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Treaty of Vallei'heial


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147 SA


On this day forth issued above, the Principality of Talar’nor and the Kingdom of Númendil hereby agree to adhere and enforce these terms, bound by either party’s signature:




For the duration of this treaty, the signatories shall agree to a pact of non-aggression; no conflict is to take place between the militaries representing either nation. Any violations of this article shall be settled through civilized diplomatic conversation. 




A defensive alliance is created between both of the signatories. In the event that one of the nations is attacked by a third party, the other signatory will come to their aid militaristically and diplomatically. 




The signatories will communicate all diplomatic changes between one another, ensuring to maintain a relay of information regarding any diplomatic threats or alliances.



There shall be freedom of travel between the signatories’ land, all denizens of either state will hereby be met with no hostility, unconditionally, in either of the signatories’ foreign lands. In the circumstance this condition be violated, civil course action will be taken through the respective diplomatic channels.



Free trade is to take place between both signatories and their respective nations, and members of either respective potential party should be met with no hostility in any capacity. If such hostility occurs it will be dealt with accordingly within the respective diplomatic channels.



Both parties have agreed to the condition wherein the state of Talar’nor is to assist in the endeavors of the Númenedain Knights and their pursuit of darkspawn, and in return the state of Númendil will provide the necessary effort to better equip those who are to assist, in either official or unofficial capacity.



The present treaty and its articles will be active and enforced for ten years after its ratification.


MvFGbfADI5GEoSRB4aXs5jb-scNGYlktgbfOluzqzNV_cW5MIf6t42mTy2epGekMQia3AVKpI5Ouxd5l6lqBN9FJ-y-cuH8yq8BB3vDR7dQr1C1zCO3yeF-xz7d9RCb5Ga7URpjOZKeij4QZ, The Flame of Talar’nor




HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Tar-Caraneth Aryantë of the House Arthalionath, by the Grace of GOD, Queen of the Númenedain, Princess of Númenost and Minas Amath, Protector of the Adunians, Master of the Sharadûn, Templar of the Archangel Michael, Knight of the Realm


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Ser Elerríon looked over treaty and found himself drawn into an amused smirk, "And here I thought involving yourself in the affairs of Elves as an Adunian was contrary to the tale of Harren."

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