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Peralien's Darkest Hour

(OOC: This ain't a PK Post. And don't metagame this rat.)


Peralien Corinna Mirthsense sits at her table in Selestia, with parchment and ink. She's then quickly write several letters neatly. 


A Note to Aeline Cordius

"Die - With Love, the person you tried to kill in the Arcas Forests"



A Note to Carlos Mendez

"Every time I think of someone who has hurt me, I think about you. When I close my damn eyes I believe that you are near me with a knife. There is wrong I have done, but what has happened to me because of your actions are beyond that. I used to trust you, but we both have broken our own promises, we are both cheats, fools, and demons. - Kvriorvm"



A Note to Arazo

"Sitting I am as I write this to you, for all you believe you know of me, you only know a fraction. But that is the most someone has known of me. There is blood on my hands, both figuratively and literally, much of it my own. You have stood through all they have told you about me, but you are still happy in my presence? Why? Why do you torment yourself to be near me? Why do you put yourself into pain, suffering, and tears to even try to talk to me? - P.M "



A Note to Methas

"Perish you ignorant animal, you are nothing but a murderer. And I say that with full honesty, never talk to me again - Pera"



A Note to 'Boomsteel Seller'

"Don't steal my eyes - P.C.M"


Peralien then preceeds to have a good cry, and drinking her sorrows away.


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Arazo would receive the letter promptly. She held it in her hands carefully as she read it out. She'd frown a bit before fetch her own parchment and ink to write out to Peralien.

"Oh Peralien, I've heard all the tales surrounding you. Yet, you've never harmed me. You helped guide me in this odd world, you were there when I needed it most. For that, I care for you deeply. It would pain me to leave you alone, though many have told me I should. You are a dear friend of mine, I can see past your faults. 

Please, don't be too hard on yourself. I'll be here thinking about you.


She'd then sigh before sending off the letter, wiping an idle tear. 

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"Sin, is a dark path way" states a Ghostly bishop wandering the church in Osanora 

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"Well that's something I ain't seen in a while...Carlos Martinez Mendez mentioned after he skimmed through the letter, keeping an eye on the signature. After minutes of thinking, he finally realized what it truly meant... Lowering a hand to tap his desk that he comfortably sat at while reading through the letter "Trying to reminisce on the good, old days is almost impossible at this point.. Seeing everything that happened since. Part of me wishes nothing but horror and pain to be cast upon you. Other parts wish for mercy, peace, tranquility. Though none of those are options anymore. Cheats and fools, we may have been in the past, but I believe one holds a chance to redeem themselves, I tried, and I hope you will too...He wrote with speed yet emotion as he kept his eyes trained on the parchment laid out in front of him, then after finishing writing... He then hooked it to a bird and sent it off, directed towards Peralien. As for where it ends up, it's probably never directly delivered to her, but if it is. Then that's Based.


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