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  1. THE SECOND SON The steadfast castle of Lichtestadt, made barely visible by the harsh northern winter. Matyas no longer enjoyed life and its heavy burdens. He sat in his lonesome library, the disapproving gaze of his forefathers’ busts cast upon him. He no longer enjoyed their scrutiny, either. He’d have half a mind to remove them and replace them with tiny statues and portraits of himself, as if it were gratification for the flaws he found himself with. Perhaps that would stop himself from glancing over his shoulder because he heard the Scyfling that wasn’t there, or t
  2. THE AYRIAN SUBCULTURE Ve Ayrikiv TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Introduction II. History III. Physical Characteristics IV. Way of Life & Dress V. Language & Dialect VI. Religion VII. Notable Individuals I - Introduction The Ayrian people (also referred to as Valwyckan, Valwyckian, or Ayrikiv in their native Naumariav) are natives of the highest mountains and peaks of Hanseti-Ruska, usually situated near large bodies of water such as seas and lakes. Years of a sta
  3. SUMMONS TO APPEAR BEFORE THE AULIC COURT KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM This Summons, issued on this 17th day of Jula and Piov, 367 ES by the Crown and represented by High Justicar Matyas Baruch, Duke of Valwyck, Compels the Aulic Court to call upon Knight Paramount Ser Alric var Ruthern, to appear before it and answer the following charges: 404.01: An individual who intentionally inflicts bodily harm on another shall be guilty of the middling offence of assault. Arisen from these circumstances: Knight Paramount Ser
  4. Matyas Baruch played his bagpipes alone on Lake Voron after the passing of his grandfather. The moment of tranquility and genuineness wouldn't last, however, as later that night he'd break out into one of those mad fits, saying something about Scyflings over and over, and not recognizing his close family. Perhaps it was his way to mourn.
  5. hippo

    On Matthieu

    On “Matthieu” Issued by the Justiciar, 366 ES PUBLIC NOTICE TO SUBJECTS IN HAENSE The work of the brigand “Matthieu”, both with fire and literature, is without a doubt an act of terrorism and an attack on all of the values a true Haeseni subject would hold. An attack on business: an attack on trade, prosperity, and well-being. An attack on the barracks of the royal army: an attack on protection, justice, and the brave soldiery. An attack on the palace: an attack on unity. These will not be disregarded by the Office of the Justiciar o
  6. JUSTICIAR’S REPORT, 365 ES ZAKISK VE JURA I VE KONGZEM ISSUED BY THE LORD JUSTICIAR ON DEFAMATION AND HEARSAY The circulating newspaper “Hearsay of Haense” has without a doubt made its rounds, shocking each reader with its vile contents slandering many of our country’s finest men and women. It has certainly made its way to the Justiciar’s department. It is only within the interests of safety in the Kingdom that the Office of the Justiciar launches an investigation into the identity and whereabouts of the author or authors of these fo
  7. Matyas Baruch snaps at his son, Otto, to prepare a grandiose outfit for each day of the festivities. After the boy left, he'd murmur to himself, "25 years already? Huh." He paused his work for a moment in contemplation and recollection before carrying on.
  8. Skin Name: Crusader from Crusader Kings II Skinner: spoon Bid: 150 minas
  9. SUMMONS TO APPEAR BEFORE THE AULIC COURT KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM This Summons, issued on 12th of Gronna and Droba, 360 ES by the Crown and represented by High Justiciar Duke Matyas Baruch, Compels the Aulic Court to call upon Gustaven von Halsfield, as alleged leader of his Criminal Organization the Black Crow, and all members of the Black Crow, to appear before it and answer the following charges: 217.03: The recruitment for other military organizations, be they foreign or illegal domestic groups, shall constitute a c
  10. SUMMONS TO APPEAR BEFORE THE AULIC COURT KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM This Summons, issued on 13th of Tov and Yermey, 358 ES by the Crown and represented by High Justiciar Duke Matyas Baruch, Compels the Aulic Court to call upon Bernard, Arvedth, and Renault to appear before it and answer the following charges: 408.01: An individual who attempts to exact tribute by threat of force shall be guilty of the severe offence of banditry. 406.021: An individual who intentionally steals the possessions of another, and where such pos
  11. Duke Matyas nodded solemnly as the missive reached his desk, before ordering Andrik Jan to leave his office at once after he came in screaming and hollering @Drew2_dude
  12. **The application was scribbled onto the parchment, certainly the work of Walter** Team Name: Doodz Team Members: Matyas Baruch @hippo Sigmar Baruch @Drew2_dude Walter @Zanthuz
  13. Matyas Baruch checked his mail, surprised to receive a copy of such a petition. After a moment of thought, the Duke of Valwyck inked a quill to sign it.
  14. MARGRAVE FISKE VANIR FISKE VAR BRYTANOV VANIR FERDINANDUS FILIUS BRITANNUS BASILEII [!] A portrait of Fiske Vanir painted by a Haeseni artisan, circa. 1574 @InfamousGerman PREFACE. “Since the establishment of the House of Vanir in the year 1576, there has been a great many notable Vanirs that have amassed insurmountable amounts of prestige for themselves, which evidently many have failed to be aptly recognized in Haeseni history. Lord Fiske I, Margrave of Vasiland is among the many members of the honorable house of Vanir that
  15. Matyas Baruch would scoff upon seeing the missive, "Our Lady Speaker, who should be the beacon o' excellence for our Haeseni nobility, marryin' an' takin' the name of the Orenian archchancellor?" He'd toss the parchment without another thought, opting to take a drag of his cigar.
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