he saw what can only be described as a single eye amongst a million different stars. 


The scene and the orb were so familiar yet totally unknown to the blind soothsayer and as if he was instructed to he reached out his arms and from the heavens above him descended an impossibly shaped and strew object ridden with fractals of warped light and rays of twisted energy. It was as though it was a piece of the pure abyss, a piece of something that hardly an ability to exist. It was only for a moment that in his confusion he glanced up once more to the entity impossibly familiar but at the same time fully unknown and within that last moment wherein his own orbs made visual contact with the massive entity did he suddenly appear in the realm of living once more. Instead of crossed arms as he had originally positioned himself, there was now a dark spherical mass that warped and churned at the air around it. 


Then it seems that a paradox manifests.” The man whispered to himself as he looked up and saw the sun on the horizon. 



This is a short post I wrote describing what my Seer character went through during bestowment, a process in which one is given a pupil after a very long meditative state of confusing images and more. The lore can be read here under Bestowment and feedback is welcome as I am nowhere near a great writer.


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