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  1. Dasdi


    Elisabeth Maria signs the document.
  2. Dasdi

    Royal Letter for the County of Österland

    Elisabeth Maria smile’s whilst thinking of her secret lover.
  3. Dasdi

    The Theodosian Imperial Academy

    Student application IGN: Dasdi RP Name: Elisabeth Maria Preussens Discord: Dasdi#3226 First Option: Imperial Governance Second Option: Realm History Third Option: Religious Studies Fourth Option: Racial and Natural Biology
  4. Dasdi

    [Denied]Disheartened's GM Application

    <3 +1
  5. Dasdi

    [Denied]yoppl's GM Application

    I would consider Yoppl a friend of mine. I've known of him for a very long time. So far, all I have learned is he is such a dedicated and organized individual. His intelligence and organizational skills would be amazing asset to the team. +1
  6. Dasdi

    [Denied] [Builder] Azdrazi phones home

    Yesssss!!!!!! +1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1
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    [Denied] Forum Moderator Application

    I feel Luv would make a 'luvely' FM. She is dedicated and seems to genuinely want the position +1 <3 (tehe pun intended ^)
  8. Minecraft Name: Dasdi Skype ID: PM me. Time-zone: Eastern Do you, or have you held, any other staff positions: I was head builder and an ET on Darais, a small RP server (Now Closed), I was a builder on the World Of Keralis Server. Sadly, I have not held any positions here on LOTC, but hopefully this application will change that! Where do you grab inspiration from: I enjoy taking inspiration from many different places, whether it be a game, TV show, or even a place I visit in real life. I don't mean to sound cliché, but I take some inspiration from Skyrim, and Game of Thrones. I also get lot of inspiration from the things other players have created, here on LOTC. The Witcher and Assassin's Creed games are another source of inspiration for me. What type of building are you best with: I am best with small builds, like homes, and other things of the sorts, but I do enjoy spending my time on bigger builds. What are some of your most treasured builds: My most treasured build is my recreation of The Cathedral of Saint Peter of Beauvais. Though sadly, it was lost when my HDD failed. Are you capable of handling all aspects of a build: Yes. Pick three building styles and show us a build of yours that corresponds to each choice: Medieval _________________________ This is a Castle that Pork and I made. http://imgur.com/a/07BbP Le Touraine's Winery. http://imgur.com/a/W1fnH A small market place, beside the ruins of a watch tower. http://imgur.com/a/iwVqG Cathedral of Amiens. http://imgur.com/a/iWop0 Honorable Mentions. http://imgur.com/a/zQxXH Terraforming and Organics (I grouped these due to the reason that the pictures represent a mixture of both categories) _________________________ The vineyards of Amiens. http://imgur.com/a/a6sbU A cute little pond type thing. http://imgur.com/a/mMPpi A simple atmospheric stream. (Props to Pork for the nice shrine thing to the left) http://imgur.com/a/WGP7B Le Touraine's Winery Garden. http://imgur.com/a/fpIMi Interiors (This was't a category, but I think its important.) _________________________ All of the interiors for the builds above. http://imgur.com/a/nneqz How long does it take for you to complete a build: All depends on size, detail, and style. Though, I usually am able to finish a build with in a few days to a few weeks at most. Terraforming, for example, can take several hours, while other things like a keep can take several days to a week. Additional details: I can use Worldedit, I know the basics of Voxel (I like worldedit better tho), I'm by no means a redstone master, but Youtube is a good friend of mine. Tell me a trick about building: Custom Heads could be achieved with a few simple commands. Tripwire hook to represent a doorknob. Placing an armor stand and using pistons to move glass blocks over it gives the illusion of a showcase. Tell me a joke: Gigi Hadid's Runway Walk......(I love her, but that walk, hun)
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    [Complete][TRADE] BUILDER = BIG MINA

    Booooop! hi i like to think I'm a decent builder. add me on discord if you're interested Dasdi#3226 or my Skype mcdasdi1116 I've developed a better style since this was posted, but just so you can get an idea. EDIT: nvm I'm dumb this is old asf...