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  1. SriFoo

    The Void Project

    This looks like a good read, see you all tomarrow. Well now I have mixed feelings. . I appricate the changes, though I feel there should be more room for speel sword type characters.
  2. SriFoo

    A Shepherd's Call

    A swordsman would be sitting in a ray of sun on a fine morning outside of his lodge. Ro’Har would rumedge through some old notes he had grabbed in intrested through his travels. “hmmpf” the ex-soldier would say. After a few minutes of consideration he would roll the note up and put it in his bag, this may be just what I am looking for he would think to himself before continuing with his day.
  3. The Swordsman Wolfenheim would remember the battle, one of the most brutal fights he had seen in ages. The fight would certainly have a lasting impact on his thoughts on orcs. “What a beast he was, though a true warrior if anything. Hope he finds peace if that is any possible.”
  4. A young Olog would step on the piece of paper while playing with his big stick (wooden stick). “FLAT!” He would shout while playing with the proclamation of war.
  5. Minecraft IGN: SriFoo Discord: SriFoo#5770 Past Work: Only one that I am proud enough to show (Other works where done when I was like 12, so they were crappy, I desired to get back into it recently) : https://www.planetminecraft.com/skin/x-lotc-medieval-plate-armor/
  6. A Norlandic soldier in Morsgrad would look down at the sheet of paper in shock. Swifty Sam was the closest thing to a father Gertild Roar ever had, even if that old bastard wasn’t a good person he gave him a home. Huffing he would through the paper of the side of his guard post on the Morsgrad keep. ”Well I hope you can finally rest Sir, even if you didn't die an honorable death.” (OOC: is this how this is done, my first post.)
  7. SriFoo


    Gertild has very little memory of his past, anything before about 1741. The Nordlander woke up in a boat crashed on the shore line close to Gladewyn. The young Gertild barley survived the harsh winter he found himself in, his boat had crashed in the middle of the mouth of the Snow Maiden. Having only a small amount of memories on how to make a fire and how to catch fish he was able to barley survive the 15 days until a group of Highlander bandits found him (These bandits killed the parents of Calum Wilson). Seeing one of there own they taught him more about the ways of fighting and banditry. Along with that he learned of the Red Faith and wishes to die in a glories battle with weapon in hand. At the age of 18 he left the group feeling he no longer wanted to prey on weak farmers and travelers, feeling they did not give enough challenge for him. He has been wandering for 7 months until present day. During the 7 months he has barley scraped by taking the off job or two. His goal now is to become not only the greatest fighter the land (This is an aspiration not something that will actually happen.) If possible will want to learn more of his past.
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