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[HIRING] Honest Work

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Issued and confirmed by,

Anno Domini 1943






With the elevation of the County of Stassion to the most esteemed rank of Margraviate, our reigning Margrave, Prince Richard Leonus Novellen, has deemed it fitting to reinforce the workforce of Stassion. Therefore, the Margraviate of Stassion extends a warm invitation to those seeking employment and housing, encouraging any in search of work to come to join us within our fair township of Fredericksburg. Likewise, those wishing to learn any sort of trade are encouraged to come to Stassion should they be in need of a mentor. The Margrave has no requirements of those who come to Stassion in search of opportunity, save that they be a devoted follower of the Canonist faith and adhere to its tenets.


Presently, the Margraviate of Stassion seeks the following:



While the Stassion Company currently boasts a substantial number of dedicated soldiers, the Company continually seeks new recruits to join its ranks. As such, the Margraviate of Stassion encourages those seeking work to give foremost consideration to joining the Stassion Company. Those who choose to enlist will be expected to attend training and will be charged with the protection of Fredericksburg as well as preserving the Prince’s Peace. In reward for their loyal service, members of the Stassion company are entitled to lowered taxes within the township of Fredericksburg.



As Stassion has such a great number of soldiers, there is a pressing need for those skilled individuals capable of equipping our soldiers. Thus, the Margraviate extends an open invitation to all blacksmiths across Aevos. The Margraviate is willing to provide a smithy for those wishing to aid in arming the Company’s infantry. Moreover, any Blacksmiths working alongside the Stassion Company will be compensated with a modest sum of Mina for their work. To any blacksmith who comes to Stassion in the interest of starting a private practice, however, there will be various vacant buildings from which they may start a shop as well as numerous eager patrons to whom they can sell to.



As Stassion’s wheat fields continue to thrive, expanding as far as the eye can see, an increasing need arises for farmers who can tend to its crops. The Margraviate therefore offers those in search of more simple and honest work employment as farmers. These farmers will be expected to nurture the produce and harvest the crops when necessary. Those who tend to the farms will be granted a modest sum of Mina once every saint's week, allowing for a stable and rewarding livelihood within Fredericksburg.



Situated at the heart of our fair township, The Growling Goblet, serves as the local tavern within Stassion, attracting a steady stream of patrons. Therefore, the Margraviate offers those in search of employment the opportunity to work as a tavernkeep. Those working as a tavernkeep within the Growling Goblet will be given access to the bar and will be expected to prepare and sell drinks to paying patrons. In return for their work, those employed at the Growling Goblet as tavernkeeps will be allowed to keep any Mina they earn while working their shift.



The Margraviate of Stassion recognizes the importance of the art of Alchemy, a rare practice learned from hard work and unwavering dedication. Therefore, the Margraviate extends a warm welcome to all alchemists across Aevos, inviting them to our thriving community and encouraging those who aspire to make a living of their trade to come to Fredericksburg. Within our fair township, these alchemists will have access to the various resources needed to create concoctions. Furthermore, these alchemists will be able to establish their own businesses, from which they will be able to sell their various brews and elixirs


These are but a handful of the opportunities Stassion is willing to provide. Those wishing to pursue a more unique path are equally encouraged to come to the Margraviate and reach out to Prince Richard or a member of his privy council by letter or in person. Likewise, those who decide to come to Stassion in search of opportunity are also advised to reach out to either the Margrave or a member of his privy council.





HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS, Richard Leonus Novellen, Patriarch of House Novellen, Prince of Providentia, Margrave of Stassion, Baron of Renzfeld, Lord of Fredericksburg


HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, Ottavia of Pompourelia, Princess-consort of Providentia, Margravine-consort of Stassion, Baroness-consort of Renzfeld, Lady of Fredericksburg


HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Frederick Aurelian Novellen, King-Emeritus of Oren


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