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  1. Frederick Baruch unfortunately passed away due to a terrible alcohol poisoning incident following the siege, he was not slain by an Orenian
  2. Matyas Baruch welcomes his son into the Seven Skies
  3. "My head's all tied up.... Like a pretzel! I've got a pretzel in my head!" Rickard Bobby cried, as he reminisced Duke Reinmar's sudden elation to Treasurer, the failed 2-year Barclay administration, and a century of consecutive Barclay marshals.
  4. Rickard Bobby remembers House Barclay being fed quite a lot... Regardless, he bows in head in prayer as His Majesty's hand feeds him. "Dear Lord Baby Horen, we thank you so much for this bountiful harvest of Papej Jans, Vidaus Fried Chicken, and the always delicious Hyspian Tacos. I just want to take the time to say thank you for my family: my two beautiful, handsome, striking sons, Walker and Valwyck Ranger, or VR as we call him. And, of course, my red hot smokin' wife Carely, who is a stone cold fox, who if you would rate her ass on 100, it would easily be a 94. I also want to thank you for my best friend and teammate, Kal Jr, who's got my back no matter what...Dear Lord Baby Horen, we also thank you for my wife's father Chip. We hope that you can use your Baby Horen powers to heal him and his horrible leg. It smells terrible and the dogs are always botherin' with it."
  5. Frederik Baruch raised his eyebrows upon being told of the request. "Oh, tha' boy.... He's 'bout as dumb as a bag o' rocks insultin' us like tha', good luck if he decides to man up. Bu' ah know ye won' need it, he's go' a lo' o' empty space between his ears."
  6. EDICT OF THE BARUCH MAERSHIP OFFICE OF THE GRAND MAER Issued on the 4th of Tov & Yermey, 370 E.S. KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM VALWYCK From the Frederik Baruch and the Office of the Grand Maer: Today I don’t write as a man from Valwyck, I don’t write as the Grand Maer of Karosgrad, I write as a Haeseni. I want you all to know - that Hanseti-Ruska today is on bended knee in prayer for the people whose lives were lost at Valwyck. For the workers who work there, for the families who mourned - this nation stands with the good Ayrians of Valwyck, and Lake Voron and the Sigismundic Mountains, as we mourn the loss of many of our denizens. To the mourning families and the patriots of Hanseti-Ruska: I can hear you, the rest of the world hears you, and the monsters that knocked Valwyck down will hear all of us soon. The nation shares its love and compassion to everyone fighting the menace and supporting the Brotherhood. Thank you for your hard work, thank you for making the kingdom proud, and God bless Hanseti-Ruska. The Grand Maer also declares the following as part of the Maer’s Remembrance Edict FOR THE PEOPLE INITIATIVE In order to encourage clear communication between Grand Maer Baruch’s office and the Karosgrad Crown subjects, a suggestion box will be installed directly outside the Town Hall. The suggestion box will be created for everyone to place their issues and complaints with the current state of affairs. I hope this will help fix some of the real problems that real Haense men and women face. KEEPER OF THE ARCHIVES Hanseti-Ruska has always been a kingdom of meticulous record keeping, dating back to St. Karl and the Duchy of Haense. We hold texts from every period of Haeseni history, from the Northern Question to The Troubles. In order to keep with longstanding tradition and to maintain proper records of government works and doings, the Office of Grand Maer sees fit to formally reform the position of Kastellan Scribe, which shall function under the local Karosgrad Government similar to the Keeper of Books and the Royal Library. Kastellan Scribe shall function as the formal record keeper of Haense, specifically tasked in preserving historically important documents and recording current events for the future government. The Office of the Grand Maer hereby appoints Palatinal Kommissar Hieromar Kortrevich ( @Zanthuz ) to the position of Kastellan Scribe of Haense, wherein he’ll succeed his grandfather Sir Viktor Kortrevich (I) as the second Kastellan Scribe to occupy the position since it’s creation in 341 E.S. This position tasks him with preserving Haeseni Records. I believe he is the best person for this position, and will execute his duties with the utmost professionalism and efficiency. As is the case with every individual who steps down from a position in the Haeseni government, commendations are in order; with that being said, the Office of the Grand Maer sees reason to commend Sir Viktor Kortrevich for his last thirty-eight years serving as the first Kastellan Scribe of Haense. The elder archivist and statesman’s service to the Kingdom is meritorious to the fullest ends. Real Leadership, New Possibilities Signed, Frederik Baruch, Grand Maer of Karosgrad
  7. EDICT OF THE BARUCH MAERSHIP OFFICE OF THE GRAND MAER Issued on the 1st of Msitza and Dargund, 379 ES KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM KEEPER OF BOOKS APPOINTMENT For the past few years, the Royal Library has gone with no Keeper of Books to properly keep it organized and presentable due to sanoist policies. Now, with a new Grand Maer in office, it is his wish to fill vacant position with someone who will best take care of the books and building and keep it properly stocked with books, poems, essays, and other literary pieces that will help educate the public and encourage a new age of Haeseni authors. The Office of the Grand Maer hereby appoints Mister Feodor May ( @Sander ) to the position of Keeper of Books. I hope that, with the appointment of a Keeper of Book, the Royal Library will be properly kept and become once again a place for all Haeseni to visit and socialize. HAESENI BOOK DRIVE With the appointment of this new Keeper, the first order of business is to gather new books to fill the library with. Because of this, Grand Maer Baruch shall host a book drive on behalf of Keeper May and the Royal Library. To our Haeseni with philanthropistic and charitable hearts, we thank you for your future donations, and for those who need more of an incentive, whoever donates the most books will receive a mina prize. To be listed for the donation prize, you must personally give them to the Keeper of Books who will record the names of the patrons and amount of books donated. Real Leadership, New Possibilities Signed, Frederik Baruch, Grand Maer of Hanseti-Ruska
  8. -FREDERIK BARUCH FOR MAER- REFORMER WITH RESULTS Compassionate Conservatism "It is compassionate to actively help our fellow subjects in need. It is conservative to insist on accountability and results." - Alderman Frederik Baruch As Alderman, Frederik Baruch fought for biharist principles and traditional Haeseni virtues, as shown through his support for more Church representation in the government. Compassionate Conservatism, a phrase coined by the young Baruch in his last campaign, is the advocation for biharist and canonist conservative virtues which in turn help improve the general welfare and society. This ideology is what Frederik Baruch adheres to, and he believes its principles are what's needed to build a better future for Haense. As Grand Maer, Frederik Baruch wishes to help you, his constituents. He hopes to launch a series of campaigns to aid the subjects that reside in Karosgrad, including those who are the worst off and have lacked proper representation in the past. Reformer with Results As Alderman, Frederik Baruch worked with many Duma members and supported many sweeping pieces of legislation that changed many aspects of government. For example, he supported the election reform that made voting more accessible, and fairer. Now, as Grand Maer, Frederik Baruch wants to continue to reform the government, especially the municipal one, and create more jobs and openings for those who reside in the Haeseni gem, the Royal Capital of Karosgrad. Term Goals To fight for conservative principles in a compassionate way which improves the general welfare of the Haeseni people. To host a book drive for the library in order to provide more accessible literary pieces for those of Haense. To create an opportunity for wealthy individuals by auctioning off street names, of which the proceeds will go to the government in order to help the impoverished subjects of Haense. To create a national holiday to honor St. Heinrik of Bihar. To host a business drive in Karosgrad, a monetary incentive for those who purchase a market stall or shop in Haense within a Saint’s Week. To work with others within the Royal Duma to create sensible legislation. FREDERIK BARUCH FOR GRAND MAER “NEW POSSIBILITIES, REAL LEADERSHIP” -Brought to you by Barbanov & Baruch Consulting-
  9. IGN: importanthippo Character Name: Frederik Baruch Age: 22 Place of Residence / Street Address: Valwyck Position: Grand Maer
  10. Frederik Baruch is down bad, and plans to attend.
  11. "there is an imposter amongus" says Freddy B to his baka Otto August @Mio
  12. [!] A fat courier finally makes his way from Valwyck to Karosgrad, bearing a letter in his hand to give to the office of the speaker and palatine. The courier apologizes for his tardiness. IGN: importanthippo Character Name: Frederik Baruch Age: 18 Place of Residence / Street Address: Valwyck Position: Alderman
  13. FREDERIK BARUCH “Uniter not a Divider” A portrait of Frederik Baruch campaigning, circa 373 E.S. ABOUT FREDERIK Frederik Baruch, son of the Aulic Envoy Andrik Jan Baruch, is running to continue the legacy his father started; working for the people to make a responsible and sensible Haeseni Government! Frederik, though only the age of 18, has served alongside his father in the Office of the Envoy as a Deputy Ambassador for 3 years, and prior to that he was ward under his father. Frederik is knowledgeable about the Haeseni Government’s policies, both domestic and abroad, and hopes to bring what he knows to the Duma Halls! Frederik is an aspiring Knight and currently a squire under Franz Barbanov, the former Grand Maer. Under his mentor and during his time as a squire, he has learned much from his mentor, from the chivalric tenets of the Knightly order to the politics of the Kingdom of Haense. He understands and respects those in service of the Kingdom and hopes to represent them the best he can. FREDERIK’S POLICIES Stands for Law and Order Hopes to promote better transparency between representatives and constituents. Hopes to promote benefits for businesses within Haense. To represent Good Traditional Canonist values and principles. Promote better conditions and treatments for wounded soldiers and veterans of the HRA. Support the restoration of the Cerulean Kingdom of Sutica through Haeseni backing. FREDERIK BARUCH; A UNITER NOT A DIVIDER Brought to you by Barbanov & Baruch Consulting
  14. "Whoever this 'Duchess Doe-juh Catherine' is, her mother probably has other, more admirin' things to say abou' me," remarked the handsome Frederik.
  15. IGN: importanthippo Name: Frederik Baruch Age: 15 Place of residency: Valwyck Bank account balance: act broke to stay rich Hobbies: saving burning orphanages, rescuing families, driving bugatti carriages, being a professional athlete One interesting fact about yourself: black nail polish and an ear piercing Why should Tatiana choose you?: no need to explain
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