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  1. The Countess of Aldersberg would begin to prepare a gift for the Lord Provins, and Princess Anne Caroline.
  2. Henrietta Maria sat beside her dear sister playing cards in the sky blue billiard room. As Henrietta drew an ace, Madame Potin, a routine palace gossip, went flying through the guarded doors. "The bastard is dead!" The brunette troublemaker rejoiced. Henrietta locked eyes with the Duchess of Helena, and the tall blonde nearly keeled over in laughter. The Princess would wipe away her tears of laughter, before resuming their game of cards, and partaking in the rest of the gossip Madame Potin had in store for the pair of Princesses.
  3. After some shared words with her sister-in-law, The Duchess of Helena, the Pruvian-born Countess of Aldersburg has some fine silks ordered to Rosebud House, and a meeting with her personal designer and seamster, Charles Tuillier.
  4. if u remove them, at least give donators perks to make up for these losses. We've already lost so much after the Eula debacle.
  5. imagine being a grown man who lives off his mother beefing with a 15 year old. Get a job, learn a language, do something, bum.

    1. Orlesian


      You go on! roast them! I fully agree because it’s like. Come on dude if your the older person and an adult being rude and talking behind on a 15 or a 14 year old or anyone honestly younger and still trying to understand and grow in this world. You really need to check yourself and morals. Overall people shouldn’t be mean to each other. But if you a full grown adult and your fighting and making a huge problem about a 15 year old or someone who is overall young or wouldn’t know better.

      Stop and get some help. 

      (Cause trust me, the internet really be like an adult fighting with a teen and making drama up with them.)


      Anyways thank you for the TedTalk dudes!


      Edit : Why am I being so tough and chatty with this? Because this legit happeneds so much and it is annoying!

    2. monkeypoacher


      i live to have beef with 15 year old kids i can kick their ass

  6. This. this is so beautifully written, and speaks for most if not all veteran players.
  7. When I first joined I wandered around Athera. I vividly remember walking up to the most amazing thing I had ever seen. It was the d'Avenese manor. There was a woman named Catherine rp'ing there and there was someone trying to kill her. Apparently, she was the woman courting Olivier de Savoie. She thanked me in RP and soon after we became fast friends OOC'ly. I still remember her IGN to this day, and that was one of the most welcoming experience ever. This little tale might seem a bit irrelevant, but I do have a few things to say which may- or may not- apply to what I am about to expres
  8. Petition for the Trial of Owyn III The Ladies of Oren Calling for the Removal of the Pontiff, c. 1803 Fair Auditor of the Tribunal Vicary Armas, constant alarms are being sounded to the troubles of the Church. We can ignore it no longer. Our attention is on the escapades of the High Pontiff and we find ourselves dismayed. Eleven charges have been raised against him in Canon Law, and as such, we hope that you will form a court that they can be brought to. With the incessant rumours, troubles and trials that have surrounded the Church, there is no better way to
  9. "Laurence August Jrent." Her Imperial Highness, Henrietta, Countess of Aldersberg corrected.
  10. The Pruvian Trunk, 1802 As the grounds of Casa de Rafal in the outskirts of the city of Shafei began their renovations, A time of spring cleaning was in order. John Henry Pruvia, last living child of the Viscountess of Osterland, the woman who paved the way for the success of her House, was sorting through records and their massive archives detailing the history of the Pruvian Legacy, when he came across an old trunk. It was a very heavy, locked wooden box adorned with the coat of arms of Elisabeth Maria, mother to John Henry. “This must be fro
  11. Henrietta Maria sits in the pews within the chapel at the Palace of Novellan. She'd begin her prayers signing the cross, and end with "May the GODS protect our dear Robert, and ensure his safe return to the House of Helvets. Please afford the House of Helvets strength and optimism in their current time of need." Henrietta finishes her prayers and signs the cross once more.
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