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  1. Standing here, I realize, your just like me...


  2. AN OPEN LETTER TO THE HIGH PONTIFF To His Holiness, High Pontiff Everard VI I mouse, this is drawing, hope like. Eh... Friend Gnome kill by Spook, want to end war, also take vaccine. TO, HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Pilip 3, or something like that, I don't remember his ass HER IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Anna Banana Queen of the Cabana, her lovable majesty whom I respect completely, also, because of my short stature as a Musin, I can only see her walking mechanisms, however, the Oracle does say she will marry me one day. HIS IMPERIAL HIGHNESS, Prince Casper, he was dead on arrival HIS IMPERIAL HIGHNESS, Prince Larry Lobster, of Puntsville HER IMPERIAL HIGHNESS, {Needs Citation} HIS IMPERIAL HIGHNESS, Wig Wan HIS IMPERIAL HIGHNESS, Slinch Schwingus HIS SERENE HIGHNESS, knife ears HIS IMPERIAL EXCELLENCY, Those two Irehearst that got arrested in Providence that one time HIS IMPERIAL EXCELLENCY, I already said this one, I no write this again - Seabreez HIS GRACE, Uhhhhhh HIS GRACE, The people who's mansion got occupied by *scribbled out text* THE RIGHT HONORABLE, Wait, if there is right honorable, where is Left Honorable? <Deleted> THE RIGHT HONORABLE, <--- This one, he bald, I know this THE RIGHT HONORABLE, Interior Theodosa Alligator THE RIGHT HONORABLE, The Entire ISA THE RIGHT HONORABLE, The guy who owns that place that got turned into a crater THE RIGHT HONORABLE, Legate Lanius THE RIGHT HONORABLE, Standing Here, I realize, your just like me... THE HONORABLE, Jack Daniels THE HONORABLE, This placve is cool THE HONORABLE, Azdromoth THE HONORABLE, The other azdromoths THE HONORABLE, Baron De'notseh THE HONORABLE, Savoren Truthers THE HONORABLE, This is getting tiring how many more? THE HONORABLE, oh wait this last one. Edited 8 hours ago by Eryane
  3. maaann they keep saying to come to haelunor, a couple of well meaning pedestrians, a kind dwarf, and two mice, and an olog were trying to get in and were denied entry

    1. satinkira


      There was no tea in Haelun'or

    2. _Sheylo_


      But there was- I served the tea
      Ologs arent typically allowed entry anyway

  4. Honey wake up, the Imperial Civil Affairs spammed letters again

  5. Nu Loc, Et., 20th of the First Seed – Seabreeze (I-Vt.) on The Previous Saints Day issued the following statement after the Lectorate Administration announced it supports efforts to waive intellectual property rights for Concitura Vampiric Trials: “I applaud Lord Quentin and his administration for taking this bold step in response to the world’s most urgent crisis. Our vaccination efforts here at home will only be successful if vaccination efforts in the developing world happen simultaneously. Supporting this waiver, and putting people over profits, will help us to do that by speeding up the production and availability of vaccines. This is exactly the kind of leadership the world needs right now." “I also recognize the dedicated work done by activists in communities around the world to put this issue on the global agenda. We are all in this together.” Seabreeze last month wrote a letter to The Lectorates of Owyn calling for the administration to back the waiver effort.
  6. [!] Letters would be sent to the great leaders of the men and mice across the continent of the Disneyland, while additional copies would be circulated to traders and caravans throughout the realm. It would read: To His High Holiness, the Pontiff; @Pureimp10 To His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor of Oren; @Nectorist To His Majesty, the King of Haense; @Xarkly To His Highness, the Prince of Savoy; @Publius To His Lordship, the Lord of Du Loc @Shorsand To that fucker 'Malta', Local Terrorist @chacmul To that handsome Barclay, Heir to the Barclay Name @Ziggitee Finally upon decades of experimentation and poverty, my people have finally found a way to circulate Musin CAs of a righteous purpose. Unique and unrivaled, we've a 1-day delivery to making you a fat rat. Able to turn you into one in the short time of 3 months. A feat achieved without sponsorship nor support from those beyond our small realm, the value of the work we have done for the betterment of all of mankind and the potential it holds to grant you power and OOC supremacy is not lost on us. Therefore, respecting my Weed Factory's historic neutrality toward all other realms, the recipe shall be offered via auction. Starting at the bid of Seventeen Childrens Kidney's, the highest bidder shall be given exclusive insight into the recipe for this cure, to administer throughout their respective domain as they see fit. The auction shall proceed for 24 Saint's Hours following the arrival of these letters, and bids shall be circulated consistently to all who have been outbid to ensure fair competition. Please note that this is an open auction, and will not be restricted to the addressees of this letter. Signed, Slinch Schwingus, Local Pharacist
  7. Began rapidly vomitting on the floor and having a seizure in the auction house, that was the bid of a Musin whom had ingested the VVizard VVeed
  8. Seabreeze, Biggie Breeze, Seabreeze of the Sea-men, Banana Brawler, Haelun'or's Bane, Bane, Wife Stealer, Wife Killer, Bomb Maker, Alchemist, Pirate, Mage, Breath-Mint, Pirate (again) was reading about this missive. The Musin was approaching a nearby auction house to begin bidding on this item despite the fact that... For all contents... It was not even there. Along his journey there was multiple gates, and people guarding them. It was very, very, VERY Gatekept. When the Musin arrived, he quickly took his seat watching some fellows familiar and not bidding. And so, the musin cast his own bid. The Musin began vomitting out a bird skull from its previous meal, it was promptly kicked out as all the gatekeepers began hitting it with bats to knock it out, they were quite good at it. The End.
  9. A lowlife among the dead, perhaps one better off inside of a tomb then a tower overlooking darkness, was enjoying his latest findings on the High Elves and their two-faced ways. Among his numerous literary findings; lo and behold there perched was a bird of the undead, the shrivelled and rotten armor clinking and clanking at the fellow moved with haste and vehemence. "Another damnable mention of that war I presume...?" His simple disengagement in the topic was thrown sideways to where the dust was firmly settled, as, to the surprise of one whom already had a second chance, was the death of someone or something he found pleasant. The notice containing the words of common dictating the wallowing lurkers of the Druii was of the last things he expected. And as his undulating eyes pressed further into the wet scroll, taken away from his attempts at writing Xionist scripture to begin his wandering quest, the name of the Frog King also appeared as the spectral red lifted himself from his chair. "Wrought out in the sun for too long, preaching to trees I could easily burn down, and now they play games with the lives of The Creator's makings? Wretched fools, to think I would be brought to such infuriated somber from a FROG of all things... I find myself in NO emotions similar, yet as the last of his kind, perhaps I should spare pity." Tears... They fell like a waterfall for the fallen Wonk, though the Mercatorii knew not what it was like to go extinct, he only wished he could have prevented the Wonk from never knowing the same. And so he cried.
  10. Within a' temple veiled in thick black with the undead screaming about, and unhallowed ground rumbling underneath, there was a fellow particularly familiar with these High Elves and their ways, his hands slowly laying down the missive as his wretched maroon eyes twisted and lurched about before settling in place. "To think...They seemed so opportunistic of the Primeval Way, to stand together under one banner against the plagues of this world. Yet, here they are. Mucking about like sniveling swine that someone is different then them... Liars to the face of an honest undead." A BELL TOLLED IN THE CRYPT, IT HAD LOST ITS INVITING RING.
  11. munch mucn mm bana an anaa


    1. _Sheylo_


      There was, you were just too busy eating a banana lol

    2. Rip and Tear

      Rip and Tear

      No tea for you, stinky 😝

  13. Seabreeze looked over the Missive, as Biggie Breeze A.k.a, The Banana Brawler A.k.a, Big Jumbo A.k.a, Public Debate Menace searched and sauntered on that mighty boat with his comrades at his side. He searched naught for alchemic supplies but instead for a reason to care about this as his bruised back reminded him of something... And then there was that shadow of a bird looming over his voyager. A bird, average in size, crested with the mark of a Mali'Thill approaching fast as the Pirate Mage Alchemist Musin withdrew a merry knife, his sword 'a swinging as it crested past the flag and descended towards him! But it could not expect what was to happen next... The mouse with its might sword drawn had climbed up the pole with its swiftness and met the bird halfway down, its talons outstretched attempting to catch the mouse as it forgot about the note in tandem, causing it to fall down and fail to procure its meal, and deliver a frugal note. Instead as the Musin met the Haelun'or Tea Bird in the air, it appeared that it had met its fate at the hands of the Pirate Ninja Alchemist Mage Rat. Cut in two it was, sliced by the powerful hand of the Musin as he caught the note whilst landing, his comrade Lint manning the Helm and preventing a collision all the while. "Them mofferuckers say Ivarielle the bad guy?! Maynnnneee last time I got to Haelun'or it was for Tea! Tea! Tea! I ain't got tea, I got BRUISES!" The musin readied himself for a belligerent cry as his lungs filled with salt and sewer in this vast sea, he withdrew a Spy Glass as he began to peer into the seemingly infinite horizon of cerulean blue and finally let his little yet mighty call ERUPT! "THERE WAS NO TEA IN HAELUN'OR!" The musin bellowed out as he continued giving directions to his comrade, where they were headed exactly was unknown... And the water appeared to be gettin' a bit colder...
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