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Brandr Horrison: Entry 1 - Salvation


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[Written in an old, worn journal]


=  Entry 1 =


As I write, I do not yet know who I write for, I do not know why, other than the dream I had this night before. I've dreamed of my words, set on paper, my thoughts and my wonders. This dream, this vision, I've come to realize was given to me by the All Father, the great and powerful, the savior of my soul. Perhaps these words will be for none but me, perhaps these words are simply the way the All Father has guided me to my reflection. Let them be found by none or by many, for I do not question when such visions are presented to me. Who am I to ignore this? Less than that of the All Father, that I know to be true.


As I sit and I think deeply on which words to place and for what purpose, it comes to me, that of my salvation. When young, I had little, I had few. When I look upon those who have many, I know this to be true, I could see at a young age, my misfortune. Though with the little that I had, my mother, my sister, and not much more...what I had was mine and I was glad to have it. I am a highlander, as was my mother, my sister, my father before me, and his father. Our blood had been cursed it had seemed with little mina, no steady home. My home was among the trees many times, found in tents, in caves, on top the hills. 


Our food was not obtained from farms, it did not come from taverns, or delivered to us on silver plates, with a kneeling servant and a ******* crown placed upon our heads. It came from blood, sweat, suspicious trades, from taking the few we needed, from those who did have the many. We all survive in this world, in the ways that we know, though I think it is few, those who have survived the ways that my family and I have. To many in these times, survival looks like hoarding, it looks like deception in political pursuits, and cunning minds of business folk. 

This is important for all that I am. My lowly place in this land, the struggles I've had before me, these have shaped my hands and my heart. Where once my heart was full of youth and awe of but a simple butterfly, now, this heart is hardened like stone and cold like the ice. Though coldness and hardness are nothing compared to the rage within my blood, the anger that days onward, will continue to threaten to consume me. This I know to be true, it is what I am. My mother and my sister did not leave me silently, they left me screaming and bleeding, it was the same day my eye was taken from me.


Many moons ago this has happened and yet as I write, I can not write the details. The little I had before me, was taken from me. The day the warmth left my body, as if I had died once already and now live as something else. I am Brandr but not the same Brandr once known by those I once loved. See now, this anger, this rage, this need for vengeance and blood that had nearly corrupted me, was the strongest and most intimidating foe I have met. For this corruption to be one with me, to know me deeper than I know myself, to strike at all the parts I am weak, in a violent silence, it nearly guided me down a path far from that of the flame.


"Suffer not the unworthy"



In this corruption, I had been unworthy. Though through all of the darkness, through the blackest of nights, the flame of the All Father guided me home. I have asked to myself, to the All Father even, when in isolation 'Why did I have no home? Why have I never known this?' and to that, I received an answer. My home is no structure, it can not be contained within walls, for it is too grand, too powerful, my home is with the Red Faith, my home is in my duty to spread the flame, it is in purpose where I find my place, the greatest purpose to stand against the Long Dark.

And so I write with this entry, through a path of thorns and corruption, one can still find the Faith and one can still be saved. To Elle - The Justiciar, I say, for those who deny this truth, for those who dare stand unworthy and say to me "There is no way", let my hands guide them to the flame and let them find peace through the burning of their corrupted flesh.

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