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  1. Treaty of The Desert wolf and The Raven It brings me joy to announce that we, The Mighty Chaephyra Clan and The Banu Hamads have agreed upon making our alliance official. May our bonds grow old and strong akhis! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Article 1. This will serve as a pact of mutuality between the Mighty Chaephyra Clan and The Banu Hamads. Upon both parties' agreeance, both sides will aid one another in case of any conflict or any other matter as long as it does not violate any pact made with other allied parties. -Article 2. Both sides will provide a designated area (one carpet) within their owned territory (if they own a shop) for one another to be able to sell their products. -Article 3. Zayid ibn Utayr Al-Hamad is to place as a trainer to the warriors of the Chaephyra Clan due to his prerequired experience in combat. Chaephyra Clan member will also be able to take part in training sessions held in the Fakhr Oasis. This pact will last for 5 years and can be broken only if both parties agree to do so or if one them breaks the agreement. this would be signed by Zayid ibn Utayr Al-Hamad, Sheikh of The Banu Hamad with light green ink this would be signed by Ahmanu Chaephyra, Head Of The Chaephyra House, Member Of The Patrician Council Of Elysium
  2. Ahmanu Chaephyra would sign his name beneath the pact


    Scyther was born in a small village near suffonia in a farmers family. He grew up a relatively peaceful invironment. Everyday he would help his father take care of they’re crops, but it was clear that he never was meant to be a farmer. It’s not that he hated his life as a farmer, he just thought it was a repeating routine that's why he got bored of it pretty quickly. Every few weeks groups of warriors and knights would cross his village and he always admired them. They had such an exciting life style in his eyes. Years passed but the routine didn't change much, just working all day in the fields for a living. But Scyther never lost that feeling he felt every time he saw the warriors, passing through his village and on his 21st birthday, he decided to finally leave the village he grew up and become a warrior. When his father heard his dream, he wasn’t very supportive. He warned Scyther about the dangers of being a warrior and all of the challenges that he might face, but that didn't discourage him at all, it even gave him more confidence and reason to follow his dream. Since his father couldn't stop him, he gave him some advise on were to go, he told him a about a great story that mighty warriors are trained and the very next morning, Scyther thanked his father for everything and told him that he won’t fail. Full of confidence, his journey started, his destination, Motsgrad, a town of true warriors, the place where he could achieve his dream.
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