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  1. The truth shall set you free. I commend you for putting aside your pride and setting things right!
  2. Athenais de Savoie sat upon a tufted chaise within her quarters. She'd read upon the lines of text throughout the edict, her frail mind narrowly comprehending it's content. "My Paul, Always so bright. A mastermind, through and through."
  3. Name: Ser Ludwig Johannes von Preussens Age: 18 Do you presently hold a Commonwealth peerage?: No. Are you currently an oathed knight of the Order of the Peterine Laurel?: Yes. Are you in good legal standing within the lands of the Commonwealth?: Yes.
  4. With a flick of his quill, Ludwig Johannes signed his name on the parchment. "Ave Petra."
  5. Athenais sat within her court in Temesch, two small white pearls stick out from her ear canals, listening to her favorite tunes. Somewhere in the not so distant future, a certain Pruvia born would bop to his tunes.
  6. John-Henry Pruvia looks down from the seven skies, as he massaged his temples. "Finally, I began to worry I bore clubfooted simpletons!" He'd let out as he sighed relief.
  7. Athénaïs was sat within the Aster Hall Gardens, her niece Carolina beside her as she brushed through her long reddish hair. To Carolina, she'd recount many stories from her childhood, growing up alongside Catherine. "Your mother was like," She'd pause, as the memory of the Princess would cause tears to well up in her eyes. "No, not like. Catherine was a sister to me, and every Savoyard, every true Savoyard mourns the loss of an ever-great woman. Though we spent many years apart, as we sat at two different side of a war, I cannot think of any ill memory or thought of Catherine. From this day forward, I vow to protect you as she would, and afford you the life of which she no longer can."
  8. "Curious." The now red-headed Athénaïs stated plainly as she read the warrant whilst sitting in her office. "These men are oh so hellbent on keeping this empire afloat, yet are so keen on biting the hand that feeds them. Surely this must be a mistake."
  9. This Auction is now CLOSED. Congrats to @annanicole__! All builds not sold at auction WILL be for sale (for mina or cash) through direct PM's on discord at dasdi#3226
  10. Auction will be ended earlier than intended. Bids will cease at 10:00 AM EST.
  11. For the first time ever, a build auction will be held. Beginning on Janurary 22, 2022, You will have the chance to bid, compete, and revel in your purchase of a one of a kind original from your’s truly. RULES Do not reply to the post unless you're bidding, Forward questions to dasdi#3226 Only bid in minas, USD will not be accepted. All bids must go up in increments of at least 100 mina Builds are sold as is. All sales are final. No refunds, returns, or exchanges. Auction does not include building services, regions, or materials. You will be given a .schematic file. AUCTION ENDS JANUARY 24TH, 2022, AT 7:00 PM EST. FORMAT Discord Tag: Build Name: Bid(s): BUILD #1 | FRENCH COUNTRYSIDE CHATEAU Starting bid at 600 mina! Dimensions : 40x22 Live your cottage-core fantasy in this beautiful quaint countryside cottage. With 3 bedrooms, kitchen, and a feasthall, you and your family have room to grow! For equestrian enthusiasts, the outdoor terrace has two horse stalls on premises, as well as a small horse training ground. Act fast as this prime piece of real estate will fly off the market! BUILD #2 | Riverside Castle SOLD to @annanicole__ Starting bid at 1000 mina! Dimensions : 104x69 This Riverside Castle is one of a kind! With a formal throne room, feasthall, and 10 (Yes, 10!) bedrooms, good luck not getting lost in this sprawling castle. Fit for a King, this castle is an event planner’s dream with an enclosed garden nestled above the throne room.
  12. Athénaïs Ashford de Savoie would be sat within the garden having an early lunch with her fellow ladies. As she took a silver spoon to her mouth, a man of great heft huffed and puffed his way over to the ensemble of women. The sweaty man bowed at the waist, nearly toppling over as he did. He placed a parchment in view of the flaxen-haired Princess. As she read the missive, she let out a satisfactory nod of the head. "Purr." said the young Athénaïs. "Now go fetch my wine, fat man."
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