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Grand Opening of Providence Aquatics

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Providence Aquatics


Oil Paintings of 5 ocean life Art for sale by Artists

[Credit: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.oilpaintingfactory.com%2Fenglish%2Foil-painting-149841.htm&psig=AOvVaw3OIsjA0dEgDLVoxIq9Vskg&ust=1637949141710000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAsQjRxqFwoTCIiYs5qKtPQCFQAAAAAdAAAAABAJ ]


Rosemary Gendik-Komnenos is proud to announce the opening of Providence Aquatics! There are a variety of products for sale. From Live fish, to Gummy candy, all the way to soft plushies. There is something to interest anyone who stops by. The product of fish is always rotating, and is restocked each day.


Frequently Asked Questions


Where does the stock of fish originate from?

The fish are carefully caught in multiple locations around Almaris. From the waters around Cloud Temple, to the rocky tides of Krugmar. All fish are carefully hand-caught and transported with care


Do you carry any dangerous fish?

Most of the time, no. However when obtainable, we will stock live pufferfish. These will only be sold to adults, and with the strictest of warnings on how to properly care for them. There will also be a signed contract stating Providence Aquatics is not responsible for any incidents resulting in bodily harm after the fish is sold and removed from the shop.

We ask that any live pufferfish seen to be sold inside the shop be treated with respect. These are shy creatures, and antagonizing them may lead to harm inflicted upon any fish around them.


Who makes the Gummy candies?

Yours truly, Rosemary! Each batch is made with cleanliness in mind.


Who makes the plushies?

Amelia Hughes. The quality is to the best of her abilities, and the plushies are baby-proofed so as not to cause any unwanted choking hazards.


How should I care for my new fish?

While all fish have different needs, there are a few fundamentals all our fish need. These are:

- Proper environment. This means filtered salt or fresh water, a sand or gravel flooring, and plant enrichment

- Light. Whether it be artificial or natural light, all fish sold in our shop need proper lighting to thrive

- Food. This varies based on species and size, however the fundamental basis for all fish food formulations is Protein, Lipids, and Carbohydrates. They should not be overfed nor     underfed.  (Rosemary is working on a custom feed that will soon be sold in-store)

- Companions or solitude. Not every fish does well when in the company of other fish. This goes mainly for pufferfish. Our other fish generally do best when accompanied by           other fishy friends.



Carrington Emporium Three, Providence, Holy Orenian Empire


Disclaimer: All fish are well taken care of, have a proper habitat to live in whilst at the shop, and are checked over daily for signs of distress and disease. We here at Providence Aquatics take the wellbeing of our fish with the utmost of importance.




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