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  1. MARGRAVE FISKE VANIR FISKE VAR BRYTANOV VANIR FERDINANDUS FILIUS BRITANNUS BASILEII [!] A portrait of Fiske Vanir painted by a Haeseni artisan, circa. 1574 @InfamousGerman PREFACE. “Since the establishment of the House of Vanir in the year 1576, there has been a great many notable Vanirs that have amassed insurmountable amounts of prestige for themselves, which evidently many have failed to be aptly recognized in Haeseni history. Lord Fiske I, Margrave of Vasiland is among the many members of the honorable house of Vanir that
  2. Matyas Baruch would scoff upon seeing the missive, "Our Lady Speaker, who should be the beacon o' excellence for our Haeseni nobility, marryin' an' takin' the name of the Orenian archchancellor?" He'd toss the parchment without another thought, opting to take a drag of his cigar.
  3. Letter to the Aulic Court, 353 E.S Issued By THE DUKE OF VALWYCK On the 14th of Tov & Yermey, 353 E.S. Va ve Jovenaar i Haense, A multitude of acts are rejected at the behest of the Duma vote, as has been seen in recent years. The Josefian reforms have also brought a period of great change to the procedure of the Duma. However, as the Duma cannot legislate on itself (see Aulic Court Review: Relationship Between the Royal Duma and the Aulic Government), this request for review must be issued. As a sitting member o
  4. Josef snaps at his tailor for his suit not fitting perfectly, ordering him to get a whole new one
  5. TEAM REGISTRATION: (To be completed and posted by the TEAM CAPTAIN ONLY) Team Name (be creative!): Team Christiansen Lemonade™ Team Captain (Name / IGN): Josef Alimar / importanthippo Team Members 1 - 7 (Name / IGN): Lauritz Christiansen / gusanoarentonio Sigmar Baruch / DrewDOOD Lukas Rakoczy / Pureimp10 Alexandria Barbanov / UnBaed Viktor Kortrevich / Zanthuz Captain Stephen var Haense / CaptainHaense James / InfamousGerman (All teams must have 8 members) ((Buck Dirtgrub / SemiColin is a RESERVE in case of any absences)
  6. Josef Alimar sits on his new toilet in Muldav gloriously, reading over the missive.
  7. “Somehow saltier than my grave,” says Henrik Vanir who is buried in the depths of the salty ocean
  8. “Such is why the Benches in the Royal Duma were dissolved – to avoid the tribalism and partisanship that is inherent in any system with formal ‘sides.’” The Lord Speaker would sigh, “Time will tell if this will be any different. Both sides must remember their true goals of helping the people through all the divisions this may cause.”
  9. A History of the House Vanir As penned by the 10th Baron Vasiland, Henrik Vanir ”The Sea Bows to None.” TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Vasili II. Kraken III. Haense IV. Contemporary PART I. VASILI A group of early, sea-raiding Vanirs plundering the Autumn Sea. Long before the family was ennobled, had a multitude of titles, fought in decisive wars, or served the great nation of Haense, the Vanirs were nothing more than a group of fiercely independent commonfolk, consi
  10. NAME: Henrik Vanir ((MC NAME: importanthippo)) RACE: Highlander IMPERIAL SUBJECT (Y/N): Y PEER OF THE REALM (Y/N): Y, Haense PREFERRED WINE: Carrion Black
  11. Full Name of Man - Henrik Vanir Date of Birth of Man - 2nd of the Grand Harvest, 1718 Name of Woman - Karolina Ludovar Date of Birth of Woman – 1719 Location of Ceremony - Basilica of the Fifty Virgins Date of Ceremony (Year) - 1739 Name of Clergyman who performed ceremony - Otto the Tarchar
  12. Henrik Vanir smiles at his brother’s mention on this prestigious list, as well as at the other incredible servants of the realm!
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