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♛ The Wedding of Bjorn Grandaxe and Rathona of Urguan ♚

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   ♛ The Wedding of Bjorn Grandaxe and Rathona of Urguan ♚


   [!] A flyer would be posted on the stone walls of Urguan and spread to

neighbouring kingdoms.


Anbella has blessed the union between these two dwarves. They now invite all friends, kin and family that wish to attend and celebrate their love. The wedding shall be hosted within the Brathmordakin Hall in the Grand City of Kal'Darakaan within Urguans realm. The gods shall witness this grand gathering and celebrate along side Urguan's sons and daughters. [7PM EST this Saturday]
A special invitation is sent out to the following people of Almaris in hopes Bjorn and Rathona will see them on this special day...


Brynaelda Grandaxe, Aunty of Bjorn and Elder of the Grandaxe Clan

Levian'Tol Grandaxe, Elder of the Grandaxe Clan

Astmar Grandaxe, Father of Bjorn and Elder of the Grandaxe Clan

Svardin Grandaxe, Grandfather to Bjorn and Elder of the Grandaxe Clan

Wulfgar Grandaxe, Elder of the Grandaxe Clan

Celeste'Tol Blackroot, Chief of Hefrumm

Gorlim Ireheart, Elder of the Ireheart Clan 

Nemea Ke Kai'len of the Mother Circle

Lord Mika "The Resourceful" Anarion of Lubba's Keep

[OOC: All that are special mentioned are people who either don't play regularly anymore or reside outside of Urguan. I still love you Dhaen <3]


Bjorn and Rathona hope to see you all there.


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Glod would sigh sadly, looking at the seat where the Ireheart elder would sit. Even the brightest of events would be dimmed for him since Balor's passing. He would silently carve another name into the new blade, his very misery seeming to pour into it's steel.

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