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  1. Shortened Physics: Dynamancy is the redirection of any energy using mana. Dynamancers turn potential energy into kinetic creating energy waves of any kind at will using just mana. Dynamancer: A Practitioner of Dynamancy. Dynamancy: The term used for mages who use mana to redirect energy. In-Depth Explanation and Mechanics Dynamancy is caused by mana speeding up the atoms and molecules of things around the mage. They accelerate their surrounding energy to amazing feats. A Master of Dynamancy could take a rock and speed the molecules up so fast the rock would turn to gas and back once returned back to normal by the Dynamancer. Dynamancers can do much more than just accelerate things, however, dynamancers can bend energy and the way it moves and they can slow down and speed up energy waves. For example, a dynamancer can create a short lightning bolt from their fingers (Maximum of 12 blocks) Or they could simply light a torch by snapping their fingers and accelerating the heat from the snap to such high energy levels they light the coal on the torch ablaze. More In-Depth Mechanics and Spell Potential. Ok, so they can light a torch and shoot lightning? Can’t any other electrical magic type do that? Sure, however, no electric magic type can redirect the fire on that torch to form a flame whip or a flame shortsword. Ok so fire manipulation, that’s pretty generic considering you can do that with fire evocation right? Yes, however, fire and electricity aren’t everything… no no no. A Dynamancer can also affect sound waves and an amateur dynamancer can even create tremors in sand creating quicksand below their opponent. Dynamancy gives a lot of flexibility. Controlling heat, fire, lightning, sound, and tremors in the earth. But that is not all the flexibility it provides. Depending how you control your mana also depends on spells you can bend for yourself. Perhaps you want to sing better? You can do that by changing the way sound waves leaving your mouth sound (Returns to normal the farther away the user). Or maybe you want to make a pretend phoenix out of lightning or take some of the fire from a nearby lantern and make one out of the fire? Ranges and Emotes Lightning spells max out at 12 blocks. Fire spells max out at 8 blocks and you need to be near a fire source or be holding a lantern, torch, etc. Tremor spells can reach up to 16 blocks. Sound-related spells can reach 20 blocks. It takes 1 emote for lightning spells to be active and another emote for them to be cast. It takes 2 emotes to cast a fire spell, one taking the fire, and two casting a spell. A Tremor spell takes 3 emotes total uninterrupted. A Sound spell takes 1 emote to be activated and cast. Mana Training A Dynamancer must be good with controlling mana. If they haven’t already learned another style of magic that uses mana they have to undergo 1 saints week of training before they can cast spells. New Dynamancers will require more mana to cast spells as they have less control over their mana. For a dynamancer to train mana they have to sit at a candle and try to focus mana to their hands to heat their fingertips. Then snap and light the candle. Upon doing so they attempt to make the fire larger and smaller without making it go out. Mastery of this will take a saints week. Physical Affects All Dynamancers undergo physical changes the more they do Dynamancy. Often veins become more visible along the body making it appear like there are blue and purple vines spreading under the skin. This is the least noticeable at the beginning of Dynamancy but more practice makes it more noticeable. If the Dynamancer is a practitioner of other magic arts it is also less noticeable. Negative Dynamancy is unable to be learned by the unintelligent or easily distracted. Though some certain creatures with low intelligence can become mages often this is nearly impossible for those with below-average intelligence. This is because the direction of mana needs to be on a course perfect with that of what you are trying to do otherwise a spell will backfire. Immense training is needed before you can attempt any kind of teaching or general use outside of small spells like mana training spells and sound spells. Medical Variation of Dynamancy Some practitioners of Dynamancy can restart a heart (3 emotes and a 2 blocks range) while some simply warm or cool down a patient with a fever. Some will even use electricity to seal a cut wound or remove and infected area of skin. (other player must roll a d10 for pain levels) Tiers Tier 1 A New student, or a tier one dynamancer, can create heat and cool things down, as well as some static electricity along their hands. Nothing more than a shock from rubbing your clothes and then touching someone. They can also light a candle by snapping and touching the wick. Lasts 1 OOC Week Tier 2 A tier two dynamancer can bend fire and create electric bolts that can go up to 4 blocks. The fire can be at most from a torch creating a kind of dagger or from a lantern to make a little fake bird or some other kind of little animal to animate and fit in their palm. They can now use sound magic to half effectiveness needing to roll to make sure it does what they want. This can go to the maximum 20 blocks already. They are also able to use the full range of medical dynamancy. Lasts 2 OOC weeks Tier 3 A Tier 3 dynamancer can create fireballs and swords up to 2 feet in length using a torch or lantern. Their Lightning spells can also reach up to 8 blocks now. They can also make little tremors in the sand like air bubbling up from an air pocket, No more than that in terms of tremors. By this stage, the veins in their arms are becoming more noticeable. Lasts 2 OOC weeks Tier 4 A tier 4 dynamancer can now bend fire and electricity to their will, making arcs and all kinds of attacks within a 12-block radius. They can now use fire spells up to 8 blocks away. They can also create whips of fire using torches, up to 4 feet long. (four blocks) The veins in their arms are even more noticeable. Tremors become more effective as well. Lasts 3 OOC weeks Tier 5 By this stage, you have mastered dynamancy. You can create spells of your own and use tremors to their full effectiveness. You can spread lightning and fire across your body and not be harmed in any way so long as you are controlling it with mana. If you do not have perfect mana control you will be burned while training to set your hands or other parts of your body ablaze or have lightning spread across those areas. (Roll a d20 9 and below means fail and you are burned, 10 means it has no effect, and 11+ means it works.) (You also still need a torch or fire nearby to cast fire spells even still. Including coating your body with it.)
  2. Fair, but though they accomplish similar goals it is done differently. The whole point of this magic type is for the user to use energy to create their own forms of art and spells based around a general idea. Though some of these spells are meant to be a basic thing taught to newbies of the art and novice spells will be very different and unique depending the goal of a user. i changed it to be more original based on what you said, thanks for the feedback
  3. i love the idea but i dont want to risk metagaming and also that feels unfair and less fun
  4. (Still In Dev) Dynamancy in short is the practice of redirecting energy waves in the proximity of the caster. Using this ability you can create: Tremors, sound, lightning, etc. using mana you turn potential energy into kinetic energy during early stages of practice. Having a mentor is highly required as without proper instruction on mana control the energy you create can backfire on the user during training. This can cause injury and in some cases cause your heart to stop. Each level of Dynamancy allows different levels of energy control. Every variation must be taught separately as all energies are different. Buit before learning a dynamancy variation you must first learn the basic ability to redirect energy using mana. This is best learned at first by rubbing your hands together fast. In an attempt to get a feel for the energy. By redirecting your mana to your palms you can continue to create friction without rubbing your hands. This is the first ideal step of learning as it can't harm the user more than some dried out hands. After some time you should be able to notice energy levels in certain things. You notice more energy in air, less in water, and little energy in solids. The first variation and likely the easiest is the Kinetic area of Dynamancy. Kinetic Dynamancy transforms potential energy into kinetic energy. Most of the time this is used to tip a bolder down a hill or make a static spark. Most kinetic dynamancy is little things but using some creativity you can use a spark and light a line of oil into an enemy camp. While kinetic energy is the least dangerous by itself it is often a great way to branch off and learn new variations. (More information coming soon.) Spell 1: Kinetic spark, kinetic spark is used to simply shock somebody like when you rub your hands on your clothes and touch someone's shoulder. It can also be used to light a candle wick and other small things. 3 block maximum radius. Spell 2: Friction Creation, Friction creation is among the first spells learned by new dynamancers, it can be used to keep yourself warm or dry off your clothes by heating the water your hand is touching maybe even making a nice warm sauna if you have a couple dynamancers helping out, hm? Spell 3: Kinetic wire, A simple spell in which the user rubs together their hands and uses that energy to create a small ribbon of energy, likely no longer than a foot but no shorter than 6 inches. laying this ribbon on the skin of another person, or the caster (Excluding the hands used to hold the spell) can leave some minor burns. Use of energy in Medical tactics have been slim as it is hard to produce enough energy to be effective on saving a patient from death. Some minor spells from Dynamancy can be used to simply seal a cut wound all the way to restarting a patient's heart. Spell 1: Electric Stiches, Using heat from your fingertips you can melt skin back together from a cut wound. Spell 2: Ionic Restart, using an electric pulse from surrounding energy you can direct a current through your hands into another person's body effectively restarting their heart. One of the more defined arts of Dynamancy are wavelength amplification. Using mana you can make sound waves more energized and in doing so you can make beautiful music based only on your imagination or potentially damage an opponents hearing. (temporary) Spell 1: Musical Waves, using mana and a bit of imagination you can change the way something sounds based on an idea. Whether it be to make your voice sound better while singing or to make it sound like you know how to play an accordion when you don't this spell can come in handy at parties. Spell 2: Wave Shatter, Using mana you can make a noise and amplify to a level that can throw off and opponent via distraction, even making your voice sound like it is coming from a different direction. Dynamancy is very flexible, users often have the ability to create their own spells based off energy and using a situation to do almost anything. Dynamancy is a very outside magic type, fighting with hands and fists and using dynamancy are often not a good combination as the more focus you have on a spell the stronger it is, and if you are fighting someone with a weapon or martial art your spells may not have the same effect you are hoping for. As a Student of Dynamancy you gain the ability to manipulate energy. But there are restrictions. Voidal energy is impure and thereby can not be used in Dynamancy. While Dynamancy is mostly based around lightning users can bend their training some to go as far as manipulating fire, waves in the ocean, even the states of matter by removing energy, freezing or adding energy into an object, heating it up. For example, Dynamancers can not create fireballs like voidal mages, but they can carry a torch and use that fire to make a fire whip. Dynamancers are highly attuned to energy meaning they can smell and taste it in the air, and depending intensity they can even see and hear it. most that hear it study Wavelengths. Depending the method of teaching and the personal use of dynamancy can change the effects it has on the user. Even when asleep Dynamists can sense wavelengths and hear in their sleep often causing Lucid dreaming. Depending on mastery of Dynamancy depends the amount of spells you can cast per day. Those who master dynamancy are able to use less mana while a novice may need to use more mana to command energy to bend to their will. Another Example of Dynamancy would be the pyromantic spells. These include using a torch to make a sword of fire or using it to create fireballs like a wand. But Dynamancers can not create fire. They can only redirect the energy of what is already there using mana.
  5. So I have had an interesting magic idea which grants the ability to redirect and amplify energy using mana. Obviously this new form of magic will be relatively controlled like say learning a small static shock in the first saints week to a fully coating your arm in electricity. This is not meant to be a voidal type of magic but more so a self reliant kind of magic using physical and potential energy and converting it into a little ball of lightning which can give you a shock and maybe a little burn. This magic could also potentially be used in a medical way by restarting a heart or something along those lines with risk of harming the patient (a d20 roll most likely) before i write anything about this magic i wanted to see what everyone else thought about it first and if this is a good idea or already potentially available via a different method or smt.
  6. this lore is not finished. I would appreciate if you judged it when it is. \please comment +1 on this so it gets accepted, thanks Link It's very different to a kha, one is a fox spirit and one is an animal human hybrid :/
  7. if someone is better at writing lore and likes this concept. please message me at Arcane#1332 on discord
  8. i changed the lore entirely to have a deeper connection and related it more to the original way kitsune were thought of in japanese mythology.
  9. It isn't approved yet but since the community likes it so much it might idk. lets hope so
  10. I will not confirm nor deny this possibility.
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