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  1. Cordelia cackled loudly and uncontrollably, poring over the word 'Cockroach'. She grabbed anyone close enough by their arms and forced them to read that title, every time it appeared.
  2. What is Castiel's biggest weakness that could lead to his death and potential PK? Optional question ig; what do you miss most about your first time RPing, and what changes are you glad have happened since then?
  3. Rúmil, son of Húrin, seemed thrilled to witness another duel by the honorable Knight. The Midlanders indeed carried a fighting spirit, thought he.
  4. A smattering of blood across pristine marble walls The heavy clamor of dual onyx soldiers A fleeing rogue chased by curls of smoke And a girl with a grudge [!] A missive is attached to a crude head on a pike, available only to residents of Hallowcliffe Hall. To the False Star Dakaith, My father often recites to me a story, how not so long ago a man had learnt our ways under him as a fledgling student. A man who forsook his way of living among the woods for a featherlight promise of prodigy, like the trace of a dream only known in sleep. He says in another life, you were the father your brother failed to be. So he saw fit to expend his gratitude, and you were quickly made an honor to be boasted. A prodigy to be engraved in the bleeding brimstone of the High Hells. But when he speaks of it, each syllable leaves with the rotten cadence of vengeance, the simmering remnants of bygone days where he and I ruled a coven wrought from our very blood and bones. In our absence, you’ve made your vie for power known. In our return, we observed a new generation of misguided cowards. What we observed was not the becoming of your prodigal glory, nor something to be revered with pride. Instead, it was a mangled mockery, a canvas of glistening teeth and bleeding gums made an amalgamation that you see suitable to frame upon every wall. A court of imbeciles who cannot discern sky from ground, who lack the forethought to so much as learn the dichotomy of it, and have unwittingly sacrificed our coveted identity to the very Lions who see fit to maul us until we are incorporeal. And, it is among this very court we are rendered outcasts, subjected to a barrage of violence and petty threats by these very leaders you’ve appointed, shameful mimicries of what it is to be False Prince. My father was not so adamant to pursue war until your intent to relinquish our flame and eliminate us were revealed. After he and I were threatened, shunned as outsiders to the practice we preach, attacked not unlike fetid hounds — you’ve dug your own rut after riding the highs of our coattails. Threats made must be fulfilled, else the words are hollow. Let an example here show you most succinctly: standing against your betters will be your death. A head strung on a chain and a bloody box sit in the halls of Hallowcliffe. Two of your members have been slain at our hands, aided by allies that go vast and far. As a reminder of my benevolence, as a daughter; a mother; I deliver what remains of them to you personally. One of them, unfortunately, did not have much left to give. But many of you know your worth for what it is, the fate that becomes you, and it is not the likes of what you read above. You do not so readily subscribe to such blasphemous ascriptions of infantilism and stolen valor. Deep in your bones, many of you will concur. You hunger for a taste of true vainglory, an innate craving that begets the path we pave with our bare hands, what it means to be proxies of the Pentacle and their will. But you know you cannot find this among the coven you kneel to. Let yourself not be hindered nor subjected to the disaster that you could not have stopped, to the consequences of a coven in need of taming. And rest assured, tamed it will be. There is no time for negotiation. There is no end but the very one you fear the most. Your pleas will not go unheard, for they will be savored as we burn your dens to the ground. The broken bones of its former inhabitants will be the warning for your successors of what comes with challenging powers outside their comprehension. Those who stand alongside us shall reap the glory of a thousand justices to be repaid. Those who oppose us will be met with a cold blade. You gave me an ultimatum. This is my answer. Signed, Cordelia and Castiel
  5. Saethryth stood in the room with the captured Queen. All she could feel was sympathy for the woman, knowing for certain that neither her King-husband or her people would come save her.
  6. ↬ Discord: starey ↬ Skin Name(s): new magic wand ↬ Bid(s): $52
  7. ↬ Discord: starey ↬ Skin Name(s): new magic wand ↬ Bid(s): $49
  8. Saethryth turns to her father, the legendary swordsmen Húrin, wondering how he kept his calm through-out this war. After which, she remembered the Battle of the Westmark, and then she too felt free of worry. @Milenkhov
  9. ↬ Discord: starey ↬ Skin Name(s): new magic wand ↬ Bid(s): $45
  10. Katharina smiled as she held the boy, knowing he will bring nothing but pride and joy to the growing family.
  11. House de Lewes and House von Reuss presents… UNION Of the SUN STAR AND THE HOUND [!] Katharina and Henri, their hands entwined with regal bands gracing their fingers. [Artist: Anthony van Dyck] Amid a banquet bathed in the ethereal glow of the moon, within the grandiose hall of Virdain, a most sacred and intimate union transpired, solemnizing the matrimonial bond between Katharina von Reuss and Henri de Lewes. The noble Houses von Reuss and de Lewes joyously extend their gracious invitations to all denizens across the vast country, bidding them to partake in the solemn witness of this sacred unification ordained by the divine providence of GOD. TIMETABLE THE CEREMONY The wedding ceremony, conducted at the grand cathedral within the venerable city of Whitespire will occur initially. Once united, the Lord and Lady of Lewes will guide their guests to celebrate within their newly shared home at Cors-Midden. FEAST AT VIRDAIN A bountiful feast, convened within the great halls of Virdain. The dishes shall be of both Savoyardic and Waldenian origin, the respective profiles of both Groom and Bride. The menu will consist of; A libation of mulled wine, aged and spiced, accompanied by succulent fowl in the form of fresh duck, presented as the entrée. Following this, roasts of chicken and pork as the pièce de résistance with golden ale to wash it all down. To conclude the feast, a sweet symphony of delights awaits—a cornucopia of lemon tarts, strawberry pies, and the luxurious cascade of chocolate fondue. AN EXCHANGE OF GIFTS Social gathering and gift receiving will commence shortly after the procession and occur during the feast. Those who are able to may present the newly-wedded couple with presents to commemorate the day. The groom suggests that weapons or books would be a highly-appreciated gift Though all peers of the realm are welcomed to the festivities. . . SPECIAL INVITATIONS ARE EXTENDED TO: His Royal Highness, Edmund II, King of the United Kingdom of Aaun And the Royal Household of Alstion His Serene Highness, Ferdinand Barclay, Grand Prince of Minitz And the Princely Household of Barclay His Highness, Heinrich Alstreim, Prince of Merryweather And the Princely Household of Alstreim His Highness, Octavian Tiber, Prince of Beaufort And the Princely Household of Tiber His Grace, Andrezj Ivanovich, Duke of Stran And the Ducal Household of Ivanovich His Lordship, Olivier de Rosius, Margrave of Haute-Epine And the Margravial Household of de Rosius His Lordship, Siegmund von Reuss, Margrave of Velen And the Margravial Household of von Reuss His Highness, Richard Stassion, Margrave of Stassion And the Margravial Household of Stassion Her Ladyship, Claude d’Abre, Countess of L’Abre D’or And the Comital Household of d’Abre His Lordship, Kasimir Sarkozic, Count of Pompourelia And the Comital Household of Sarkozic His Lordship, Waclaw Jazloviecki, Count of Warsovia And the Comital Household of Jazloviecki His Lordship, Rickard Valognes, Baron of Valognes And the Baronial Household of Valognes His Lordship, Emilio Varoche, Baron of Napoliza And the Baronial Household of Varoche His Lordship, Leopold Haverlock, Baron of Gotfridcher And the Baronial Household of Haverlock His Lordship, Cunimund hal’Cingedoz, Baron of Bodbwodz And the Baronial Household of hal’Cingedoz His Lordship, Helwig von Bardenwig, Baron of Arentania And the Baronial Household of von Bardenwig SIGNED HIS LORDSHIP, Henri Leufroy Sigismond de Lewes Heir-Apparent to the Barony of Virdain HER LADYSHIP, Katharina Elisabeth von Reuss OOC: DATE AND TIME
  12. Issued on the 20th of Sun's Smile, 1920 AVE ADRIA ‘LO UNTO THE ADRIAN PEOPLE, Following the unexpected abdication of His Grace, Heinrik Sarkozic, Duke of Adria, the Adrian nobility and layfolk alike gathered in the Duma Hall of Velec to elect a new Duke and head of the Adrian state. This Duke would need to meet the lofty precedent set by his predecessor, he who brought Adria – like a phoenix of legend – soaring upward through the ashes. After ample debate but very little real competition, it came to be that this Duke would be the young Lord Johanes van Aert. The Princeling of Renatus promised thus: that he would secure peace for the Adrian people at the first opportunity via cooperation with the Canonist League or, if he were forced, through the beating drums of war. He spoke also of strengthening the institutional framework of Adria through reform and restructuring. The court of the newly elected Duke does thus invite the citizenry of Adria, in addition to any non-member state of the Canonist League, to the Fifth Ksiaz Helming ceremony – a tradition formally lost to time but uncovered during the reign of Heinrik I Sarkozic. Additionally, the Curia of the Church of the Canon is officially invited to attend the investiture as guests of honour. AVE ADRIA, His Grace, John II, Duke of Adria
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