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  1. if this gets taken down by staff ima flip
  2. Dasdi

    A Renatian Swan Song

    “Ave Orenia! Ave Joseph!” The young John Henry de Pruvia exclaimed.
  3. I’m going to get so much hate from the toxic cesspool that is the Renatian leadership, but some things much be said. To those moaning about the warpath, a compromise was made for you to keep Fort Loches, which was built AFTER the WC, and on the flip side we were allowed to change in warpath. Renatians bawl and cry over the “troubles” they endured this warclaim, yet don’t acknowledge the unfair advantages allowed to them. The deathpit throneroom. The Alley of Death. The ‘Push’ forced upon Marnan forces within said throne room. Shall I go on? Renatians also OPENLY admit to have had a BANNED player fight for them in the WC using another players account. Last time we ALL checked. DPM was banned, yet TrendE speaks of screenshots DPM took during the WC. Renatians also FAIL to accept the fact that the time allotted to them was used to transform the palace into a RULE-BREAKING PVP fort. The edits made to a build for a warclaim have to be TEMPORARY and REVERSIBLE. They were anything but that. If Renatians truly believe their edits were acceptable, they should have no issue having their edits pasted into the RP world for them to hold court in. “Temporary fortifications must be realistically constructed in what would be perceived as a hastily time-frame prior to battle. These fortifications would likely have wooden palisades, trenches, tunnels, traps, wooden towers, loose stonework, and other building specifications similar to what has been stated.“ What my friend @von_Aesterwald said rings MUCH truth. “If anyone on our side was using modified PvP clients, I think you should report it to the staff. I also highly doubt that the Renatian side woke up that morning and disavowed using such means. I don’t doubt your sincerity, but I think you need to reevaluate what you believe to be true.“ Renatians are just mad cause they would’ve lost in any other circumstance and are scared. They had huge ***** before the WC. The false confidence was borderline inspirational, keep that energy loves. ❤️ Renatian continue to do what they do best. They BULLY people. They are bullying staff into doing what they please because they are MANIPULATIVE. They will threaten staff with leaving in masses, yet BANNED players still flock to use their friend’s ALTS to continue RP’ing here. They continue to shadow lead nations. Renatus and Flays, are too accustomed to having staff bend over backwards at their beck and call and are mad that it is no longer the case. Staff Bias =/= Doing whats fair to EVERYONE and not just what Renatus leadership wants. Im going to get INCREDIBLE amounts of hate for this, but these things must be said. Can’t wait to hear what banned players who I have no idea who they are say horrible, borderline illegal, things to and about me. I also cannot wait to hear them accuse me of ruining someone’s (laughable) career. :3 kisses qt’s. Much love ❤️ (The only renatian I love is @Milenkhov.. the rest can go choke on bad art and failed ‘careers’.)
  4. Elisabeth Maria signs the document.
  5. Booooop! hi i like to think I'm a decent builder. add me on discord if you're interested Dasdi#3226 or my Skype mcdasdi1116 I've developed a better style since this was posted, but just so you can get an idea. EDIT: nvm I'm dumb this is old asf...
  6. I sing lil uzi and migos in the shower just me or...?

  7. Does anyone else choreograph for impromptu dance battles in the shower? No? Just me? K....

  8. I realized I got 
    Me myself and I
    That's all I got in the end

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      Solo right until I die.

    2. Dasdi
  9. I get too attached....

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      sorry :/

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      It's k <3

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      Wh... Why'd you post it in a status-update then!

  10. I have a stone masons tome I wouldn't mind selling. PM me a starting offer and we'll go from there.
  11. This is genius! i'm just a skinner, but if you ever need help, I would love to! <3 (http://www.planetminecraft.com/member/dasdi/)
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