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  1. A white haired man reads upon the missive, staring at it for a second "Huh, quite weird…" he says as he looks upon his recently 'bought' hammer "Surely its not the same thing-" the man says before soaking the hammer on Null Arcana
  2. Eirene Linh Vuiller welcomed her descendant to the Seven Skies with a tight embrace "You made me proud…" the Countess said in a solemn voice as she guided her towards the other Vuillers in the Seven Skies
  3. Gregorius Roa simply chuckled at his granddaughter's comment "Well… because they wanted to, if its a Haense company it will include only Haense houses, if it was from Balian, it would only include Balianese houses" the man said with a faint shrug of his shoulders "And although yes, some are stupid, not all Houses of Haense are" he shook his head slowly, humming for a second as he thought what he was about to say "Did you know, your grandmother and her family came from Haense?"
  4. Ricardo Steven II, more commonly known as the 'Woodland Stranger' cringed as he saw the several lies on the letter, grabbing quill and paper to write a very angry letter towards Lady Ioanna D'Arkent! In it read: "Dear Ioanna D'Arkent I hope this letter finds you well, I wanted to correct some mistakes done in your missive, I have surely attracted children towards the forest, it wasnt that hard, you know? I wanted to make it the most peaceful, but alas, it got more complex as a third party came into the picture, I attracted her by telling her of my dog, that went by the name of 'Arthur', which I am quite proud of, making such an elaborate lie on the run-! There was no mention of sweets, nor was there mention of my kin or anything else, apart from my pet, anyway, that girl was quite easily, and surely, lured into the forest-! On other note, as much as I am sorry for making such trouble, I will not stop my actions, as the thrill of this is enough for me to continue, also I would advice you and the BSK to check the houses on top of the tavern, as I have stolen a few items (Now im possession of that little girl) from one of the rooms! I hope this information finds you well, and wish you a good future, hope you know that I will try not to harm the children unless they defend themselves, so I give the recommendation of screaming for help, but not fighting against it! Signed: - The Woodland Stranger
  5. An aging man by the name of Gregorius Roa hummed as he read the missive "Well congratulations to you" he said in a happy tone which suddenly turned to one of confusion "Wait- was I invited to the wedding?!" Gregorius Roa panicked as he had seemingly forgotten about the wedding- but he had not, he hummed, remembering there were private weddings "Ah- right" he mused as he remembered something "Damn that's a lot of children on one go" On the other hand Louis II Haverlock peeked above the corner of the bed to look at the triplets, humming as he watched them "So cute" he said in a soft tone, leaving the room promptly as to not startle them much, and to leave Robert and Margot to handle their children
  6. Hey! Im the dumbass! wow I got a mention P.D: you're far more of a dumbass than I am, imagine asking for love tips from someone who's just been in 1 relation that was toxic such a dumbass you're made <- me whenever I see you (FOR THE MODS, I AM JOKING, WE ARE FRIENDS GOSH, DONT DELETE MY MESSAGE THANKS)
  7. Gregorius Roa entered Balian's basilica for his daily prayer, it was a quiet, normal day after Viviana had left the city by herself to calm down "Wh-" he managed to utter, his face changing from happiness to utter terror 'what happened here' he queried to himself, surely getting no answer 'why would this happen…' he continued, he just managed to stumble into a bench, seeing the mess the basilica had been made, yet not knowing what had happened in there. It was days after, due to rumors passed down in Balian's tavern that he learnt what had happened- where he had prayed, he quickly ran to the Basilica to pray for Ezren's passing soul, for his family and descendants, he did not know the man, he had only heard others speak ill of him for this and that, but if this had been his death, he was a honorable man.
  8. Eirene Linh Vuiller, the girl’s grandmother was surprised as she saw Marjorie walk into the seven skies, she rushed forth to hug the little girl “It's alright girl” she said in a soothing tone “Your life was even better than mine, you did great” she said with a soft nod of her head, conflicted feelings going through her head… happy to have more company in the Seven Skies, but sad that her granddaughter had died at such a young age
  9. Potion Information ShadowForging Potion [Rare] [T2] Background A human alchemist who was eager to invent and tinker found that although 'Warforging' had 'Lightforging' it did not have a counterpart. Basing that every symbol had an opposite, he started tinkering the way to deplete the light of a metal, and although he did not succeed in depleting a metal from any and all light, he made an oil that warped the light around the metal, darkening the metal and leaving an orange-ish aura around it. This aura moved as the metal did, the oily concoction being first made in Aevos. Recipe Base: Oil 1x Aether: Dark 3x Mundane: Purity 2x Mundane: Vigour 1x Mundane: Endurance 4x Optional: Dye 1x Creation To create the concoction the alchemist shall heat up the oil and immediately add the [Aether] Dark symbols, then mix thoroughly. Once the solution visibly darkens, the alchemist should add all three mundane symbols into the batch, the mixture starting to darken objects around it as if they were under a heavy shadow. During this stage, the mixture would start to release a few orange sparks, in which, if the alchemist prefers, can then add the dye into the mix and stir to finalize the concoction. Effects Applying this concoction/oil into a metallic weapon/armor will darken the area significantly, although not make it completely black. Light will wrap around its borders to make a small streak akin to an 'aura' surrounding the area (able to be dyed). Much like its counterpart 'Lightforging', the shadows are not perfectly even, the center of the sword being darker. This aura grows brighter the closer it is to the edges. This is purely aesthetic, and grants no advantage. Redlines -This Cannot be applied to Ironwood or Lunarite. -This can be applied to all other metals, they would retain their original color, although darkened as if in a deep shadow. - Upon being applied to significant lore metals like Carabrum, Thanhium, Boomsteel, Rokodra & Azhl, the aura will be given a secondary color in trace amounts depending on the material at play (deep blue for Carabrum, red for Azhl as examples). -This can NOT make invisible items, nor can darken already dark items past what it would under a shadow. -This cannot be used for CRP advantage, the weapon will always be visible to others. -This item would give off an aura, akin to the light warped off a black hole. -The item must be left to rest in a dark room, without any lightning whatsoever for [1] OOC day for it to retain the dark properties. -This potion is T2 and is considered ‘rare’ knowledge. -This potion does NOT require ST signing. Creds to: _Helmet_ for helping with the formatting and some ideas
  10. "Well let us see how he does, guess he wont be able to disappoint no one, tho" Gregorius Roa said with a small chuckle as he read the missive in his quarters, grabbing a cup of wine and downing it in approval "Ave the Kervallens"
  11. Great post peoples! hope it goes best for your house there in Petra, and that you reach the greatest heights ever! we might be enemies irply, but you all are chill oocly and we both know it, you're making a great community. I have a question tho, @FireAGNits about Feliska Jana which you had mentioned in the post, are there two of them? cause I have seen one Von Augusten running around through well… the world! with that same name, and was wondering about it!
  12. ^ My reaction (please dont kill me im scared)
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