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  1. Hermann the Haenseman tends to his fields!
  2. Hans, albeit obliviously, pays little mind to her newfound habits, his interest piqued merely at the more wiccan practices, although he brushed it off as the likings of apothecaries, the ilk of materia medica. He was merely elated that a pause in her relentless ailment had manifested, if only temporarily. For the first time in what felt like an eternity, her well-being appeared to have stumbled upon a brief interlude of solace.
  3. Hans Suzecht and his band of merry meandering merchants can't wait to attend.
  4. Hans calls his guildsmen for a meeting, particularly a certain Adler Holt (@Twodiks), in regards to the upcoming feast. "Grab our finest spirits from the cellar."
  5. Hans Suzecht rallies the guildsmen, writing to assist his brother-in-law.
  6. Hans mouthed word of prayer for both his sister-in-law and the newborn child of Sarkozic blood.
  7. Hans Suzecht brought a cloth to a gauntlet, the crimson sheen waning with each dip into his homesteads trough. "It's been done."
  8. ________________________________________________ It was in the year of 1929 of the 14th of Owyn’s Flame that a true and righteous matrimony took place between Hans Carolus Alstion through sacred vows with the esteemed Countess of Emalyne, Suzana Otta Sarkozic. In light of her sustaining illness, the wedding was private and brief, save Father Blackwald, taking place within The Cathedral of St. Emma of Woldzmir, as they pledged their devotion to one another. It was not merely a union of two souls, but a convergence of legacies and lineages, interweaving the tapestry of noble houses. In this momentous occasion, a secondary union blossomed, transcending the realm of matrimony—the union of names. It was decided that the two would take up a new name, for it was in homage to the radiant Lady Suzana, that the new name of Suzecht was chosen. The newly christened House Suzecht emerged, a splendid amalgamation of the cognatic House Alstion and the agnatic House Sarkozic. Henceforth, the name Suzecht will serve as a beacon, heralding a lineage bound by devotion, honor, and the indomitable spirit of truth. Let it be known that the banner of House Suzecht shall bear witness to the grandeur of their heritage and the strength of their convictions. Through the union of Lady Suzana and Hans, the halls of The Cathedral of St. Emma of Woldzmir reverberated with the resounding promise of a prosperous and enduring future for House Suzecht. Let this proclamation be heard throughout the realms, heralding the birth of a lineage destined to etch its name upon the annals of history. ________________________________________________ 'By loyal hand, through affliction...' The field of the House Suzecht arms is a fervent green outlined by red, akin to the clothing Suzana wore. The crow represents her Raevir lineage, that of Sarkozic, the pomegranates below such a representation of death: immedicable illness which plagues Suzana. A cross-pommel sword of the Lorraine stands resolute within the framework. This symbolic portrayal embodies Hans, once a personal knight in service to the countess, a loyal and unwavering guardian of her honor and aspirations. ________________________________________________
  9. Hans is sure to polish his boots, the housecarl ready to look his best.
  10. Hans is thankful an eye remains, although a permanent reminder of his evisceration will not be forgotten. He awaits an eyepatch from Oksana. (@milkyi)
  11. Hans returns to Velec, having escaped and evaded the assailants through the heartlands alongside the Sarkozic. Remains of mud and dirt extended up to where his knees were and the coif resting upon his shoulders was disheveled, yet his head, and all other limbs, remained. For that he was thankful. "I owe you, Lord Markus." @Nooblius
  12. Hans, heeding news of the current state of Petra, sees prospect within the alpine region. He writes to a friend.
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