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  1. Hook


    Magic is a part of the server and the lore, but not in as a mechanical / gameplay feature. You're not going to see fireballs whizzing about the screen, it's all done through RP emoting. How it works: Your character can learn a variety of different magics. Here's a link to the magic lore junction. Voidal is probably where you'll find familiar types of magic and so is a good place to begin, but do browse through because there's a lot of really good stuff in every category. Magic can be really difficult to learn/obtain, especially at the start when your charac
  2. Ripplewick skim reads the flyer. 'Boat race, rowing, very good... f-five hundred minas!?' *** An hour later and he's standing upon the edge of the Talon's Port docks, looking down upon his seaweedy old rowboat. It was cold, and his ears were aching. 'I've rowed to Elvenesse and back, in this thing,' he thunk to himself. 'Now it'll be my ticket to riches.' He leapt down into the rowboat, impacting with a 'K'bonk!'. Immediately, the vessel began to drift away, but far w
  3. Ripplewick studies the flier twice over, and then once more to be sure. He'd experience some warm sense of belonging, but the feeling is novel to him and he'd dismiss it. The wizard had just supposed he was hungry. Fortunately, he'd been heading to Talon's Port regardless after hearing rumours and whispers of food stalls. On the back of a 'lucky scroll' that he'd been convinced into purchasing, (which contained only a recipe for a thin, bland stew in a language that Ripplewick could not discern), he scrawled the details and resumed his peregrination.
  4. Ripplewick had spent a lot of time in Talon's Port as of late. He was elsewhere, though, when he discovered this flyer. It seemed too serendipitous to ignore, and he made a note that he should attend... Besides, Ripplewick would never miss an event with food stalls.
  5. Ripplewick reads the rules and, excited, purchases a deck of Caravan cards to play with his dearest landlord, maybe even hoping to wager a double or nothing on this month's rent!? In his quarters, deciding it best to begin by practicing his shuffle, the clumsy wizard paper-cuts his fingers thrice and then hurls his deck into his wall. The stack of cards dissipates into many, all fluttering to an eventual rest against timber planks. Ripplewick blows on his poor wounded fingers, retrieves his cards, orders them, and begins to shuffle again... O+o+o+o+o+o+O
  6. Belvitz was great, lots of easily accessible RP for anybody who wanted to get involved. It really felt open to everyone. Nice!
  7. Ripplewick scribbles down the details. Finally, a chance to put an end to his streak of twelve last-place pub quiz placings. @Tidgemo
  8. Ripplewick jolts awake from a daytime slumber. Something, somewhere, has changed. Within a few seconds, he's asleep again. Dreams of biscuits.
  9. Ripplewick would purchase a copy of the paper, his new favourite medium of keeping up with politics and foreign events without needing to eavesdrop on the wealthy, to flick through at the nearest bench. Afterwards, he'd pass his copy on to @Tidgemo
  10. Ripplewick reaches to sign the petition, but his writing hand halts midway towards parchment with a near audible creak. Spotting 'Title II Chapter One', knowing not which magic the pious may consider to be dark, or if the mere act in itself was enough, he was left uneasy. Himself ignorant of how to query this without self-incrimination, he decided instead it'd be best if he made himself scarce. He trudges elsewhere. He picks his nose and flicks something onto the sod beneath his feet. He supposed it mattered not whether he, whether who, or how many would go on to sign
  11. Hook

    The Enchantry

    Beneath smouldering timber ribs that had once been a cottage, but now closely resembled the long-beached carcass of some infant Cetacea, lay nestled a tiny hewn rock cellar... Ripplewick was perched on a stool in this cellar with his cheek in his hand, mouth ajar. He watched a single plain potato roast slowly on a spit over a hushed fire with no wood or fuel beneath it. He stood and paced, five steps from one char-blackened wall to the next, keeping his sorry little spud in eyeshot all the while. In one corner of this room lived a wobbly alder table, itself domicile to
  12. OOC ((MC Name: Hook )) ((Discord: Hook#1257 )) ((Timezone: GMT+0 )) IN-CHARACTER What is your name? Artwinkle P. Ripplewick Why seek membership to the Mages Guild? I look not only to further my own understanding of the world of the Arcane and place therein, but as well wish to contribute towards it in whatever way I am able - tutoring, assisting, or otherwise. I also wish to adhere to the philosophies of the Arcanicum, and follow the ethical boundaries it presents. Outside of dedicating myself to the Guild, I would like to be in the p
  13. Ripplewick shuddered at the slander. Never again in all of the world’s turning would there be a time separate from horror if not supposedly brought upon the land by the Voidal craft then by man or mer upon themselves. The wizard’s brow furrowed and on his face dwelled fear, all history present in that visage. Where before had laid nothing now danced a fire the man had willed into existence. From it he retrieved his skewer of charred meat and he chewed.
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