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IV Session of the Grand Senate

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20th of First Seed, 77 S.A


IV Session of the Grand Senate



With a roster drawn up on a bi-annual basis, the IV session of the Grand Senate shall commence this year, upon the 9th of Suns Smile in the 77 S.A. 


The list of members of the Grand Senate for this two-year period shall be.


Grand Chancellor:

Aghal Frostbeard



Ulfric Frostbeard



Agnar Grandaxe

Lothgar Grandaxe



Sigrun Ireheart

Ragrin Ireheart



Jorvin Starbreaker

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9th of Sun’s Smile, 77 S.A


77 S.A Sitting 

IV Session of the Grand Senate



With a Quorum of a simple majority of the Clans, the Grand Chancellor Aghal Frostbeard initiated this years sitting of the Grand Senate.


Roll Call


In Attendance

Sen. Ulfric Frostbeard, Clan Frostbeard

Sen. Sigrun Ireheart, Clan Ireheart

Sen. Ragrin Ireheart, Clan Ireheart

Sen. Agnar Grandaxe, Clan Grandaxe

Rep. Gormli Grandaxe, Clan Grandaxe

Rep. Norli Starbreaker, Clan Starbreaker

Grand King. Bakir Ireheart, Grand Kingdom of Urguan (Arrived Late)


Not in Attendance

Sen. Lothgar Grandaxe, Clan Grandaxe




Aghal Frostbeard: “Welcome tuu der firs' sittin o' der fourth session o' der Grand Senate. As we've a quorum o' four clans present, we s'all begin.” 


Note: Roll Call Held, 6 Present.


Aghal Frostbeard: “We've two topics on der table todeh, an Iron Baron proposal an' a Frostbeard proposal. Agnar yer may propose dat on be'alf o' Dhaen.”


Agnar Grandaxe: “D'is is a bill made by Dhaen Grandaxe d'is is to reinstate d'e Iron Baron title or w'atever… I dunno.”


Aghal Frostbeard: “Twenteh stone minutes o' debate may begin. Oi moite add dat aftah der meetin we s'all beh travellen ter 'aense fer der late King's funeral.”


Norli Starbreaker: “Regardin' Dhaen's legislation...”


Aghal Frostbeard: “Aye Norli Starbreaker?


Gormli Grandaxe: “oi propose tis es toh beh considered ah piece o' great urguani arht.”


Norli Starbreaker: “Elder Clan Starbreaker once held da title o' Iron Baron when we co-owned da Ruined Runesmith o' Kal'Evraal with a few otha clans, and back den Dhaen was da manager, and a fine one. We certainly agree with da Iron Baron bein' made a position en da government, and hope ta see da tavern stay en da king's hands rather den a tradin' card fer wealthy, disinterested dwarves- loike us back den!”


Sigrun Ireheart: “Oi donnaeh tink tereh es aneh debateh on et. Dhaen es ah loveleh lass, an' can doh taeh job.”


Aghal Frostbeard: “So et seems, unless Clan Grandaxes an' Frostbeard 'ave somefin ter say?”


Norli Starbreaker: “Dere es nae reasonable cause ta deny dis, I reckon we all agree. Sweet Queen Dhaen has forever been a herald o' Anbella' Grace and Belka's Joy.”


Ulfric Frostbeard: “o'I agree wit' teh Ireheart. Nae issues 'ere.”


Norli Starbreaker: “And da Grandaxes proposed et!”


Sigrun Ireheart: “Ragrin es ah big fan o' sweet queen dhaen.”


Gormli Grandaxe: “Oi loike 'er booze, nae problems 'ere.”


Ragrin Ireheart: “Te'h fock, Dhaen te'h lass who said ay was inlove wit her?”


Aghal Frostbeard: “Let oos move on tuu a vote.”



Khron’Rikkin Ascension Proposal

Proposed by Sen. Agnar Grandaxe



Sen. Ulfric Frostbeard, Clan Frostbeard

Sen. Sigrun Ireheart, Clan Ireheart

Sen. Ragrin Ireheart, Clan Ireheart

Sen. Agnar Grandaxe, Clan Grandaxe

Rep. Gormli Grandaxe, Clan Grandaxe

Rep. Norli Starbreaker, Clan Starbreaker








Bill passes unanimously 




Aghal Frostbeard: “Der motion is passed! Now, Ulfric yer may speak on der Frostbeard proposal.”


Ulfric Frostbeard: would unroll a scroll, going to pass out copies to all around. “O'I propose t'is 'ere proposal on behalf ov Garrond, one of teh Elders ov teh Azwyrtrumm. Look et oveh, an' point out aneh concerns er questions yeh may 'ave.”


Aghal Frostbeard: “Twenteh stone minutes o' debate toime may begin.”


Norli Starbreaker: “Dere are numerous thin's wrong with dis proposal, and Clan Starbreaker es opposed. Firstly, was da Admiral and or Grand Marshal Consulted?”


Gormli Grandaxe: “Waht are tehy givin' teh kingdom en return fer tis? - Oi agree wit' teh prophet.”


Sigrun Ireheart: “Donnaeh tink soh.”


Norli Starbreaker: “Well, why would we just hand off control o' one o' da kingdom's core facilities ta a clan? And by Senate vote?! Do we nae have a King and Steward ta discuss dese thin's.”


Ulfric Frostbeard: “Sadleh, o'I am mereleh teh messenger. On account ov ef t'is was ran by teh Admiral er Marshal, o'I can'nae say.”


Norli Starbreaker: “Nae just dat, but et legitimizes da baseless claim o' da Grimgolds ownin' any o' da port, dat clan only owns deir private ranch and da lighthouse, nae a thin' more.”


Gormli Grandaxe: “OI AGREE!” 


Agnar Grandaxe: “D'e Grand King still owns d'e entire port even wit' d'e Frostbeard 'aving some control of it. Not only d'is, d'e bill states d'at 'Legionnaires will be given opportunities to learn naval warfare, through training and naval hunting expedition'.”


Norli Starbreaker: “Da Legion already has dat oppurtunity, Agnar.”


Sigrun Ireheart: “Oi donnaeh knohw aboot anyoneh 'ereh.”


Norli Starbreaker: “Many clans have boats besides da Frostbeards- en fact I nae even think da Frostbeards have a boat- why would we give dem da power ta send out da other clans' ships.”


Agnar Grandaxe: “Aye, but w'at I believe Frostbeard seeks to do is to ensure d'at 'appens as much o' d'at does not 'appen. Believe d'ey seek to do d'ings d'ere d'at will benefit all clans and d'e w'ole Kingdom.”


Sigrun Ireheart: “But whoh es gonnaeh opposeh meh usin' taeh dwedsmark or aneh boat toh train moi lads.”


Aghal Frostbeard: “Alroite folks, let's nae flood Ulfric wid questions aye?"


Norli Starbreaker: “P'raps so Agnar, but et es a poorly written law dat makes deir intent unclear, and da only thin' dat's clear es dem puttin' deir name on thin's with nae work nor tax ta deserve et. Da Kornazkarumm rullaz NAE.”


Aghal Frostbeard: “Give 'im time ter respond tu ueach o' yer.”


Ulfric Frostbeard: “Aye, one at ah toime. O'I've nae been in ah debate since teh crown was on meh 'ead.”


Norli Starbreaker: “I'd say da Frostbeards should just go speak ta da steward ta buy land ta make deir own extension o' da port, da main facilities should remain owned by da Grand Kingdom.”


Aghal Frostbeard: “Yer majesteh!”


Sigrun Ireheart: “Anehways.”


Ulfric Frostbeard: “Well, ef o'I may ask. W'at exactleh 'as been done down by teh port since et pirate attack? Fill me in, o'I've nae exactleh been around.”


Norli Starbreaker: “Da Workforce led by da Admiral led da reconstruction o' a ship, and cleared out much o' da debris. Da legion aided greatly en dis, as well da Mages Guild. Da Frostbeards have done nothin' naval related, I dunnae know why dey should get free land.”


Gormli Grandaxe: “Just get toh teh vote, oi think everehone 'as made tahre moinds.”


Norli Starbreaker: “Morul Irongrinder made da steam engine, and taught a lad how ta use et I think.”


Aghal Frostbeard: “We've still ten stone minutes o' debate toime Gormli, et's up ter Ulfric w'en we vote.”


Gormli Grandaxe: “Foine….”


Norli Starbreaker: “Sorry 'bout dat lads, I do hope ye seek da steward and get yerself yer own smaller pier o' sometin'.”


Ulfric Frostbeard: “O'I wish teh 'ear from teh Irehearts.”


Agnar Grandaxe: “Believe d'e Frostbeard not 'aving ownership could suffice. D'ough I believe instead o' wording it d'at way ye' word it as d'e Frostbeards to overlook as d'e overseers o' d'at section of d'e port.”


Ulfric Frostbeard: “W'at qualms do yeh 'ave ov teh proposal?”


Agnar Grandaxe: “So d'ey are able to do w'at d'ey wis' w'ich to me seems to rebuild our port or w'at not.”


Sigrun Ireheart: “Wot taeh Irehearts tink es tat et needs toh beh edited. First off. Wot 'appens ef weh donnaeh moveh et en ah stoneh week?”


Ragrin Ireheart: “I agree wit Sigrun.”


Sigrun Ireheart: “Alsoh, owning half of our ports es way tooh excessiveh.”


Norli Starbreaker: “Deny da legislation, and communicate with otha's before proposin' a revised draft es wot I suggest!”


Aghal Frostbeard: “Yer welcome ter deny et ehn a vote.”


Sigrun Ireheart: “Wot taeh fook doh tey need half o' taeh ports for.”


Norli Starbreaker: “Dat's wot I'm sayin' ain' I Aghal? So when ye callin' da vote?”


Agnar Grandaxe: “Norli Starbreaker.”


Sigrun Ireheart: “Et's loikeh twenteh percent o' urguan's activiteh wit fifteh percent o' taeh ports.”


Norli Starbreaker: “Agnar.”


Ulfric Frostbeard: “T'at es 'alf teh port?”


Ragrin Ireheart: “T'ey don't need to own te'h ports d'ey just need ah boat.”


Sigrun Ireheart: “Does nay makeh senseh.”


Agnar Grandaxe: “As I stated before, would ye' accept if d'e bill is changed from ownership to overseers o' d'e section o' d'e port.”


Norli Starbreaker: “I would nae Agnar, wot have dey done ta earn such a rank? Dere are folk who are actively workin' towards Naval duties, wot have da Frostbeards done? Hunts, aye, but nothin' naval.”


Ulfric Frostbeard: “Regardless, aye, weh woul' gladleh accept teh change teh wordin' ov teh bill. Weh coul' bump et down from ownehs teh ovehseers, er somethin' ov teh loike.”


Agnar Grandaxe: “D'ey s'ow d'e willingness to do w'at is needed to be done.”


Bakir Ireheart: “Dah Frostbeards are askin fer control of dah port?”


Aghal Frostbeard: “Wid respect Norli, we've re-orientated our clans purpose towards der sea.”


Norli Starbreaker: “Dat's a fancy way o' sayin' nothin', Agnar.”


Bakir Ireheart: “Where dah fok es dis from?”


Aghal Frostbeard: “Bakir, der Frostbeards are now asken fer overseership o' a section o' der port.”


Sigrun Ireheart: “Taeh legiohn had ah cannon trainin' aswell. Does nay mean weh need taeh left o' taeh ports.”


Bakir Ireheart: “Without askin meh? Suh yeh fokers went tuh dah senate tuh circumvent meh?”


Norli Starbreaker: “Let's put et ta a vote already.”


Bakir Ireheart: “Fok off.”


Aghal Frostbeard: “Aye debate toime almost beh oop.”


Norli Starbreaker: “Et es up.”


Ulfric Frostbeard: “Bakir, yeh speak teh Garrond on t'at. O'I onleh did w'at was asked ov meh, but aye. Let's put et teh ah vote.”


Agnar Grandaxe: “Since Garrond is present, per'aps someone w'o is 'ighly against d'e bill s'ould bring forth questions towards 'I'm.”


Sigrun Ireheart: “Bakir can oi speak toh yeh aftah.”


Norli Starbreaker: “We've had our questions, da thin' would need ta be rewritten and re-proposed next week ef et wants ta get passed.I've said my piece, and am prepared ta vote. I've got thin's ta attend ta after this!”


Aghal Frostbeard: “Okeh, let's 'ave a vote folks.”

Frostbeard Port Proposal

Proposed by Sen. Ulfric Frostbeard



Sen. Ulfric Frostbeard, Clan Frostbeard

Sen. Agnar Grandaxe, Clan Grandaxe



Sen. Sigrun Ireheart, Clan Ireheart

Sen. Ragrin Ireheart, Clan Ireheart

Rep. Gormli Grandaxe, Clan Grandaxe

Rep. Norli Starbreaker, Clan Starbreaker






Bill failed to pass



Aghal Frostbeard: “Motion fails ter pass. MEETIN ADJOURNED!”



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7th of Grand Harvest, 78 S.A


78 S.A Sitting 

IV Session of the Grand Senate



With a Quorum of a simple majority of the Clans, the Grand Chancellor Aghal Frostbeard initiated this years sitting of the Grand Senate.


Roll Call


In Attendance

Sen. Ulfric Frostbeard, Clan Frostbeard

Sen. Lothgar Grandaxe, Clan Grandaxe

Sen. Ragrin Ireheart, Clan Ireheart

Sen. Sigrun Ireheart, Clan Ireheart

Rep. Duren Ireheart, Clan Ireheart (Substitute for Sigrun)


Not in Attendance

Sen. Agnar Grandaxe, Clan Grandaxe

Sen. Jorvin Starbreaker, Clan Starbreaker





Note: Roll Call Held, 4 Present.


Aghal Frostbeard: “Alroiteh lads, let's get goin! We've a quorum o' dree clans. Let's get dis meetin undawey, todeh oi was finken we could start a debate on der current - per'aps unsatisfactoreh, state o' our courts.”


Sigrun Ireheart: “Wot es tereh toh talk aboot. Weh got an idiot wearin' ah togah fer proportional clan representatiuhn.”


Aghal Frostbeard: “Sigrun let's not go off topic.”


Sigrun Ireheart: “How es tat off topic. Oi literalleh descroibed exactleh wot tes es.”


Lothgar Grandaxe: “Da courts aer manned by seclusive dwed who weh rareleh see en recent times - dat es ah concern o moine.”


Aghal Frostbeard: “Oi fail ter see 'ow meh togah beh relevant. Aye, Lothgar oi fink yer roite. Falk 'as naet been seen in years, yet 'e is Lord Justiciar.”


Ulfric Frostbeard: “O'I coul' tell yeh why.”


Aghal Frostbeard: “Aye Ulfric?”


Ulfric Frostbeard: “W'at exactleh es t'ere teh do as ah representative ov teh courts? As ah past Lord Justiciar, o'I can tell yeh t'at t'ere es nothin'.”


Sigrun Ireheart: “Taeh high court es mostleh filled wit activeh dwed thoogh, nonetheless.”


Aghal Frostbeard: “Sigrun duu yer even know w'o our magistrates are?”


Sigrun Ireheart: “When 'aveh weh evah needed toseh.”


Ulfric Frostbeard: “Neveh, because ov folks loike in yer clan.”


Sigrun Ireheart: “Oi say taeh Gran' Marshal gets toh deal oot punishments. Gives moi Legiohn somethin' toh doh.”


Aghal Frostbeard: “Der legion can arrest folk aye, pending trial.”


Ulfric Frostbeard: “T'at's jus' teh problem. Weh 'ave laws, but t'ey are neveh followed because ov our culture, our tradition. We'd ratheh beat teh livin' shoite out ov each otheh t'en await punishment from teh Courts.”


Sigrun Ireheart: “Gud.”


Ulfric Frostbeard: “T'at bordehs becomin' uncivilized.”


Lothgar Grandaxe: “Ah bring up ah question, frem wat oi understand. Sumthin called dah 'Edict' 'elps run dah courts, aer deh dwed? - Oim Lothgar Grand'axe, Son of Hurin Grandaxe”


Aghal Frostbeard: “Nae der edict beh a monster foiten organisation so oi 'eard.”


Ulfric Frostbeard: “Nae.”


Aghal Frostbeard: “Oi must beh mistaken den?”


Ulfric Frostbeard: “Teh Edict acts as an 'inquisition' force. 'Elps teh Justiciar an' 'is Magistrates in trackin' down suspects, workin' investigations, an' teh loike.”


Aghal Frostbeard: “Ah see.”


Sigrun Ireheart: “Oi'm off.”


Aghal Frostbeard: “See yer Sigrun...”


Sigrun Ireheart: “Ef anehthin' important comes up Duren, doh yer ting.


Duren Ireheart: “Aye laddeh.”


Aghal Frostbeard: “Alroiteh, oi did 'ave a suggestion concernen Ulfric's thoughts on der justiciar role.”


Lothgar Grandaxe: “Wot es dah suggestion?”


Aghal Frostbeard: “Per'aps we could give der role more tah duu, per'aps somefin ter duu wid smaller criminal claims - a small claims court. Loike somewun stealen frum another Dwed, petty crimes oi guess. Could settle smaller grudges tuu. Justiciar could 'ost dis evereh stone week, er two stone weeks. Bout a stone 'our, 'andlen justice.”


Ulfric Frostbeard: “'Ow maneh dwed, er citizens ratheh, do yeh thenk woul' go teh t'is small claims court oveh ah honor duel, er perhaps jus' beatin' teh shoite out ov t'em? Nae tryin' teh bash yer suggestion, as et es nae bad, jus' thenkin'.”


Aghal Frostbeard: “Aye dat is a valid point. But et is an alternative ter honour duels.”


Lothgar Grandaxe: “Oim not sure dah dah courts should control grudges, nae matter how small. Dem could help mediate et but dem should nae settle them dem selves.”


Aghal Frostbeard: “Well Lothgar, der 'igh Justiciar approves grudges fer demn tuu beh entered intuu der book o' grudges.”


Lothgar Grandaxe: “Oi disagree wit dat, but oi will nae mak' ah fuss over et.”


Aghal Frostbeard: “Ahm jus' sayen dat's alreadeh 'appenen.”


Ulfric Frostbeard: “O'I thenk et shoul' stay t'at way, barring creating a whole otheh office fer et. As grudges shoul' beh approved by teh mos' unbiased dwed in teh Kingdom.”


Duren Ireheart: “Does deh Justiciar nae prosecute anythin' between petty an' high croime alreadeh?”


Aghal Frostbeard: “Justiciar does nae prosecute, der essentialleh der chief judge, as far as oi know.”


Ragrin Ireheart: “Aye think t'eh king should prosecute ane'h criminals.”


Aghal Frostbeard: “Well in dis mattah et's delegated authoriteh oi believe? Der Grand Keng appoints der Lord Justiciar.”


Ulfric Frostbeard: “Allowin' teh King teh become judge, jury, an' executioneh? Hmph.”


Aghal Frostbeard: “Well aye, dere in lies der issue. Also, at der moment it is der council o' der 'igh courts dat 'as ter approve der Grand Kengs nomination. But consideren der all doin **** all twiddlen deir thumbs et seems, s'ould der Senate approve dis. Der nomination fer Lord Justiciar oi mean.”


Ulfric Frostbeard: “Ah, take away Bakir's ability teh pick teh Lord Justiciar an' instead put his 'opes in teh Senate? O'I'm sure 'e'd love t'at.”


Aghal Frostbeard: “Ah did nae say dat.”


Ulfric Frostbeard: “T'at es practically w'at et will become.”


Aghal Frostbeard: “Bakir would still nominate a Lord Justiciar, but now der Senate 'as ter approve et nae der council o' der igh courts.”


Lothgar Grandaxe: “Dat makes sense.”


Ulfric Frostbeard: “Yer nae seein' w'at o'I'm sayin'.”


Aghal Frostbeard: “Sorreh wot are yer tryen ter say Ulfric?”


Ulfric Frostbeard: “Roight now, teh get a Justiciar nominated, yeh 'ave teh speak teh dree dwed. Teh magistrates. Aye? Get t'eir approval an' w'at not.”


Aghal Frostbeard: “Aye der articles state dey discuss et in council.”


Ragrin Ireheart: “Te'h whole Justiciar job es useless everytime sumthin appen's between two dwed it gets settled by ah onou' duel?”


Ulfric Frostbeard: “Aye, aye. But instead you're suggestin' takin' t'at away from dree unbiased dwed, an' puttin' et in teh 'ands ov ah Senate controlled by the many clans who fit teh bill teh add a senator.”


Aghal Frostbeard: “Aye Ragrin because currentleh we 'ave no operatin' justice system - an' Ulfric would yer prefer unbiased Dwed er active Dwed?”


Ulfric Frostbeard: “Unbiased. Often toimes t'ey're teh ones wit'out an agenda. Even so, t'at's not w'at o'I was gettin' at. O'I'll jus' drop et.”


Lothgar Grandaxe: “How es Falk an unbiased dwed. Heh es ah Clan Fathah, roight? - Heh es teh beh biased tewards hes clan.”


Duren Ireheart: “Ah fail tuh see teh issue bein' put forth 'ere, if yer woul' mind elaborating a bit mo'. Delegation wit' teh Justiciar seems irrelevant at dis' moment considerin' dere seems tuh beh nae crime rate in Urguan anehway.”


Aghal Frostbeard: “Aye dat's anotha fing, s'ould der Lord Justiciar 'ave any position o' power within 'is own clan? Bakir stepped down as Clan Father w'en he became Grand King.”


Ulfric Frostbeard: “Yeh'd thenk, but some dwed run by ah code ov honor. Falk stands by teh law, an' will prosecute 'is own ef t'ey violate said law. O'I've seen et wit' mah own eyes.”


Aghal Frostbeard: “Ah'd like ter 'ear yer thoughts on der Lord Justiciar 'aven positions o' power in deir clan Ulfric.”


Ulfric Frostbeard: “Ef yeh wish teh bring t'at up, Aghal, t'en weh shoul' discuss t'at fer any council seat. Justiciar, Gran' Steward, an' so forth.”


Aghal Frostbeard: “Ah spose dat beh true, t'ough der law o' der realm is per'aps a special case.”


Ulfric Frostbeard: “Per'aps. But 'ow often es teh law brought teh attention in perspective teh say, taxes, deals?”


Aghal Frostbeard: “Well, if royal officers are corrupt dey can beh tried. But dere in lies der paradox, w'o tries der Lord Justiciar?”


Ulfric Frostbeard: “Teh Magistrates woul', which coul' beh an issue.”


Aghal Frostbeard: “Aye.”


Ulfric Frostbeard: “But then ag'in, t'at issues coincides wit' maneh othehs. Ah issue ov 'what if', yeh know?”


Aghal Frostbeard: “Aye oi spose so.”


Ulfric Frostbeard: “W'at ef teh Justiciar, who picks his own magistrates, was corrupt? Teh entirety ov teh Courts woul' beh, an' so on. Et's ah matteh ov perspective, fer each lad who holds ah council position. Anehwho, o'I'm ramblin', apologies.”


Aghal Frostbeard: “Nae yer expertise is needed on dis Ulfric, consideren yer were wunce Lord Justiciar. 'owevah, oi fink we've been 'ere long enuff lads. If nae wun else 'as anehfin ter add, oi move ter adjourn proceedins.”


Lothgar Grandaxe: “Ef dah meetin efs over oim leavin, been 'ere fer too long”


Aghal Frostbeard: “Meetin' adjourned.”





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