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  1. "There is no Josephite mafia." George Galbraith remarks to Franz de Sarkozy, cracking open a cold beer on their Sutican beach house.
  2. 'Little' Derfey, avid geopolitical historian, and #1 fan of the Earl of Suffolk attaches a letter to his pen pal. "The disappearance of Franz Nikolai de Sarkozy following the onslaught of the Sutican war is often a matter for great debate; the matter itself being highly contested in historical analyses of the rise of the Sarkozy Ministry. While this piece assumes that the Sarkozy retired to his home in Kaedrin, there are a few aspects that may prove otherwise. It was widely known that the Sarkozy was an initiate into the Imperial State Army, and largely renowned as a patriotic man. While most dissidents of the war advocated against the conflict by all means, reports show that they ended up participating with the Orenian front at the final charge, regardless. It would not have made sense for Mr. Franz to sit out. Nonetheless, it is the author's opinion that Mr. Franz showed his patriotism in other ways. During the Tanith Vursur scandal, a Ministry of Justice audit into George Galbraith and Franz de Sarkozy's private letters proved that Mr. Franz did profess himself taking on many different personalities. Whether this was due to an inherent problem of his brain, or rather the political stress of the time -- a reocurring personality that Mr. Franz often took was a character by the name of 'Fent Biceps'. Correspondence with Mr. Armas, Minister of Intellegence at the time, revealed that this personality was spotted on the Sutican defensive, in many skirmishes with the Hangmen. Despite how egregious this may sound, the rationale makes perfect sense. Mr. Franz, in adorning the personality of Fent Biceps, only served for his eventual political rise. Should Corwin have won, the eventual surrender of the Empire in full military offensive would have led to the expulsion of Simon Basrid as Archchancellor, sooner allowing for Mr. Franz to elevate through the Diet and initiate his candidacy for the Chancellery, and ultimately Lord Protector (following his eventual planned murder of Philip Augustus, a.k.a, Philip II). Should Mr. Franz, or rather, Fent Biceps, aided Corwin in winning the war against Peter III, it would have cemented his spot in an eventual Josephite-sponsored political coup of the Basrid Ministry."
  3. Captain Derfey Sparrow signs up.
  4. The Baron of Guise, retired for some years, sends a parcel of aging advice from his keep in the Lower Petra. "A powerful regime, one that sacrifices the liberty of extreme centralization for the prosperity of its landlords, levies, and development of its provincial culture, is no short of historically significant. Nonetheless, inevitably, as powerful as its ascension, it has met an equivalent end. Do not be mistaken, Arabella. This trend is representative of shifts in culture and will mark great chapters in the annals of Man. Men will build great kingdoms, and there will be those who rise to topple them. Nor is this something to be treated inconsequential. The mere fact that the actions and consequences of Orenian history, as a polity, has as much moderation on the outcomes of the realm, while other nations merely follow suit, is a testament to its significance. The Orenian spirit, when it rises and even falls, will always be triumphant in history over the stagnancy of which your foreign critics comment inwards, for they have none else to build. Men will remember Philip and Manfred. They will remember Frederick and Conrad. They will remember Gustaf and Hadrian. But they will not remember the men who sat in their chairs from the North who sought to spit from afar, or the men in the desert who pretended to be Imperial."
  5. "Their head or mine, Charles. I promise you this." The once reputed Chancellor guffawed at the news from within his keep at Guise, reminiscing over the shared camraderie with the Rivian during the early days of the Kingdom.
  6. "You really got them there, Maciej." Conrad laughs as he shares a drink with Margrave and his men, upon his release.
  7. Love you brother. Easily one of the best NLs
  8. “If they are too afraid for their men to fight in a war, how will they rule a nation?” The Baron laughed, prepared for the claim of his bounty!
  9. What do you mean by this? You can't really "allow" veracity of RP when it's done in bad faith. Leaders of other nations and 3rd party mercs going on separate personas to establish "RP" for the sake of it, to bypass the internal conflict rule and bypass blame to their nation, while being hastily added to the region last-minute, really isn't verifying it was done in good faith. Having internal wars be solely internal pretty much addresses your last point. A rebellion that successfully makes land independent should reflect having a force that can successfully secede itself.
  10. Using Savoy as a rule lawyering point is honestly giving it too much worth. These were completely different situations. Savoy through Lion practically vassalized as Nectorist's retinue (I don't see haense or bvale doing the same), while most of Savoy's population was just disgruntled Orenians after Kosher/KP. Publius eventually disputed this vassalization in his successing reign, proving it did happen under Lion, but even considering that as the largest factor in the Aster Revolution is wholly untrue. You misproportionately forget the amount of support of the Empire's nobles/vassals that were in favor of Nectorist. Add the overnight bans, discord bombs, leaving of leadership, etc., and this becomes a way different situation. Do you not remember administration preventing the rally from even entering the city? The only reason they were allowed in later was because the entire Orenian leadership quit or got banned. Can't equate it. The Acre situation, while not being claimant RP (already making it a much different comparison) cannot and should not rely on a legion of foreign mercenaries to rebel and get their land independent. Not to mention that people from nation leadership are going on groups of alternate chars to avoid the rules that prohibited them from doing the very same lol Let's also not forget that administration allowing foreign mercenaries during the Brothers' War was something we contested, and definitely was against the rules.
  11. Carrying out the first strike is exactly the initiation of that internal conflict (precedent: Sedan war). Is Acre not a subregion of Oren? That being said, that already covers the point about internal conflict rules on mercenaries, etc. Internal conflict rules are not being stretched at all. Brother's war was a claimant war, after the previous NLs designated Lion as the rightful ruler. The side that won the Brother's war objectively had more Orenian in their composition of the rally anyway. The regions are representative of those who roleplay on the tile, hell, even any subregion of Oren. 3/4 of the people present do not actively RP in Oren. It is in very bad faith to attempt to rule lawyer a rally that was only minutely representative of Orenian composition, the rest from malicious intentions from other human nations. We have to look at what is pragmatic, which is -- you cannot let active members of other nations nor mercenary groups not within that nation determine the internal politics and and region management of said nation.
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