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Faith, Steel, and Fire

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Faith, Steel, and Fire.



Issued and averred by

Knight Commander




Action must be taken, that which is unholy must be scoured from the lands. Faith, steel, and fire will be the weapons of the Knights of the Petrine Laurel. We have already taken steps this Saint’s Day to rid this continent of the scourge which plagues it. A demon who hid amongst the people, their lair burnt and their ritual room destroyed. The spawn of Iblees will be scoured from not only Petra’s lands but beyond as well, vengeance and justice shall be had. Thus the Knights of the Petrine Laurel do offer their aid to those of her allies formally once more, should aid be needed, aid shall be rendered. We will not suffer the existence of that which blemishes GOD’s creation.



big thank you to @TimberBufffor sitting through and mod oversighting the thing this post was inspired by, big bless to him!


Continuing to organize the knights of the Commonwealth and ever contentious,

His Excellency Sir Aimo “The Eccentric, Tongue Taker” of Astor, Knight Commander of the Petrine Laurel


Sir Artel “The Flamebringer” von Theonus, Knight of the Petrine Laurel, Commissaire of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Mardonlands, Forge Master of Marignan


His Excellency, Sir Wilford "The Protector" Reinhold, Chancellor of the Petra, Viscount of Stormont, Baron of Raonoir, Knight of the Petrine Laurel, Head Physician of the Reinhold Clinic, Deputy Steward of the River Council, Physician of the Vallagne Clinic, Steward of the Chamber of Earth, Patriarch of House Reinhold.


Dame Wren “The Burning Heart” Sarlen-Temesch, Knight of the Petrine Laurel, Deputy Treasurer of the River Council


His Lordship, Sir Marius ‘Wordsmith’ Lovetts,

Baron of Hrenthorne, Poet Laureate of The Petra, 

Knight of the Petrine Laurel, Keeper of Fyreswake,

Protector of the Drakewood


Sir Konstantin von Theonus, Knight of the Petrine Laurel, Lord of Bingleburg, Seated Knight of Solland, Hero of Faubourg.


The Honorable, Sir Atticus Abraham Reinhold, Viscount of Stormont, Baron of Raonòir, Seat of Nortrebanc, Court Mage of the River Court of the Commonwealth, Deputy Speaker of the Garmont Assembly of the Petra, and Representative for the Sorcerous State of Hohkmat

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'Sigmar' smiles the SUN's smile, as the knights had finally taken care of that foul place. Perhaps there was hope for Petra yet.

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Monk Matsuda Sakuraba was disturbed by the tower, bearing both aurum dust and salt as they scoured it. Bodies in vats and all sorts of horrors were found, before the knights saw to burning it all down. He and the Julians in attendance, all in their habits, returned to the Monastery.


The fires glowed deep into the night, visible to the monks, priests and pilgrims. These monsters hid right underneath their noses... He prayed that his order would be allowed to oversee who became their new neighbours, growing ever more suspicious of the many wanderers that passed through.


To the Cardinal Rhosyn, he would write a missive detailing the events...

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