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    I guess I like HTML, programming, drawing, playing with my friends, phasmophobia, horror stuff basically uhh and I really like noodles.
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    In your walls

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    Rosalyn Dafir | Erlan | Mari'stella Maiheiuh | Siora Segre | Jasper
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    High Elf | Dark Elf | Dark-High elf | Dark elf | Human

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  2. Mari'stella seems to come across this and she tilted her head a bit before starting to read. As she notices that the missive has one of her many sibblings' name she raises an eyebrows and continues to read it. "Ux yx uhn.." She said to herself as she noticed that the missive was about Ithil getting disowned, she barely even knew that sibblings so she simply shrugged and went on with her life.
  3. Rosalyn tilts her head a bit as she comes across this missive and started reading it. "Woah, I can see myself" She said as she recognise herself somewhere in the middle.
  4. "Mouse man noooooo." She'd wipe her cheecks as a few tears fell opun them. "Gone, but not forgoten. Rest well.."
  5. unisof


    Rosalyn Dafir was born in Haelun'or where she spend her childhood enjoying the nature and animals around. She spend most of her time there reading books about plants and animals. She would be a casual visitor at her town's library, grabbing every book she could find that interested her and spend her time under tress reading them. Her favourite plant would be lavender as for a type of tree, willows. She wouldn't have any friends as the other Elven toddlers thought that she was quite weird because of her likes. As time passed, she started wanting to explore the forest that was near her town. So, one day she decided that she would sneak out of her home to head there. As she entered the forest, she found many different animal species and many unique flowers that she had read on books about them. She always liked the idea of sitting down on the ground and admiring them for hours. And that's what she did only to get yelled at later at her house by her parents, by her mother mostly, because she was gone for many hours. As years passed by, she wasn't doing anything productive that could help her parents. They got into a fight one rainy night trying to figure out what they would do with her, this wasn't the first fight they had that specific year because of her. So, they decided to kick her out of her own and only home. Her mother was really angry and her father had a disappointing look at his face as she was walking out of her house after being kicked out. She was started wondering around that specific foster all alone and at one point she saw a small wild kitten sitting on a rock shaking from the cold. At that moment Rosalyn started feeling a bit sad that the kitten was all alone in the cold, so she grabbed the kitten carefully placing it in her arms trying to warm it up with her cloth. As she was walking with the kitten in her arms, she stopped looking around feeling a bit lost not knowing which way to go next, so she just continued going straight with the hope of finding a place to stay. Hours past of walking in the foster until she found a group of three adventurers wondering around. They seemed to notice her too and walk up to her and started asking questions if she was okay. She told them everything as they gave her some food and water and accepted her in their small group and started walking towards their town. They were walking for a few minutes until they arrived in Blazengard, the town that those three live. They invited to their home where she now lives. From that day on they have been all together going around looking for a new place to explore. She thought them as her new family.
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