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  1. Aeron Valaker; A hand encased in silk clasps tightly around the missive crumbling the delicate paper. “I warned them.. YET THEY DID NOT LISTEN” he slams his clasped fist onto the table of his man cave. “AAAGHH” he roars out in pain, grasping his fist “I SWEAR!!! ITS all, ITS ALL, The fault of the impures... YES THATS IT!! Impures have tainted us AAAAHHH.” The elf rose his thin crooked frame from his seat, beginning to pace across his room, focused solely on his hatred. The elf’s extremely pale features were if viewed in the light quite unpleasant, not only where the scowled in extreme hatred, but the lack of light had caused him to appear like a phantom.
  2. Honestly.. The wackier things are the better in my opinion.. but players will be players, and staff will be staff.. So all that we can do is role-play human.
  4. Interesting, it really is a jack of all spells. And extremely aesthetic +1
  5. Seriously love Kaleharts Formatting (and lore obviously).
  6. ((MC name: SriFoo )) Name: Aeron Valaker Vote for Okarir’nor: ( ) Alluin Miravaris ( ) Effile Ker’Vulnir ( xx ) Aeron Valaker
  7. I am not like the other girls “Ruhn." Looks cool +1
  8. Aeron Valaker sat on a chair in the office of his house. He looks at the page for quiet some time. “Intresting, perhaps it will not be boring any longer.”
  9. A thill rises from his seat, before finding his way to the stage. “My question is to you llirn!” Aeron states promtly “How can we wish to have an economy if the currency we use is not one that can be expertly managed by fine thill minds? My proposal is that we open up the Silver Bank. A bank which would become the center of affairs for the economy. That bank would begin printing PAPER money. I have long been fascinated by the idea thus I wish to begin work on such a concept.” he clears his throat “My idea here is as such; the Bank of Silver would allow for loans, these loans would work in such a way that one could take out say gain a 5 thousand currency loan. When one has obtained there loan which would be represented by a slip of paper which is carefully stamped so as to pervert forgery could than be used as form of currency. Than the person would have to repay that 5,000 mina worth of currency over a certain period of time along with an additionally amount of money depending on amount of money and time in which it would be payed off. With such a method Healun’or could begin printing its own money which could be used for government projects or guilds.” he than began strolling back to his seat, just before he stepped off he added “Questions I am happy to take.”
  10. The scrawny elf meanders towards the spot of speaking. He clears his thought silently as if gathering his thoughts. The Thill was still somewhat confused himself, as going up had been an impulse. He truly just needed to speak his mind, as all people had to do from time to time. He gestured towards the crowd and stated somewhat meekly “What is power?” As he stated his introductory question his stiff body suddenly relaxed as he found a new pool of confidence. “I have asked myself, such a question for quite some time now. I have wandered through the various descendant races respective nations. In conclusion to these journeys, and much research in the past decade, I have realized an important truth. That power is that which is striven for, it is that which wishes to maintain itself. If there is a god absolute, if such an infinite were obtainable, they would wish to keep that power indefinitely. Just as a man who became king would wish to stay king.” After taking a few moments to deeply inhale and exhale, the elf stated “Why does a king wish to keep his subjects happy. This is not due to any obligation or duty, if a king believes himself to be righteous it is simply an illusion he has cast upon himself. Why a king keeps his subjects happy is simple as follows; his subjects can revolt. Yet at the very same time, the subjects of a king are often unhappy. This is for a simple reason namely; that the nobles must also be kept happy. Leadership in itself can not be obtained by a singular person. A king only has as much power as his vassals allow. Thus he must keep those knights and nobles in a state of contentedness else they will revolt. Now you may ask, what a few fat men of luxury could contend with the masses of strong able-bodied workers. The answer is surprisingly simple as well, the people do not have the resources or even the will to overthrow there king. The lower class, the uneducated, are inherently weak not physically but of mind. It takes an understanding of complex systems of the world to actually start a rebellion after all” “One could simply put it as such that; people are divided into three subcategories; those that are in the high class, who have all they could ever desire, wish to maintain power, while those in the middle classes who are content with there lives yet still long for more due to there knowledge of more will wish to overthrow those of higher standing and become that higher class, while those of low standing the common worker and such will wish to survive. For that reason a king should be focused on maintaining the happiness of the nobles and merchants above all else.” he gestured to those present with a smile “Elves particularly high elves are in a unique position. We are not numerous in any stretch of the word, yet we live lives of stagnation and luxury. Sure we read and stay healthy... yet are we progressing. I feel personally that is not the case. The reason for this I believe is power. Power wants to stay in power. When one is given a life of comfort they would never seek to lose it! That is why we do not progress boldly onward. We stay locked behind a massive wall enjoying comfort while around us content war unfolds.” “Now personally, I wish for reality to stay this way” he demonstrated his fine silk coat “I am personally quite fond of the fine life. In-fact I am certain we all are. Having a fine life a comfortable one does not necessarily mean we have to fall into stagnation.” he paused before trailing off-topic slightly as he seemed to have a thought “Innovation comes from discomfort, that is certainly a fact. Just as a person who is wounded will seek to have there wound mended, when a man had a stone in their sandal they would seek to remove it. Even if comparatively an injury and a stone in your shoe are on entirely different levels, people will seek to solve discomforts and pains just at different levels of severity. Now an innovator will find the root cause of an issue and seek to change it. For example; the man who’s sandal small stones continue to become lodged within could innovate due to this discomfort and invent the boot, by closing up the holes within it.“ As if pleased the elf returned to his main train of thought, after taking a somewhat lengthy pause. “Now venerable brothers and sisters of thill I ask you, how can we continue to reach for progress. You see that paradox yes? The further we attempt to innovate the further we will get towards a discomfort less society, and thus innovation will slow due to its very nature. The other way for maintaining innovation is related to the intrinsic nature of power. If power wishes to maintain itself it will attempt to innovate in ways that it could continue to maintain itself.” he sighed “I find this very important due to the fact that an immensely powerful thing now resides in the facility of our city, hence why we are at the mercy of a powerful beast. Yet I do not fault it for it is for survival, discomfort leads to innovation or it leads to subjugation. The only way to not be at the mercy of others it to innovate and to progress. Since innovation follows power, and because power is linked to money it is logical that if one were to manage money to a fine degree innovation could occur at a faster rate.” “My final goal with this is to state. If we truly wish to reach a state of perfection we must understand ourselves and others, and see that we want POWER. Ounce we acknowledge our craving we will attempt to reach that goal. The only reason I wish to become a leader is not due to pride for my people, though that is certainly there. The truth is I wish for power, and I know to gain that power I must offer something in return. Therefore I am announcing my running for the position of Okarir’nor. A position which i will use to attempt to increase the efficiency of our people and to allow for innovation to occur. Ahernan mali’thilnn” He lowered his head in mock bow before joining back with the crowd
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