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  1. Ser Ulric Vyronov and Isaak Vyronov smile from the skies, looking at each other with great intent. “I am glad to finally meet you, my son. You were brave. I hope Haense and The Empire will finish this strong. I wish we were fighting against those heathens.” Said Ser Ulric. He lifted his arm over his son’s shoulder, “This is the first of many for our beloved Oren.” The young Isaak smiled with tears in his eyes and had no words but a single nod. “Those heathens will perish and the Empire and Haense will be victorious for wars to come in the future.”
  2. Isaak Vyronov was approaching the gates of the new city of Haense. He grasped upon the gates with his hands and called out to enter the city. No response. As moments go by, Isaak thought to himself, “I wonder if mother is around. I haven’t seen her in a while.” Isaak heard horses feet stomping on the dirtied road behind him and a man, the name of Flemius, charged him with a practice Lance. Isaak tried to roll out of the way as he was flustered and was not ready for an encounter at his own him. The Lance strikes him at the side of the head and knocked him out cold. Flemius slowly went down on the wooden bridge of Haense, shackled the unarmed man and lifted him up on his own horse to ride to the Fort of Rubern. As the men arrived at the Fort of Rubern, Flemius carried the unconscious man over his shoulders and brought him into the Great Hall. The man sat Isaak up right and slapped him across the face to make his presence known. Isaak woke up and was in agony and pain from the lance that pierced against his head. Flemius seemed annoyed and agitated at the Haenseman. The first thing that came out of Flemius’s mouth, “So, Vyronov, I know who you are. You are going to die today for the cause of Brutus’s death. Though, Isaak didn’t partake in the action, he was a known nobility and very loved in the city of Haense. Isaak remembers Brutus as an Uncle figure to him as he remembers running in the streets with Winnie when they were children and believed they were unstoppable. Isaak was shocked of the news of Brutus’s death. Flemius explained that he would of sold Isaak for ransom but he other plans due to that fact that Haensemen killed his leader Brutus. That was death. As time went on, a man named Tankred entered the scene and wish nothing but death upon the poor man. Before Isaak was sentenced to death, he only had one wish: He wished for his body to be returned to his mother Primrose and his family. Flemius said that Brutus’s body wasn’t returned to them, in conclusion, they will not be giving him that favor. Isaak tried to manage to get out of the shackles but the shackles were made out of iron. Isaak explained that Prince Vladrick was an Uncle figure to him and wished to speak to him. No response. Flemius brought the poor man outside of the Great Hall and brought him to the Gallows to be hung. Isaak looked around the men and women of Rubern with their facial expression were filled with anger and disgust. The young man tried to seek out his mentor and uncle figure Vladrick in the crowd and was no where to be found. Flemius tied the noose over Isaak’s head onto his jugular and made sure it was tight around his neck. Flemius exclaimed, “Vyronov, this is for the death of Brutus. Any last words?” The Vyronov had tears running his face and onto his neck. The young man yelled at the top of his lungs: “You will die, Flemius. A brutal death as Haense and the Empire will be victorious for the WARS to come. AVE HAENSE. AVE KING ANDRIK.” The loved young man of Haense looked up at the blue skies with a smile appearing on his face with tears continuing down his face. Flemius responded, “The seven hells with you, Vyronov,” as the man pulled down the lever. Isaak was gagged to death by the tightened rope and his neck was snapped.
  3. “Should niet break laws. Maybe ye should respect our laws and regulations, da?” The Young Lord looked at the missive in his home in Carnatia and put it in his potty bucket. He proceeded to do the “number one” and then a “number two” on the missive in potty terms.
  4. Discord: giambroof#0268 Preferred time of interview: Whenever Example RP: “Karin’ayla, llir, how may I assist you today on this fine day? What beverages or food would you like to inquire about today?” [ROLEPLAY] Name: Alas Aldin Race, and are you a citizen of the Silver State?: High Elf and yes Preferred position: Bartend, waitor, or sous chef Why should you get this position?: Because I like to cook in real life and I want to help the tavern with as much knowledge as I can. I feel it would enhance my role playing ability and it would be really fun/ interesting!
  5. giambro


    Ser Ulric Vyronov smiled from the Seven Skies, awaiting at the gates. “Welcome to the Skies brother, I have been waiting for you.”
  6. Ser Ulric Vyronov smiled down from the seven skies and looked down at his friends, his spirit would go to each person with invisible arm around them. “It is beautiful up here. All the booze ye can drink! This is a dream but a good dream.. I will wait here for ye all up here. Until then, keep my wife, my children, my brother, my nephews and yourselves safe,” he returned to the seven skies with a bright grin on his face, going to the open bar in the Seven Skies!
  7. The Funeral of Ser Ulric Vyronov ‘The funeral will be held by the Vyronov’s and family that were close to Ser Ulric Vyronov, Knight to King Andrik and the Fallen King Marius the Second and the Marian Retinue. He and his beloved family will be interally grateful to anyone who were fond of the Knight. We will tell tales, stories, sing songs and if anyone has stories to tell to come forth to share. The young’s Knights casket will be carried by the Knight Paramount and the Marian Retinue. From the Church of Reza to the Crypts of Graiswald, where he will be brought and will be put to rest. After the ceremony is completed, family, his wife and children, brother, nephews, cousins and close friends will take his cremated ashes into the Crypts of Graiswald for a private ceremony. When the private ceremony is completed, The Vyronov’s welcome all for a feast to celebrate the life of Ser Ulric ‘The Unwavering’ Vyronov on his achievements and his life. May GOD rest his soul. Signed, Tormund Tiberan, son of Alfred Tiberan, Great Grandson to Ser Ulric Tiberan the Second and child-hood friend of Ser Ulric Vyronov OOC Information: Saturday, July 20th, 2019 at 2:30 PM Eastern Time will be the event, followjng that the Vyronov’s will hold a feast in Graiswald to celebrate my character’s life.
  8. It was a brutal night for the young Knight. As he went through some brain damage and head trauma through previous events, this has taken the cake. Ser Ulric was accompanied by his brother, Lord Lerald Vyronov, Joren, Sigmar and Otto Kortrevich in the square of Haense. Sigmar Baruch came up to Lerald and Ser Ulric about having a meeting in Graiswald. Ser Ulric was just talking to himself and said some really psychotic sayings that made the core group feel uncomfortable, wary at that moment. Ser Ulric said he wanted to kill anyone that stood in his way from his wife and his children, blantantly just stood there saying these things. The War has gotten to him, the brain trauma that he has endured and the deaths of Prince Godfric and Prince Georg has finally gotten the best of him. The core group was worried about Ser Ulric but they decided to make their way up the Mountains toward Count Graiswald, Ser Ulric’s and Lerald’s home. When they reached the keep of Graiswald, the group courted in the dining hall of Graiswald and Sigmar started to conversate with the group about something personal between them. Ser Ulric, with a wary look, unsheathed his sword and said something was moving inside the keep. The others didn’t hear a peep but proceeded anyway, following the young Knight behind him. The Young Knight called out, “I believe we are being spied on!” as he opened the door but nothing was there. Lerald Vyronov crossed his arms against his chest and shook his head. The Lord Vyronov, with a saddened look said with a calm voice, “Brother, there is nothing there. Please give me your sword. I don’t want anyhing to happen to you.” The Young Knight ignored his request and said, “I will kill them all! I know they are here! I will kill the Reivers if that is the last thing I do” with a wolfish, devious smile on his face. He ran past the group and went into the dining hall with a shocked, worried face. The group followed him very hesitantly. The Young Knight told the group, “I will protect you all. I will watch and guard the outter door with my life.” Ulric started talking to himself again as he reached the front step of the keep, talking none sense. The group continued to follow him and that is when Joren, Lerald and Otto started to feel that they had to take Ulric’s weapon away... Ser Ulric was furious at them! He swung at Lerald’s arm with his sword and at that, he sliced Lerald’s arm. Lerald pulled his hand away, holding his injured hand with his free hand. Otto Kortrevich quickly grabbed the sword away from him. Joren was trying to grabbed Ulric’s arm, but it was too late.. Ulric grabbed his Vyronov symbol’d dagger and attacked Joren, slicing his hand up. With the most devilish, evil face expression, Ser Ulric said to them, “I will KILL YOU ALL REIVERS! I WILL KILL YOU UNTIL YOU ARE NO MORE!” Ser Ulric has gone insane! Everyone knew he has changed! The group gasped in fear as the three jumped onto him to make sure he has done no more harm. Lerald handcuffed his own brother, feeling unsafe being around his own brother. Ulric was clearly not acting like himself. Erik Kortrevich showed up to the show that was being displayed and as soon as they had Ulric under control, Erik elbowed Ulric to the face and knocked him to the ground; Ulric’s head would forcely make contact with the stoned stair case, causing a lot of bleeding, flesh and even the skull to cranium would be present... Ulric already had a injured leg, which was re-injured from the impact of the fall. The group couldn’t believe what Erik has done! Joren quickly birded Celest, a medic from Cascadia. The entire group were in fear, saddened and most importantly worried about their and brother, Ser Ulric Vyronov. As the medic, Celest, has arrived, she met the man before. She previously helped treat Ser Ulric’s wounds. Lerald and Joren quickly jousted Ser Ulric to the barracks of Graiswald. As soon as they put Ulric on the comfortable, feathered bed, Celest was quick at work. Celest placed tippen root, draped a wet cloth on Ulric’s head and worked on the head of Ulric. Erik, Lerald, Joren, Otto, Sigmar and others were there to accompany Celest, to spectate what was about to transpire. When Celest started working on the leg, Ser Ulric was coughing up blood and fell off the bed on the other side. At that moment, Ser Ulric was gasping for air and couldn’t breathe as he held his right hand over his heart and said “Where is my wife and chi-.” The young Knight was severely coughing up red blood all over his being and on the floor next to him. When that happened, Ser Ulric’s eyes dialated and his eyes were widened. His eyes stayed opened as all the air has left the Young Knight’s body. Lord Otto Kortrevich rushed over to do air compressions and breathed into his nephew-in-laws mouth, attempting to place air back into his lungs. However, there was no response and the Young Knight was presumed dead on sight. Lord Lerald Vyronov rushed over to his brothers side, he kneeled down and cried wet tears onto his brother’s Marian Retinue uniform. The whole room was devastated and were in total silence.. I just wanted to thank you all and to whoever played a factor in Ulric’s IRP life. This was indeed my favorite player I have ever played but War/ PTSD and a lot of brain damage will do this to some people in real life. Ulric should have died a lot of times but I felt this was the right moment to do so. I will be playing my son. Thank you for reading.
  9. It was a really late night during the time. Ser Ulric Vyronov took a stroll to the square of Reza and a Dark Elf, a monk in fact, came through the gates of Reza. The monk came up to Ser Ulric, glaring and surveyed his gaze around the city, noticing the sieged defenses surrounding the square and said, “Oh, this is the city of Reza. I am guessing these are already hard times for you.” Ser Ulric, as humble and laid back as he is, the Knight welcomed the monk into his city. The Knight and the monk decided to converse in the tavern where he was accompanied by Godfric, Prince Georg and Sarah Kortrevich. The Knight offered the monk a bottle of whisky to the monk. However, the monk kindly declined the offer as he does not partake in drinking as he is a monk. Ser Ulric Vyronov ordered a bottle of whisky for himself and a glass of the most crystal cleared water for the monk. As Ser Ulric always does, he gave his new Aunt, Sarah Kortrevich, more coin then she asked for the bottle. As soon as he uncorked the bottle of whisky, all of the sudden, The Red Dragon Knighted Knights came to seek vengence and to kill whoever stepped in front of their path. Ser Ulric Tiberan noticed the door being slammed opened by Ser Rodrik. All of the Knights unsheathed their blades and walked towards Prince Georg. Ser Ulric Vyronov quietly told the monk to depart from this hell storm, “I need you to get out of here safely.” The monk left out of sight, Ser Ulric Vyronov took a swig out of his bottle of whisky and blantantly said to Ser Rodrik and his Knights, “Ser Rodrik, did you come here for a drink?” The traitorous Knight said to Ser Ulric, “Now it’s not the time boy. I have come for everybodys head!” The Knights continued to make their path towards Godfric and Prince Georg. Suddenly, Ser Ulric Vyronov notices this, he corked his bottle back into his satchel and unsheathed his sword, walking in front of Godfric and Prince Georg. Sarah Kortrevich told Ser Ulric with a frown upon her face, “Ser Ulric, please don’t do this!” As she said this, Edwin Brooks swong his sword near Ser Ulric’s temple. With a fast reaction, Ser Ulric parried his sword to block the attack but suddenly Ser Rodrik clinged his sword against Ulric’s blade, knocking it out of his hand. As the men came closer, the three men were trapped in a corner with no where to go. Ser Ulric Vyronov pleaded with the men and said, “Take me! Take me instead! Kill me and spare me!” The same man, who first attacked Ulric, threw up a under hook at the Knight’s jaw, knocking him out cold and as he did so, Ser Ulric hit his head against the corner of the table that was closest to him... The scene went black. The Young Knight woke up from his slumber, looking at his hands all binded up with rope. As soon as looked up, Ser Rodrik stared down at him with the most wolfish, scariest grin you could think of. With a huge gash on his forehead and one on the side of his head, Ser Ulric was obviously dying from loss of blood. Ser Ulric had pale-ish skin that rendered through out his body, as Ser Rodrik noticed this, he ordered one of his men to attend to his wounds. Ser Ulric heard cries and a loud sizzling sound, ringing from his ears. Ser Ulric Vyronov blacked out again momentarily. When the Knight woke up again, Edwin was attending Ser Ulric’s wounds with the same whisky he ordered from Harold Bell’s tavern, pouring it on the wounds of Ulric. Ser Ulric muttered under his breath, gritting his teeth, “Take me instead! Spare Godfric and Prince Georg!” He attempted to wiggle out of his binds but it was no use. Edwin wrapped Ulric’s head with a bandage around the Knight’s head. Edwin said to Ser Ulric, “Ser Rodrik would like to speak with you,” he said with a cold expression, making his way out of the jail cell.” When Ser Rodrik looked down at the Young Knight he arched his back and stared Ser Ulric in the eyes and said, “How much do you value your life? How much do you value Primrose’s life?” The words struck Ser Ulric and made him silent. Ser Rodrik arched his back up, looked at the walls of the jail cell and back to Ser Ulric. The Knight again said, “I do not want to repeat myself, how much do you value your life? How much do you value Primrose’s life?” Ser Ulric Vyronov looked up at the man and said, “You left your family behind! You betrayed Haense and you had everything going for you! I looked up to you once you know and look what you done! I have no quarrel with you, Ser Rodrik.” The Knight’s face looked intrigued with the young Knight saying this. The Young Knight looked at Ser Rodrik anxiously and asked, “Where is Prince Georg and Godfric?” The Knight chuckled and calmly said, “They are writing letters in our Palace, I sure you not. But you didn’t answer my question, how do you value yours and Primrose’s life?” Ser Ulric Vyronov’s jugular veins popped out of his neck, “I am a family man now, Ser Rodrik. My wife’s, my family’s lives and my future children’s lives matter to me! My children need me Ser Rodrik. My wife needs me,” he said with a teary eye, he shook it off, “I know Haense is in shambles at this moment but I will never give in! All I wanted was peace! I never wanted any part of this War! My role is to be a Knight by King Andrik’s side. His life is important! I am forever in his debt.” The men behind Ser Rodrik’s faces were astonished by these words, nodding to the respectful Young Knight. Ser Rodrik clasped his hands together and said the words, “If you bend the knee to Emperor Godfrey, I will spare your life and Primrose’s.” The Young Knight was shooked and his thoughts went else where. The Dragon Knight looked down upon the Young Knight, clicking his tongue on the roof of his mouth, “If you do this, I will spare yours and Primrose’s life. You must, however, bend the knee to Emperor Godfrey.” The Young Knight dipped his head to the ground and was very hesitant by his choice of words, “My role is to be by My King’s side. I will always be by my King’s side until his very last breath,” he said very hesitantly. The Dragon Knight rolled his eyes at the Young Knight and unsheathed his blade with his right hand. Suddenly, he parried down on the Young Knight’s bindings, cutting him loose. Ser Ulric Vyronov squinted his eyes and blinked a bunch of times. He grabbed ahold his wrists that were bruising from the tightness of the rope that was binding his hands together. Ser Ulric Vyronov looked up at the man who was glaring down at him and the Dragon Knight said, “I spared your life because you are just a lad and have good intentions. However, bend the knee to Emperor Godfrey and I will spare your life,” The Young Knight looked up at him with an astonished look, “My duty and service is to protect King Andrik Barbanov from harm, if you allow me to do this, after the war and if Haense is to be taken over, I will bend the knee to Emperor Godfrey.” The Knight gestured with his right hand for the Young Knight to rise, “If I let you go free, how will I know you will not betray me like your brother did to me? I will not falter and let you go until you obey my commands! Now kneel before me and swear fealty to Emperor Godfrey! The now depressed Knight looked up at him and started to kneel down to the ground and said the words, “I, Ser Ulric Vyronov, swear to all the GODs that are HOLY, will protect and serve King Andrik Barbanov’s life until his very last breath and swear fealty to Emperor Godfrey after the War is finished.” The Dragon Knight gestured him to rise up again and to follow him, “You are free to go, Ser Ulric.” As they walked out, the Knight of Renatus nodded to Ser Ulric with a pleased look. One of them followed Ser Rodrik and Ser Ulric out of the keep to the bridge of Helena. As they got to the bridge, Ser Rodrik looked down the bridge into the water. The Dragon Knight placed his left arm around Ser Ulric’s shoulder, “You know what I would do with people like you, Ser Ulric?” He looked to Ser Gregor and let out a chuckle, “I would have gutted you right here and there but you are just a lad. You have good intentions. You are free to go. Come, I will lead you to the boat for a safe travel,” Ser Gregor yelled out to Ser Ulric, “Good luck in the wars to come, Ser Ulric. See ye on the battle field,” Ser Ulric gave him a brief nod and headed towards the dock. Ser Rodrik unslinged the rope, untying the knot from the structure that was holding it in place, “Here come in Ser Ulric.” Ser Ulric jumped into the boat and grasped the paddles of the boat, he looked to Ser Rodrik with a stare, “Where is Prince Georg and Godfric? Aren’t they coming a long,” with that wolfish grin he was introduced to when he woke up in the jail scene, Ser Rodrik pushed the boat away from his body and yelled out the words, “Prince Georg and Godfric are dead! Farewell, Ser Ulric Vyronov! We will send your dead back to Reza! See you after the War” He laughed out loudly as he turned his heel toward the gates of Helena. Tears started pouring down his face. Ser Ulric became very depressive at that moment, thinking about all the good times he has had with Prince Georg and Godfric at the moment. He muttered to himself, “King Marius.. Now Prince Georg and Godfric? I don’t think I can take much more of this..” He placed his satchel in front of him, continued to paddle his oars towards Haense. Piov- Prince Georg was like a big brother towards Ser Ulric. He was always there when he needed him. It’s sad to see this character go. Piov, you are a great friend of mine. You are one of my favorite people on this server. We have a lot of great times on discord and on LoTC especially. The role playing by Renatus was spectacular and I expected it to be awfu bu I was wrongl. To be honest, that scene was one of the best role playing experiences I have ever been apart of. NJ- Godfric was a really funny character to role play with. We would vape during court sessions, make fun of Prince Georg never talking to a woman in his life, etc etc. You are one of my favorite people on this server and I hope we can continue this great community we have here in Haense. Both you and Piov are the corner stone of this community. Thank you both for being awesome.
  10. ”Everyone is invited except for Renatus goons,” he told Primrose, “We will need to have the gates closed for the time being. Whoever isn’t on the list must turn around and make their merry way back to amongst where they came. People in Ves are also gladly welcomed! Make yourself at home!” Ser Ulric would send letters with a Vyronov and Kortrevich symbol emblem smeared on the crease of the envelope. ”I cannot wait to marry the love of my life and have many more years with you, my love. I wouldn’t trade you for the world,” he said to her, smiling at her beautiful face.
  11. “What does the GOD of Death say? Not today,” Ser Ulric Vyronov said, gritting his teeth, “I will fight ‘till my very last breath and protect King Andrik with my life,” he proclaimed, huffing as he sheathed his sword ‘Wolfsbane.’ “This is for the fallen, especially King Marius who was indeed the best King there will ever be. I would never bend the knee to the likes of you,”
  12. smiles at the letter, nodding in peace, “I am so happy to actually have a room for myself!” he grinned continuously, running towards the mine with his pickaxe over his shoulder to start grinding materials!
  13. reads of this news, shaking his head. The New Knight took out his dagger and punctured through the wood of his desk, “I cannot believe my brother almost made me a squire under this pathetic excuse for a Knight. Your heart is mine, ‘Ser’ Rodrik Kortrevich.” he would mutter to himself, a look of disgust crossed his face. ”Traitor to ye family and a traitor to our Nation!”
  14. [A little side story] Ever since Ulric Vyronov was a boy, he dreamed of becoming a Knight under a notable, pretigious character in the fascinating World of Arcas! After days, weeks, months and even years, Ulric Vyronov was training his heart and soul out to the best of his ability. At the age of thirteen, he was squired by the one true King of Haense, Marius of House Barbanov. Ulric believed he had the passion, patience, dignity, will power, strength and the intelligence to fulfill his rightful duty to become a Knight as a Squire under a notable person in the land of Arcas. Ulric Vyronov had one mission and his mission was to prove that he had the work ethic to complete his tasks, train as hard as he can in the cities of Ves and Reza. When he turned fourteen, Ulric was summoned by the Emperor Joseph himself who was intrigued by Ulric’s work ethic and set him up with some Imperial Squire trials. Ulric enjoys to partake in these tasks because he loves to challenge himself. Ulric, every day, would wake up and attempt to kill a bird or lined in a fish for his meal for the mornings. After that, Ulric will travel far and wide to either fight in the pits of Haense or have a friendly duel in the streets of Ves. After some victories and some losses, he still kept at it because Ulric knew he would get better from the experience he ingested from the outcomes. At the age of fifteen, on the day Haense supposedly had a feast, instead of attending it, Ulric Vyronov, son of Lukas Vyronov was training and strengthing himself up in the Pits of Ves. Ulric traveled back to Haense with a satchel filled with bread, his Primrose Wine and hummed his tunes; Today was his day. Ulric Vyronov came back to his home of Haense, smelling the beautiful home cooked meals from the tavern, hearing the sounds of children playing in the garden, obnoxious people getting drunk, people chattering about their grateful lives and people just having a grand ol’ time! Ulric Vyronov came up the road inside the City of Reza and saw some familiar faces he hasn’t seen in a minute. Ulric was very ecstatic to see all what was going on but most importantly he wanted to see his beloved family. Ulric opened up the front door of his manor, he would call out, “Brother Lerald! Little Bird! Karl? Anyone home?” No one had answered him. He quickly ran up the stairs into his quarters in full anxiety mode, wondering where his family could be. Ulric found a letter on his old desk that he hasn’t used in a good or so. “This is a letter from King Marius Barbanov,” he muttered to himself, looking at the Barbanov emblem sealing the letter in place. Ulric completely opened the emblem seal that lead to the letter. Ulric quirked a brow and cautiously read the letter to himself, “Dear Ulric Vyronov, it’s has been a long time since I have last spoke to you. Your intentions are duly noted and I have heard of the progress you have been making. Please meet in the Palace, it is very urgent. I am looking forward to seeing you. Signed Marius Barbanov, King of Haense.” He slowly put the letter back on the table and quickly picked it back up again. Ulric nervously thought to himself, “I don’ think I have done anythin’ to ruin my reputation? I thought I have been doin’ a good deed. I have been workin’ hard on my squire trials and did everything King Marius has asked me to do.” Ulric took his letter and placed it into his pocket and headed downstairs to the main level of the manor. Ulric walked outside and smelled that beautiful fresh air! Ulric headed up to the road towards the Palace, not knowing what is going to happen next. When he reached the premise of the Palace, his little niece, Katharina ‘Little Bird’ Vyronov was there alongside the Love of Ulric’s life, Primrose Kortrevich, was waiting at the very steps of the Palace doors! Ulric was astonished of the welcoming of his two favorite ladies in the entire world! Katharina ran up to Ulric, charging at his leg and hugging it, she looked up at him with the brightest smile he has ever received in his existence. Ulric kissed the forehead of her niece, lifted her up and put her on his shoulders before looking at the beautiness of the love of his life, Primrose Kortrevich. Primrose Kortrevich, casually clasped her hands together and smiled to Ulric as she was walking towards him. With no words spoken and pure happiness, everyone was delighted to reunite and share life together again! When they met, Ulric kissed Primrose’s forehead and walked into the Palace together with their hands clasped together in unity. The trio entered the Palace Throne Room and there plenty of mentors of Ulrics’ that meant a lot to him. His brother Lord Lerald Vyronov, Otto Kortrevich, Ser Nikolaus Kortrevich, Erik Kortrevich, Ser Gerad and of course the King of Haense, Marius Barbanov. Ulric was very surprised and was nervous about his fate. Primrose looked at Ulric, kissing him on the cheek and smiled at him. Ulric smiled at the love of his life, as he did, he took Katharina off of his shoulders and slowly put her to the ground. Katharina took Primrose’s hand and walked to the stands together. Ulric looked up at his brother and gave him a firm nod, grinning. Lerald returned the favor and gestured his hand toward Marius Barbanov, King of Haense. “Ladies and gentlemen,” Marius Barbanov said with a whole lot of joy in his voice, “We are here today for a young man, who has worked diligently and took pride in what he does,” he looked to Ulric Vyronov, “Ulric, son of Lukas Vyronov and Brother to Lord Lerald Vyronov, do you know why I called you in today?” Ulric looked around the room, having a wary look. He kneeled down to the ground and looked to the floor, not knowing what is going on! Panicking, Ulric looked up at his King, who had a huge smile on his face and the words came out Marius’s mouth, “My boy, my squire, Ulric Vyronov, I am hereby making you Knight of the Marna Retinue and the Knight of Haense in my Kings guard,” Ulric couldn’t believe the words that have come out Marius’s mouth: he has finally become what he had always dreamed of... Becoming a Knight. Whispers and little chants started around the room after hearing of the news. King Marius took his right hand up and motioned it down towards his arm rest to silence the crowd. Marius Barbanov got up from his seat and clasped his hands together, looking at the young Vyronov who is only at the age of fifteen. “Young Ulric, do you promise to protect the people of Haense before yourself? Will you always be faithful to Haense? Do you promise to always follow GOD and fulfill your duty as a Knight?” A tear would shed down Ulric’s right eye, he took his right hand to wipe it off his face and nodded with excitement, “Aye, I will always stay true to the only city that I love, which is Haense, My King,” he would proclaim. After a few vows later, King Marius Barbanov nodded, closed his eyes for a few seconds and re-opened them, looking down at the young Ulric Vyronov, “Ulric Vyronov, I hear by name you Ser Ulric ‘The Unwavering’ Vyronov, Knight of Haense and Knight of the Marian Retinue. You may rise, Ser Ulric ‘The Unwavering’ Vyronov.” The entire room goes ballistic, and, in other words, bananas! Lerald Vyronov clapped uncontrollably and knew this is what his brother wanted for years, finally achieving it! Primrose and Katharina ran up to Ulric and hugged him for his achievements! All the Knights and The King, Marius Barbanov, clapped their hands in respect to their new fellow Knight! Now, there is a new beginning for Ser Ulric Vyronov and surely there will be a lot of challenging obstacles ahead of him. “This is just the beginning,” Ulric said to the entire room, while holding Katharina and placing his free arm over Primrose’s shoulder. “Thank you all for bein’ here. I promise I will not disappoint any of ye. I will fight ‘till the death if that means sacrificing myself for this city. I will not falter! I will persevere and conquer! For Haense!” The room went ecstatic again, praising the Young Vyronov. The tales of Ser Ulric Vyronov have just begun.... Signed, Ser Ulric ‘The Unwavering’ Vyronov Knight of Haense, Knight to Marius Barbanov and Knight of the Marian Retinue Imperial Squire to Emperor Joseph, The One True Emperor
  15. smiles and thinks about the future adventures that awaits him and the rest of the guild! Name: Theo Tiberan Race: Highlander Age: 12 Discord#: giambro#0268
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