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The Almaris Art Demon | An Art Bargain


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A depiction of the chaos that has begun already due to the Art Demons machinations.

[!] Written by the ever faithful Imp of Advertisement, a flyer might just find itself in the crook of your elbow, on the local billboard or flying along the wind all about Almaris.

"Hear ye, hear ye,

the Art Demon opens his bargaining to those across Almaris in turn for a likeness of ones self.

Bird yee here with such offers, acceptable bargains are such as but not limited to;

Ones firstborn child,

Your eyesight,

The murder of a loved one

and so on."

No signature would be found, examples of the Art Demons artwork attached to the bottom.














In short, my friend has decided to start an art cult and accepts irp bargains in order to make you art. Busts, sketches, whatever. The better your bargain, the better what you get. Msg me tadabug2000/beautifulwatty#6584 or Blue_Due/Samuel the Cannibal#9401 with any such bargains!

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"How the f*** did this get here..." Mumbled Birch, squinting at the notice board in the fortress.

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