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  1. Agreed, but this is never going to happen due to the very nature of the way magic is spread on LOTC – The fact that players learn magic off each other means that there are tons of players who are just learning magic by asking their friends to teach them it OOCly, via Discord or some such. I have always completely stayed away from any OOC stuff like this and always have when it comes to any RP I’ve done on server and as such it took me over a real life year to learn Fire Evo on my character, doing it strictly through RP. On paper, it works fine if people aren’t meta-gaming it – but it feels like almost everyone is. That’s because nobody wants to look around ICly for a year. I have no idea why I did it legitimately, I had many many chances to just ask people OOCly but never did, not sure why, there wouldn’t have been a consequence. It is more convenient for players to gain access to magic by OOC meta-play whilst on server, there are very very few organisations/groups/schools/guilds that are a) active and b) allowing players into the fold. Whether or not all of this is a bad thing is up to you. Regarding magic in general, I think that due to the fact there exists so many schools of magic, a completely factual database of redlines and rules for each individual magic type needs to be created somewhere, with the magic staff signing off on it or creating/gathering the information for it themselves. I have no idea whether the various topics on the forums such as ‘Fire Evocation Guide’ you find around are fully legitimate, accurate, or even up-to-date. Many in-game books and things like that clash with the guides on the forums. This would be a very daunting task for the staff though and I’m not sure it would happen. It is just extremely difficult to know when a player is powergaming their magic or not because the redlines are quite difficult to be fully aware of. I have seen some magic RPers in pretty prominent positions such as court mages, etc. completely break redlines for their magic such as creating shapes with fire evocation without knowledge of primordial conjuration, and so on. This only really matters in combat RP, of course.
  2. Artwinkle Ripplewick scratched at his chin as he eyeballed the family tree, yanking out a few hairs in the process, stunned at the sight of seven wizard sons were born under Septimus Dimpledorc, only relieved that it was indeed seven and not ei... One more than seven. Tracing the tree back, he’d then be surprised to see the great wizard Blundermore towards the top, a figure whom’s exploits were revered in the comparatively short-lived and significantly less impressive Ripplewick family. Artwinkle was naive then and he was still naive now, so he supposed it didn’t much matter whether the stories his mother had told him as a child were true. ... As his daydreaming concluded, Ripplewick closed the “Big Book of Family Lineages (Magical)” that he had procured in the local library and scribbled his learnings in his personal tome.
  3. On the other side of Arcas, a scraggly red-robed wizard eyed through the contents of the flyer. At roughly the same time as his gaze landed on ‘Wizard’s Powder’ and the description thereof, he found that his legs were carrying him at a sprint past the city gate and towards Sutica. Travellers on the road would later remark at the sight of some red oddball, stopping every thirty feet and gasping for breath as he passed them, carrying his staff like a lance in one hand and clutching a pamphlet in the other.
  4. A red-robed figure trundled unto the city gate of Reza, sharp of speed and red of face, with a crooked wizard’s hat that flopped in time on the bounce of his purposeful sprint. Under his left arm, he carried something garish and yellow, whilst in his right arm the tall staff that normally supported his pace was currently being held outward like a lance, as this figure had recently listened to a scholar’s lecture on ‘air-oh! dynamics’, and confidently reckoned that this new way of staff-holding would increase his speed tenfold. As Ripplewick neared the gate guards, he halted. “Full name, and reason for visi-“ the armour-clad footman would begin, before the red wizard would interrupt, with more bravery and rudeness than he would have dared on a normal occasion. “Is!...” is all he’d initially blurt out, before wheezing and coughing.“Is it true, then, the news of the King?” The first guard, though initially offering only a frustrated grunt at the interruption, would soon resume his stoic demeanour. “True as steel. King Robert passed some days ago. Reza mourns his loss.” Though Ripplewick didn’t truly know the King of Haense, it was in this moment that he remembered an occasion wherein King Robert and one of his Knights visited the home of himself and his elderly housemate, Tidwald. The pair of them, peeping out of a fault in the wall of their home, terrified that a King was about to be here at their hovel, zipped around the house as Robert wandered up the path, desperately throwing the scattered belongings and items into cupboards and under stairs, and generally out of the direct sight of a visitor. But when he did arrive, Robert showed nothing but gratitude for the hospitality as the two peasants made tea and presented cake for their royal guests. Of all of the Monarchs he had both met and had not met, Ripplewick felt King Robert might be the most fair and kind. But now, Tidwald had passed, the King had passed, and the Knight, being a Knight, could well have also passed in some sort of brave and heroic act for the Kingdom and its people, as Knights tend to do brave and heroic things like that. “Ahem!”, the second gate guard began. “You must tell us your name and reason for entering, or we cannot allow you passage into Reza.” Ripplewick picked at his progressively greying beard for but a few seconds before turning on his heel and beginning away from the City, unsure of what might be left here for him. “Thank you both for your time, but it’s private, wizard business, see,” he shot. “I’ll just be on my way.” As the red robed man scarpered off, he dropped the pair of buttery yellow boots he had been carrying with him. This was particularly embarrassing as he thought he had perhaps seemed mysterious and enigmatic by refusing his identity, but dropping a pair of grave-robbed yellow wellies immediately after his exit, still in view of the guards, had ruined his own illusion of himself and reminded him that he is mostly nought but a clumsy fool. Scooping them up, full of humiliated volition, Ripplewick began Southward.
  5. *A small flyer would be pinned on the noticeboard of many towns and cities around the Southern half of Atlas, and a few dotted around those of the Northern towns and cities. Your eye is caught by an illustration taking centre stage - an everyman clad in armour with helmet clutched in one hand, and a blade in the other...* Seeking! Small-folk, Farmhands, and those with ambitious spirits and a strong work ethic! Few and far-between are the opportunities for a low-born to earn steady coin outside of hard labour, and working the land until your bones can't handle it anymore. Reader - today, this changes. The Barony of Aesculus offers works to any and all able-bodied men or women. Your role would be that of a guard to the Barony, with duties ranging from keeping the peace within the town of Belvitz to escorting caravans as a guard. You will act with valour as a hand to the Baron and Duke, hunting criminals in the region and bringing them to justice. You will not be discriminated against for your position in society. Your pay will be fair for the work, and will be discussed further at your meeting in person with an agent of the Barony of Aesculus. Beyond payment in Minas for jobs completed, various perks lie in wait for those willing to grasp this opportunity... Fantastic opportunity for promotion and rise throughout the ranks and levels. Potential, for those who show true valour, courage, and dedication to the Barony, to enrol in a Squirehood under one of the Adria's many imperial knights. Opportunity for land ownership within the Barony. In order to seize this opportunity while it stands, please fill out the details on the back-side of the flyer and send it to the Belvitz town hall. It will be seen and you shall be invited to a meeting in person to discuss payment specifics. Application (post your reply in the comments) MC Username: Discord (PM me via the forum if N/A): - (RP) - Name; Race; Age; Previous experience with combat, magic, or work (N/A if none);
  6. The sellsword, Maze Jarrow, passes through the gates of Markev. Torchlight flickers against him, casting half of his person under a cordial golden glow. Dismounting his steed, the night rain patters against his hood and runs down his shoulders as he enters the close-by tavern with haste. After shaking the wetness off himself and taking a seat close to the fire, Maze spots a piece of paper beside his chair. It is a promotion for the Southgarde - one of many posters around these parts, Maze assumed. It must have fluttered down off the wall, or was torn down by some rogue. "Haven't ran with a group like this in some time," he mused, as his eyes ran across the parchment. "Suits me well enough.." His interest had peaked, and claiming an ink-pot and quill from the bartender, Maze began to write his application. IGN: Hook Character Name: Maze Jarrow Race: Adunian Current Nation: Maze has a small dwelling just outside of Markev, Haense, though most of his time is spent travelling for sellsword work. Personal Goals: Since the first time he took up mercenary work, protecting a merchant caravan as it carried goods between the Dominion and the Warhawkes, Maze has followed no other path. In his years prior, he had spent terms trying his hand as a carpenter, bartender and ferryman, though none of these suited his passion. But life as a sellsword suited Maze. he thrill, the payment, and perhaps most importantly - he was able enough to do it. Currently, Maze sits in Haense for a week's rest after claiming a bounty. He wishes to join the Southgarde to meet fellow sellswords, with hopes of co-operating for larger contracts and to meet like-minded individuals. Current Equipment: Maze currently wears a leather-studded jerkin, with harder shoulder-pieces and a reinforced chest piece, and cloth underneath for comfort. His trousers seem to be of similar stock, while his boots are a tough leather, perfect for travelling. Several small pouches hang off his belt, which he fills with whatever small goods he may need for survival on longer contracts. One Steel longsword sits in a sheath on his hip. It is not very worn - a recent purchase, after his old sword finally perished. Two small steel daggers. One rests in a scabbard on his lower back. An identical dagger is hidden in a scabbard, in his boot. One Coinpurse, filled with Minas. A small pocket watch. A compass, and a notebook.
  7. Initiate Application MC name: Hook Discord: Hook#9681 - Character Name: Artwinkle Pudd Race: Human, Heartlander Age: Twenty Two Do you know any magic currently?: None Which subject do you plan to learn?: Fire Evocation Do you swear to abide by the rules of the academy?: Solemnly.
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