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  1. The Grand Tourney of Helious [Missives would be dilivered to every city and town around all of Almaris] There has been notice on my side that no fighting tournaments have been held in sometime within the Principality of Helious, and I thought that this could be a good opportunity to host a grand tournament where many participants were to fight for their honor and reputation in a square fight. So, I inaugurate with this missive the tournament of Helious! You may decide which kind of weaponry you will use in the fight, the fight will be until one side surrenders or is unable to fight, or the judges decide one side is unable to continue fighting. There will be two different competitions in the tourney, Jousting and Dueling As said before, in the dueling tourney, the fighters will be able to choose their weapon. Both competitions will have separate prices, each holding 150 minas as price for the winner so if someone is able to win both tournaments, they shall win the grand prize of 300 minas. OOC notes for the event: it will be held the 25th at 6pm EST Signed, Gregorius Roa, Patriarch of Roa His Serene Highness, Jarad Munnel, Ac’Luxz Kni’ich of Helious, Taur and Ruke of Alterk, and Lunderia, Magin of Vali’mae, Co’tr of Voclia, Cond’pos of Oblen, Vaton of Achyae & Sievis, Gin of Sen’nyor, Patriarch of Munnel, Ac’Luxz of the Mali’Solaril
  2. The Beautiful Keep of Aquilae [hand drawn image of how Eirene imagined the keep looks like] I will talk this time about the beautiful keep I, and many other family members live in, the keep of Aquilae, it has beautiful walls that protect us from bad guys with pointy things that want to hurt us! Or maybe its just because we want to be cooler than we are, yes! The walls are big big… they are very much taller than me! maybe five or six times my height, and on top, the roof is made of blue colors to accentuate the heights it gets to, to the skies! Inside the keep, there are many areas, but we will start with the beautiful garden gramoma Johanne made for me, it has a lot of roses and many other flowers decorating it, its very beautiful, and near it, there’s a big big vineyard with a lot of purple grapes, giving the white keep a fine distinction When inside, you could see many places, which I will list here: -Weapon area, where the family members stash their pointy sticks in, and their pristine armors as well, and they watch the entrance to the keep -Kitchen, from here delicious dishes come out thanks to the servants -The storage area, where gramoma stores her things and the things of the other family members -Dining room, where we eat the delicious food made in the kitchen -Gramoma’s office, the place she’s in the most, where she writes non-stop her documents about money and letters to the family members (I think she’s secretly drawing, but don't tell anyone! she might not want us to know) -The stairs to the second floor In the second floor there are less things, but of course, they are as important as the ones in the first floor, so I will continue my listing! -Many many rooms, where friends live -Gramoma’s room, she goes to sleep there, or that’s what she says, I have never seen her go to sleep in that room -The library, it might be small in size, but it has lots and lots of books, I might not be able to read them all even if I take ten years reading them -The stairs to the third floor The third floor is more boring and has less things, it has beautiful views, but its all empty, I will list the things it has as well: -My and my brother’s room -Some other rooms for more friends -Cannons! This is outside the keep, but its still interesting! so I will put that in here as well, there’s a river flowing from below the keep, and gramoma says there’s a lot of caves inside… she calls it a “Cave system” and she says she will also send a lot of brave people to explore it with picks and all, so if they find a beautiful stone, I will suggest them to give it to me! yes! But it is very dark inside there, last time I went there I didn’t see a thing and got scared so I went back to the keep, I think there’s a spooky monster inside, or it might just have been my imagination [!] An arrow points to the drawing A monster like this one! Very spooky sound I heard inside
  3. The Vast Ecosystem of Aquilae [Hand-Drawn image made by Eirene Vuiller, it depicts many types of flowers that exist in the County of Aquilae] Because of my interest in these colorful flowers, I have decided to write a report on them! I will describe all the flowers and herbs I have encountered while going out of the keep [A hand-drawn image of Diddyfunkle flowers after being harvested] It's a pink flower that resembles to a peony, gramoma says it’s used for something called “Alchemy” and I have seen the ducks in the lake eating it sometimes, even if they prefer to eat some other things They need to be harvested with special shears called “Alchemist shears” I have seen gramoma going to harvest them, or sending other people when she is doing paperwork, so these flowers must be very special! so special they need a different tool to be harvested Gramoma says it is bad! I think it's because it's so spicy that your eyes turn red, but like very red! and you do things you don't do when you don't eat these flowers, yes! I was tempted to eat them once, but gramoma saw me trying and scolded me, saying they don't taste so good! and that they are spicy as well, confirming my suspicions…! [The image depicted a handful of roses] Many colors decorate the keep of Aquilae, but none is more beautiful than the red color made by the roses planted by gramoma’s will, all around the keep, inside or outside, they fill the sight wherever you look But don’t let its beauty fool you! they are stingy and can cut you, last time I touched one, it stinged me so hard my finger started to bleed! Maybe the color of its petals is because of the blood it has taken from others! poor people, losing so much for others’ benefit. They have a sweet smell, that might be the reason so many bees fly around them, and why so many people, like I, look so often to them. [The hand-image depicted many kinds of tulips in a pot] Not as traitorous as the roses, the tulips are still as beautiful as them, but don't sting when you touch them! The perfect combination, that might be why gramoma asked for so many to be placed outside of the keep, so the visitors look at Aquilae and only remember one thing, how beautiful it is! They come in different varieties of sizes and colors, but the one that is seen the most, is the blue color, maybe gramoma knows I like that color very much because of the big lake outside of the keep, for holding the duckies. The one color of tulip that I like, but isn't much in Aquilae is the white, because it's calming, and doesnt hurt my eyes when I look at it, and it also fits with any other color! From what I have smelt, they smell like how oranges or lemons taste, and I can smell like honey as well when I'm near them!
  4. Gregorius Roa raises a brow from his cell in Urguan's capital "Are they making me look like I am guilty ? They can ask Orion! he is right before my eyes, he already said that im innocent and I didnt do both things" sighs "And after that… how the hell would I not show up, they have me in their own jail"
  5. [!] [Posters were hanged on the walls of Pavia] On the 20th of the 118 SA The Viscounty of Pavia Following this missive provided to the citizens of the Viscounty, this bounty is being placed due to the crimes of Orion "The Harbinger of Death" against one Lord Ludwig Barclay. I, Gregorius Roa, as the Viscount of Pavia, demand that the darkspawn Orion shall be killed whenever and wherever it is seen, as it’s not possible for the descendants to be breathing the same air as such creatures do. The reasoning goes as this, he will be hunted for the attack of the individual known as “Lord Ludwig Barclay”, having cut his hand off within the realm of Pavia, and many other crimes he has committed, such as assaulting an individual inside the domains of Pavia, being a darkspawn, conspiring against Helious and several other cities, alongside terrorizing cities and citizens. With this in mind, and the many witnesses to the incident, a bounty is placed on his head, for he who hunts him shall be rewarded as the hero he is. As clarification, the reward will be given to whoever brings the whole armor of the harbinger to the Viscounty to claim the bounty, or, brings the harbinger alive to make it commit suicide in front of everyone present. The Viscounty of Pavia offers 250 mina to whoever brings the head of the darkspawn as proof of the execution of this creature. We pray to GOD for the prompt recovery of Ludwig Barclay, for no one should suffer the attack of a darkspawn. Lord Gregorius Roa, Viscount of Pavia
  6. Gregorius Roa, Viscount of Pavia picks up the letter from Perseus' table "Oh this is quite the good thing you have done today" chuckles looking at his son, proud of him
  7. Chivalric Order of The Pavian Blood Rose Nisi Nos Filii et Filiae de Pavia, Many years before I, Gregorius Roa was named as the Viscount of Pavia, the Viscounty wasn't what it was, it was but a mere barony that didn't hold a formal military, and for such, I am obliged to make one taking into consideration the recent attacks that the Viscounty has suffered in hands of external forces, for I have sworn to protect the people of Pavia. Thus, I hereby declare the foundation of the Chivalric Order of The Pavian Blood Rose, for those who want to protect the realm and their families, it shall not discriminate between race, sexuality or status. Nisi Nos Hierarchy Abdradi the recruit rank of the order; Fresh soldiers who will be trained and go through trials to test their capabilities as future soldiers of order, testing their endurance, strength and bravery, to soon; Be placed on the next rank inside the order. Cruentis The most usual rank within the order. Holds little authority within the order. the recruit rank of the order the fresh soldiers who will be trained and go through trials to test, not only their capabilities, but their loyalty. Sanguinis Elevated amongst his fellow Cruentis’ because of their dedication, they hold some authority within the order, being assigned a small unit to command independently from other fellow Sanguinis and can give commands in the stead of the Actuarius or the lord Sine Sanguine Chosen by the lord for his diligence and loyalty to the order, as well as their skill in the battlefield; They hold the most authority on the order, being able to command each and every troop on the order, even the units of the sanguinis, only having less authority than the lord himself If you want to sign up to protect your family and the people of Pavia, contact a Sanguinis, a Sine Sanguine or the lord of the city! Gregorius Roa, Viscount of Pavia
  8. Gregorius Roa cheered for Myrios, even tho he was in Pavia "I hope its the best wedding there has been, friend"
  9. Eirene Linh Vuiller would grab onto Johanne's clothes "Why did mean man change the time I was born" asked with curiosity, trying to learn more about this whole thing
  10. The Viscounty of Pavia I, Lord Gregorius Roa, proudly announce the emergence of the Viscounty of Pavia, which was once a barren place, has now become a fresh venue one can live in happily and safely. We hope this is for a new era for the Viscounty; One of success, prosperity and growth. I, then, announce that the tree of good fortune has taken root in Urguan, in the land previously known as the barony of Arenisca The Viscounty of Pavia is opening its gates to whoever seeks a place to reside; no matter age, sexuality or wealth. Pavia shall be seen as a sign of hope, unity and respect, making sure that no one is left behind, as well as receiving equal opportunities. Everyone will be given the chance to settle in; form families and bonds with their neighbors, find employment within the lands and waters, but most importantly, enjoy their peaceful stay. Ooc notes: The Viscounty of Pavia is found in [2042; 77; 913] near East Hub Discord of Pavia: https://discord.gg/yAExkDUxTN Lord Gregorius Roa, Viscount of Pavia Lady Blume Herrlichkeit von Roa, Chief Editor of Pavia
  11. Eirene Linh Vuiller is confused because she didn't see her dad from long ago, on the verge of crying because of that
  12. "What ?!" barked Gregorius after reading the missive "Minitz cant even protect their own people… good thing Im not there anymore" prayed for Mayrin's health and after praying said "I must pray for her, she is a family member after all…"
  13. Shook his head worried for the people of Minitz "I hope the walls are strong enough, and that Brandt didnt lie that time" chuckles "As always, friends and family must survive"
  14. The Contract of Eagle and Oak This agreement is dated the 17th of Owyns Flame, 39 BA; 16th of Malins Welcome, 110 SA, made between the Roa Company, for the purpose of setting forth the exclusive terms and conditions by which the Vuiller Household desires to acquire the Roa Company services. In consideration of the mutual obligations specified in this Agreement, the parties, intending to be legally bound hereby, agree to the following: 1. Services. The procurement of a host of materials in the construction of the Vuiller lands; named in the following: Sixty-four stacks of cobblestone, Three stacks of sandstone, Five stacks of oak logs, Five stacks of diorite, Three stacks of bricks, Three stacks of blackstone And the sourcing of Drake’s Tail, King’s Ivy and Jailors Moss. (b) Alongside this is rendered assistance in the upcoming fight against the Undead Dragon comes in some weeks time to attack Balian, fighting alongside those to protect the nation of Balian. 2. Consideration / Compensation: (a) In exchange for the full, prompt, and satisfactory performance of all Services to be rendered to the Vuiller Household, they shall provide the Roa Company with non-monetary compensation agreed upon in the privacy of their home. (b) Alongside the previously mentioned compensation, an open line of communication is opened between the Vuiller Household and the Roa Household, separate from the Roa Company allowing for future deals between the two families to render assistance to one another. (c) The Roa Company is not entitled to receive any other compensation or any benefits from the Vuiller Household. Except as otherwise required by law, the Vuiller Household shall not withhold any sums or payments made to the Roa Company. 3. Nondisclosure and Clauses: (a) The services provided, should payment not come in full and the Roa Companies side of the contract is filled, renders the contract null and void and legal action able to be taken against the Vuiller Household to the full extent of the law. (b) The services provided, should they not come in the time agreed or be withheld after payment in full, renders the contract null and void and legal action able to be taken against the Roa Company to the full extent of the law. Signed, The Right Honourable, Countess of Aquilae, Johanne Alstromeria Vuiller, Countess-Consort of Renduzzo, Procurator of Balian Gregorius Roa, Patriarch of Roa, Founder of the Roa Company
  15. reads the missive "Good good! This is a great start" sheds a single tear
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