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Brick by Brick


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“Oft like a colosseum, people are built brick by brick.

Oft like a colosseum, those bricks may crumble.

One simple brick will cause the fall.

One simple brick may not be of importance, but compared to man, it is everything.

Like crows looming over the plagued, the brick awaits it’s pull.

And tumble-down they go, no hurdles stopping their descent.

The other bricks are deprived of support, bumbling along with no guidance.

Jostled and cracked; they break.”


The rough cacophonous scratching of a metal to paper was heard from unknown chambers, words freshly written in the color of deep crimson. Upon drying was the ink of a simple brown color, that of which reeked of rust. Low-lying was the writer; a woman of both secrecy yet renown.


These oracular words left much to be deciphered, for their mistress shall prowl- waiting for the whispers of the curious and keen. The murmurs of those who question with no answers. The answers seeked are jailed; locked away in the prison of one’s mind.


Chills wrack the white blanketed domain, that same rough scratching accompanying it.


For there a Princess of Winter plagued herself with work.



The poem is public; pasted around in cities. Just don't meta who the writer is.


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A woman smiled with glee upon finally holding a copy of the poetry in her own two hands. She scanned it quickly, preparing to give a prideful well done to the writer.

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