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Yong Ping Tax Missive v.2




Year 21 of the Second Age, 3rd of the Deep Cold.


In turn with the City-State of Yong Ping going from a settlement to a nation, an update on taxes is being made to accommodate our ever-expanding infrastructure, uptake in governmental positions and to provide a better quality of life to go towards the prosperity of our beloved Nation.




一。 Taxes

Taxes are being reworked entirely, now within set brackets that are unchanging with the exception of a new tax missive coming out. Tax brackets in particular will be in place once the expansion of land and home is done. 

Tax breaks are being reworked and updated, to include better benefits and options for retirement alongside it.

  • Housing Brackets

A: 20 minas

B: 25 minas

C: 30 minas

D: 35 minas

E: 40 minas


F: 60 minas

G: 80 minas

H: 100 minas

  • Tax Breaks

Tax breaks can be achieved via multiple ways but is not limited to:

Working in a governmental position

Enlisting in the Yong Ping Army

Aiding in the Yong Ping Clinic


Spending a day in the crafters guild expending energy.

= Up to three tax breaks can be had per household [equal to a total of 15 minas], this meaning three people. If one person, they can only have one tax break.

The slums and farmhouses are no longer exempt from this and can now benefit.

If one were to come under Vassalship, tax breaks do not apply.

Tax breaks do apply under the new Private Property Act.

Under retirement perks, if qualifying your tax breaks will still apply after having retired from the position.

  • Retirement

Upon working in the Yong Ping Ministries, military or clinic for a period of twenty [20] Elven weeks, one may decide to apply for retirement. 

二。Private Property

A few well-known families and groups contracted within Yong Ping have been contacted about this already but it will now be officially announced. With the expansion of land and holdings, the ability to own Private Property of varying dimensions of your own is open via application. For more information, look to the Private Property Act and be sure to refer to any laws made in correlation of this new venture.



For groups or peoples needing a space that’d encompass more then what is allotted in the Private Property Act, the possibility of Vassalship has opened up, though would undertake a more arduous process. Those wishing to learn about such a thing would need to first make a meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and if the proposal is accepted, contact the Minister of Interior to discuss a contract.


四。Economic Changes

A few economic changes are being put in place to further Yong Ping prosperity and to aid in our citizens continued happiness. To start, a few business opportunities can be now found.

  • The New Business Act: An act meant to offer businesses just starting up an Elven week free of taxes to allow them a chance to set up and earn minas before owing anything.

  • The Unique Business Act: If one such individual or group believes they have an entirely unique business, that’d bring more foot traffic to Yong Ping, they may schedule a meeting with the Minister of Interior or Under-Minister of Interior. If accepted, the downpayment for one such stall would be waived and a tax break offered.

  • Family Tax Act: Newly budding families or more specifically, new births within Yong Ping are encouraged and thus when it becomes known that a child is expected, the Elven week of taxes would be waived in order for you to better focus on the new addition to the family.

  • The Business Competition Act: An act set as a form of friendly competition for businesses within Yong Ping. Once an Elven month, an outstanding business will be chosen to be represented by the Ministry of Interior via an Elven week of waived taxes, an specifically constructed advertisement and one chosen item showcased in the Government shop.



Each ministries budgets are staying mainly the same, though, more funds will be allocated towards the Ministry of Defense to encourage the continued prosperity and protection of Yong Ping. Furthermore, budgets are now being allotted towards the following things:

Orphaned children taken in by the state.

Building and beautification projects such as the repairing of old shrines and/or the slums.


六。This act will come into effect immediately upon the City-State of Yong Ping’s expansion into nationhood.




Yunya of the Chen Household, Minister of Interior and leading lady of the arts within Yong Ping.KX6K3fIIlE6UKR_82KsSlc_lWfAbebhTi40rIY61H4XoZGx2comxWYXBeWiyMG0-JsGMAMc5SHc1lMOKPgnhlryQgL-7lAfGCT9d6DsoWPkjmah8Ky2INeoZYb8gNeZ4fbNxheJZ


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