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  1. Application NAME: Seabreeze The Rat GENDER: Male...? Age: DEAD REASON or REQUEST: God... He loves Haelun'or, after finding from some drunk and high sailor from PURE AND UNADULTERATED DESCENT, the Mouse King had made it known to himself that the Silver State of Haelun'or identified as A GUY. And so, with his love of the SILVER STATE OF HAELUNOR in tow, the small mouse king made it so despite the fact that he was dead, that if there was ever a time that he could marry the SILVER STATE OF HAELUNOR, he would do it. Application NAME: The Silver State of Haelun'or (Underneath the Banner of the Horde) GENDER: Male Age: Several Thousands+ REASON or REQUEST: On request of the former mouse king, Seabreeze, anonymous request
  2. A man, someone whom had seen horrors like none other. Witnessed the deaths of others over the trivial and the anomalous, he hadn't met the fellow behind the quick action yet, but... Deep down, He needed to. His voice was growing hoarse, probably from the shouting he had done to command his fellow Cleaners on practice and care, bruises had been appearing underneath his neck, most likely from his reckless turning in bed... He was miserable, and desperate, in a hole not of his own making, and he was so... So.. So.......so......so........so........so........... Tired.......



  5. finally, a proper vampire lore that doesn't involve (or allow) twink boys.
  6. First-class Private Grungo Gwingo smirks at this missive, smoking his fashioned cigar as he speaks into a room of nothingness due to his chronic schizophrenia and the constant turmoil that it brings. Seeing invisible people in the room that he smugly remarks to as if he was actually doing anything besides feeding his mental illness. "Ha huah ahuhahuha. War." He said smugly, with smug posture and smug remarks as he gives a solid middle finger in the general direction that he assumed the current direction of the Jesstinations
  7. Private First Class Grungo Gwingo is currently having a seizure due to overdose and cannot think of anything smug or annoying to say to an empty room smugly.
  8. this is a new one... BLoodplay
  9. stranger rp is cool, depends on the group though. If ur in the villiany jungle its a gimp to ur attempts most of the time, too much history of spookies committing mass pink tag murder, and the dreaded quota 4 feeding cas. Otherwise, is just peeps not wanting to rp or them bein in a discord talkin about something else (or waiting for a specific roleplay)
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