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A Steep Fall - Shelved


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A Steep Fall


Early in the morning, the sun has barely risen and the sky is clear of clouds. Cassio Bishop stirs in his sleep, waking and sitting up in his bed. His stomach rumbles as he gets out of bed, on his way to the kitchen he walks past painting after painting depicting his father, his mother, his kids and his husband, saying hello to each one as he passes them. As Cassio reaches the kitchen he realizes his day has a lack of interesting things to do, deciding to pack a bag and go on a hike through the forest.

He begins on his trek, climbing over hills and walking between towering trees. He encounters wild animals such as deer, foxes and bears, seeing ruins and cottages in the middle of clearings. Cassio eventually reaches the top of a tall mountain, looking around he sees views that one can only dream of, beautiful landscapes and-

The ground collapses beneath his feet, sending him sliding down the side of the mountain. As he steadies himself in his downward slide, he spots a large hole in the ground. A hole that he is headed directly towards.

As he reaches the sinkhole, he plummets. Falling into a shallow body of water at the bottom of said sinkhole and hitting his head on a clump of rocks.

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