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  1. The Ballot (( MC name: SriFoo)) Name: Aeron Valaker Vote for Sohaer: ( ✔ ✔ ) Nelgauth Maehr'tehral ( ) Anethra Uradir ( ) Abstain
  2. Foreword “Esteemed thill this is a transcription of the debate for the various Okarir positions and Sohaer. For the sake of my own convenience in the transcription, only the names of the candidates have been listed as the other ones are although esteemed thill, they are not important for the positions of the candidates and allows me to save the time of recalling everyone’s names.” “For this reason, I have simply labeled those other than the Candidates [name] or Maheral Ikur as Thill Citizen or Moderator.” - Aeron Valaker OOC: Due to having to type this out live during the debate there are likely many typos so feel free to mention them to me (SriFoo#5770) Additionally if your intrested in seeing the document version. Citadel Public Debate I Transcription OKARIR’HIYLUN Okarir’tir Debate Citadel Public Debate II Transcription Okarir’nor Okarir’Maehr Citadel Public Debate III Transcription Sohaer
  3. The Ballot (( MC name: SriFoo)) Name: Aeron Valaker Vote for Okarir’maehr: ( ✓✓ ) Silvos Sythaerin ( ) Elahern Aeth'sulier ( ) Olrin Maehr'tehral Vote for Okarir’nor: ( ✓ ) Elathion Dagre'sae ( ✓ ) Aiera Sullas
  4. (( MC name: SriFoo )) Name: Aeron Valaker Vote for Okarir’tir: ( x ) Kaelan Aldin ( x ) Alluin Miravaris Vote for Okarir’hiylun: ( ) Silvyr Uradir (xx) Dele Seregon ( ) Farandil Aldin
  5. “Hmm Impressive” A high elf would say with a nod “It is incredible to see the Sutican trash to finally get whats coming to them.
  6. A low volume “Hmm..” would be made by Aeron Valaker as he ponders the words of the thill around him, his eyebrows furrow in thought before he states. “I do not hesitate, to believe that Olrin would make an ayla candidate thus I shall support him, unless another candidate shows themselves who can rival he, as-. .” He’d trail off as he adjusts his posture, which would take longer than usual due to a cane that he seemed to be putting a good amount of weight on. Would elaborate flourishing a small book that he held in his free hand as if it where a holy symbol; “Knowledge and the written word is truly one of the staples of Mali’Thilln life, to rob us of it is truly the greatest of injustices possible. As how can not allowing your own citizens of thill to view the truly expansive collection of literature that our great city of Silver managed to collect over many of centuries be a logical idea! It is truly the most egregious of crime that the past leadership of Healun’or committed as the Eternal Library is truly a pillar of maehr’sae hiylun’ehya.” Aeron’s thin features slowly shifted to a small faint smile, as he nods happy to have spoken his mind. He’d slowly meander off to find a seat.
  7. ((Well lets hope this turns out well))
  8. SriFoo

    Leyrin's Skin Dump!

    I will take this one > though I am only interested in the clothing.
  9. Aeron Valaker’s eyes and teeth sparkle slightly in the candle light as his face contorts into a fiendish grin. “Ay’Healun’or” he’d state sarcastically the grin slowly fading. The Aheral’s gaze shifts lazily over to the candle light which he would look past revealing a locked metal filing cabinet. Nodding the man sets the pages on top of a large stack of papers which he had not bothered to organize earlier. As The High Elves gaunt hand struggles in its searches for the key the Aheral mutters some words about “Wraiths” and “Foolish Ome’ii” with a groan he would re button his coat, instead reaching into his trousers leftmost pocket and producing the key. After sorting the documents in there correct places he would nod contently patting himself on the back mentally before looking back to his work, continuing on the very important message he was preparing.
  10. Accepted. My favorite Magic, powerball.
  11. I am going to cure cancer morty.
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