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  1. Stefan Vyronov reads over the missive with a sigh "I only wish vu were treated better. Good luck to vu and vyr family"
  2. Stefan B Vyronov looks down at the missive with a sad frown. "Vu were a great Surgeon General and saved every single person in the HRA and much much more. I'm ever so glad for vu being here for the clinic. I wish vu the best and I hope vu find happiness. I am so sorry for how people have treated vu. Vu put in so much effort into the clinic and vu sacrificed so much time and energy to keep it running. Who knows how many would've died if niet for vu."
  3. Username: wolfey34 Discord: Wolfey#0170 RP Name: Stefan B. Vyronov How many Tickets: 2
  4. Fyodor Erhdhart sat in his cottage with a pensive look on his face. Something was wrong in the air, he could taste it. When the letter arrived his fears had been proved true. Jackson Porter was dead. A man who he had spent years fighting alongside and defending those unfortunate enough to be targeted by the bandit group in the woods. Fyodor would gather up his wife and kids and regale them with stories of the brave Jackson Porter. After a long night, his voice would become ragged and he finally stopped. When everyone else went off to bed Fyodor would pick up a pen and dip it in ink. "Too many
  5. Stefan B. Vyronov tosses the edition into the fire and yawns "Jeez, they can't go an edition without writing some slander about me and my kin. It really is rather pathetic."
  6. Stefan B. Vyronov smiles, knowing that she will surely be successful
  7. [!] Letters of fresh parchment sealed with the crest of House Vyronov would arrive across to each head of the noble houses in the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska by a messenger bearing a most noble uniform while fliers were tacked to the notice board in the square for all to see. A UNION BETWEEN VYRONOV & BARCLAY 370 of Vzmey and Hyff It is with great pleasure that the houses of Vyronov and Barclay officially announce a long anticipated union between her Ladyship Marie Barclay and his Lordship, Stefan
  8. Stefan B. Vyronov grins at the missive "This will be great for the armoury! I'll certainly need to sort designate more chests for armour"
  9. Stefan B. Vyronov rolls his eyes. "None of those men challenged me to a duel. Not properly anyways. I invite anyone with proper reason to challenge me properly and I will gladly accept."
  10. Glad to see it's finally up after you've been working on it for a while
  11. Wolfey34


    Stefan B Vyronov stared at the missive in disbelief. Marcella was always a hard working woman, one he had looked up to. Someone who could achieve whatever they put their mind to. Tears fell onto the paper as he realized he had not seen her in some time, realized she never did recover from her injuries. Thoughts flurried through the young man's head, of Marcella, of what he should have done. All for naught now for she could do naught but rest, so she fell to rust. Of course it was not due to lack of effort, but even the greatest and most hardworking people can do nothing when their body works a
  12. Baron Stefan Vyronov II reads along the missive, bobbing his head. "Vu know people really don't understand that we must do these things to make sure the clinic can still function and heal people" He'd mutter as he set the paper down on the table in front of him
  13. Fyodor Erhdhart sits with his family out in the countryside as he reads over the letter. He'd frown as he looked over the missive of Ser Brandt's death. "So another one of the old guard dies out eh?" he'd sigh "Brandt was a good man and a worthy student of my papej. I hope he's drinking with everyone in the seven skies. Maybe I'll join ye soon enough" Stefan B. Vyronov follows after Friedrich with revenge in his eyes over Brandt's death. He struck forth and chucked a carrion towards the leader of the trolls Bido. He would cry "Blood for Barclay! Blood for Mariya!" as the cocktail
  14. Stefan B. Vyronov sat alone that night. A thousand yard stare on his face as he looked at the crackling fire in front of him. The queen was dead. Everyone was sad of course. Stefan was destroyed. Someone he looked to as a sister was gone. Though not blood related they grew up together. She was the closest thing to family he had for a long time as he rarely saw his uncle or grandfather, while his parents were long gone. He looked upon her torn up body and the wolf imagery and he knew. A trek to the beacon of light in the dead of night was made. Stefan was silent as he slowly made h
  15. Stefan B. Vyronov reads over the summons with a small painful smile in the clinic at his assault being addressed. Rubbing the dark bruises on his neck he would mutter hoarsely to those surrounding him "Well the summons are out"
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