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  1. Stefan B. Vyronov reads over the missive with an inquisitive gaze. He would sigh before smiling ever so slightly "Well it's guut to see vu have niet gotten vyrself killed yet, good luck with the rest of vyr hunt"
  2. Stefan Vyronov looked at the missive before him, informing him of Ailred’s death. Subconsciously, the Vyronov’s hand would drift to his neck at the thought of his former mentor’s actions. Of old bruises now healed. After a long moment a soft smile would finally crack across the man’s face. “Looks like I outlasted vu” ”Dravi”
  3. Stefan Vyronov would take a deep sigh when he read the missive muttering that Elias better not get himself killed
  4. Stefan Vyronov would look down upon the missive that arrived on his door. After a brief pause he would smile and pick up a pen. A letter addressed to Katerina would soon arrive with two simple words written inside ”Good Luck”
  5. “Both our duchy title and now the Prince title! Things are looking up for the Barclays!” Amadeus Barclay would say with a grin
  6. "Green and Blue I dress. Eagle on my chest. Glory to the duchy of Reinmar!" Amadeus Barclay would cheer
  7. Stefan Vyronov purses his lips upon receiving the missive before silent tears began to fall for his mother in law and teacher. "Thank vu for all you've done. I promise I will make sure Mariya gets this." he would mutter looking down upon the box. "Vu were the best mutter in law one could ask for" he'd laugh softly to himself, wiping away the tears collecting on his cheeks "See vu again one day."
  8. Fyodor Erhdhart upon receiving the missive would raise his arm for one last salute for his former general, though struggling due to his age. "Goodbye old friend" he would say through aged lips "I'll see ye again soon"
  9. A letter finds its way to the Lord speaker. It reads, ” Lord Speaker, I vote for Lord Yvo of House Mondblume for Lord Handler. -Baron Stefan Vyronov”
  10. Stefan Vyronov nods in agreeance along with the missive but stops for a moment “I wonder if this will go the way of Franz’s road edict as it’s technically something outside of Karosgrad.”
  11. Stefan Vyronov looks at the missive from his chair and sighs ”I take one break and they try and privatize healthcare, Godan help this country”
  12. [!] A letter would find itself onto the speaker's desk. It would read "To the Lord Speaker, I vote in favour of Lord Hildebrand Mondblume as it is my understanding that the Grand Maer already has a position. Signed, Bossir Stefan B. Vyronov"
  13. Stefan Vyronov notices his name not on the invitation and shrugs, a slightly amused smile coming across his face
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