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  3. ✦✦ All across Aevos, these sheets of parchment would be accompanied by a glowing four-pointed star. When tapped, the star would read the contents of each letter in a generic voice matching that of a human, orcish, elven, or dwarven man depending on where it was found. ✦✦ THE CHARITY HAND BANE OF GREED For nearly eight years now we have found ourselves settled within the foreign lands of Braevos, each and every one of us displaced from our former homes by the accursed Mori’quessir. With bravery and with strength, we managed to secure ourselves and all descendants of Almaris a bright and flourishing land where we and our children will live on for generations to come. Yet in our respite from the catastrophes of recent history I still see that which plagues the hearts of even the kindest: Greed. Greed - the root of our suffering. The petty thief, the jealous baron, the demons who take on the path of selfish desire at the expense of others. Many are blind to its effect on our souls, treating the evil that lurks within our hearts and turns us against one another as a joke. Even with its Hand unmoving to the naked eye, I know well that Greed best hides in shadow, where it might prey on the unsuspecting. It is the enemy that prevents us from banding together under goodwill. Only through one path, Charity, will we be able to stop it from overcoming us. The one who shelters the homeless, the one who feeds the starving, the one who stands steadfast against the forces of evil. To help most, I make this offer and call known to any kind and Charitable soul willing to give rather than take. Like my mentor and friend before me, I ask for the aid of sorcerers, warriors of renown, and most importantly over all those who have the drive and heart to be a hero. Together, we will help those impoverished and broken achieve their dreams and needs from east to west, as well as protect them from any sort of harm. You may find our current headquarters within the land of the proud Númenedain. If you care and have the ability to work as equals against the darkness for the betterment of the common people, send a letter containing answers to the following questions. These ones are the very same few that the Brightlord had shared with us long ago. Killers, loot fiends and any other unCharitable individuals need not apply. Please fill it out as a form. It's easier to read that way. Form What is your name, hero-to-be? What is your age? What is your race? Where do you reside? What powers do you have to fight against this great evil? What is the meaning of a free-spirit, in short words? Should you wish it, your identity within the Charity Hand will remain a secret for your safety. V.S. [OOC]
  4. Philip stood wordlessly above his brother's sword and the tombstones of both father and mother, fists clenched tightly as he contemplated his next move. After paying his respects, all he could show was a scowl.
  5. Seeing his name upon the personal invitations, Veluc let out a maniacal cackle and began rudimentary preparations.
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  7. NAME: Atul Cerusil RACE: High Elf AGE: 197 GENDER: Male [[OOC]] Username: hindenburglar Discord: you have Timezone: EST
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