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Recently, I have been able to pick up my studies with the newly built observatory within the Eternal College of Haelun’or. Written down below is a vast collection of individual stars, constellations, and their location and perceived meanings discovered through the years: 


Iheiuhii’Larihei ( Larihei’s call) : This constellation is shaped as a woman upholding a torch, symbolizing guiding the ‘aheral back home to elHaelun’or. One just needs to look upwards to the zenith of the sky to see this magnificent image. 


Igne (The Flame) : Considered the light to Larihei’s call, it serves as a sort of flame towards her torch, further guiding the ‘aheral back to the motherland.


Celia’thill (The Silver Star) : The constellation of celia’thill is held in the Northern Region of Karinah’siol. This particular shiny celia represents the progress which the high elves have made to becoming what everyone aspires to be.  Noticeably, this is the brightest, and by far largest star that can be seen from the Karinah’siol sky.


Indor’maparron (The Ancient Tome) : The ancient tome is the constellation that is seen in the eastern region of the sky. It takes the image of an open book, and represents high elven knowledge that has, and will be found in the light of Purity, as well as the pursuit of such.


Ibar (The Owl) : The Owl constellation is seen in the western region of the sky above Haelun’or. The owl represents purity and maehr’sae hiylun’ehya guiding one on the path of purity within their long lives.


Stag (Lost Translation) A constellation in the southern view that is the smallest of the constellations that shows the national animal of Haelun’or, graceful and poised.  


Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya, April Vallei’onn.



cute little culture-star post <3 


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Lilabeth would read over these with glee! “Oi love teh stars!”

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Maehrir would look upon this latest writing and smile before sending an owl too April Vallei’onn.

"Dear April, your latest writings have caught my attention greatly. As a Librarian and Scholar of our great Eternal House of Wisdom, I would hope to expect a tome about these constellations to be written and submitted as soon as possible. Keep up the excellent work

-Maehrir Dovian, Head Librarian and Tillir'maehr of the Eternal College and Library"

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