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❀The Reede de Astrea Wedding❀ 


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The Reede de Astrea Wedding 

7th of Sun's Smile, SA 49

A commissioned wedding portrait of Esmond Reede and Aylin de Astrea




It is with great honour, pleasure, (and relief of their family) that Lord Esmond Reede and Lady Aylin de Astrea are to join in joyous matrimony on the afternoon of the Sun’s Smile, the 49th year of the Second Age.  


The couple invite their honourable guests to witness their wedding ceremony by the white dogwood tree followed by a dinner banquet in the Elysian palace main hall. The evening’s festivities would begin with the newlywed’s opening dance that would carry out into the evening. 


The bride and groom are eternally grateful for any wedding gifts, but they are certainly not necessary. In fact, they would wish that any and all contributions instead go to humanitarian relief efforts for Elvenesse in their time of need. 


The soon-to-be wedded pair would wish to welcome all who are friends of Elysium to the joyous occasion, and will formally send out special invitations via courier. 

While the newlyweds would wish for their guests to wear what they wish, the wedding theme has botanical themes, (namely daisies,) coupled with the colours of sage and mauve






Lord Esmond Reede,
Chancellor for Department of Culture



Lady Aylin de Astrea, Heir Regent
Minister of Interior & Foreign Affairs




||[OoC: A special thank you to  @GillyFishies for the amazing portrait! You are amazing!
The wedding will take place on Sunday, November 7 at 2 pm EST||



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Duchess Mwari ‘Delilah’ Ishe de Astrea of Elysium, mother of the bride, spends her time away from the limelight of politics to sew for her beloved eldest daughter her wedding shroud and other such imperative items in a traditional wedding. Even if they are not to go by Abahambi rites, they will wear the essentials of it if it’s the last thing Mwari does! That or bring a copious amount of drugs to the after party for a group enlightenment.

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