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[!] This poster was spread about Almaris, wherever it could be posted it was there!


Nim’bur has been missing for several years now, gone completely silent. To those that read this; if you know this Kha’s whereabouts or know of him, send a bird back to the address written on the bottom of this paper. I will pay accordingly to the amount of information given. 


Send your birds towards the Eastern sands where water meets the coast. I will find them.



[OOC] Send a bird to WizardWhisper directed to the name starting with ‘S’/’I’ or alternatively put it in the forums here! Thank you!


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"Nim'bur is dead. Slain." a now far older Ixltub Morthawl stated with a deep sigh "As most of our people; Dead or gone missing. Though who knows, maybe one day, we shall return... Though the fate of our people is likely final."

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