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  1. "No." A wither skeleton aside the bone throne leaning over neigh prone rose. "I'd sooner kill myself." They polished their teeth with coarse rock. "We'd sooner kill ourselves. Lest again, we trust a-" they made funny hands "Child of the odd. You want 't get sealed by them?" @ThatFunkyBunch
  2. I like skeletons and ghouls a lot do you think the ST would let them get bardmancer to play the xylophone?


  3. "What're they doing over there. . . Are they. ." Two waterlogged spy-glasses, welded together, were zoomed in. "Are they lining out land? And the one with the pink-blue-white flag is pinching his fingers as if to say 'mina'." "I should have made a plan to deal with those wicked spaghetti golems. By Iblees."
  4. "Hey! They killed three skeletons! Let's attack them later!" The wither skeleton held the missive to a bunch of shambling ghouls and pointed to the three skulls underneath the rooster.
  5. I remember these guys from the lectors
  6. "The weak are meat and the strong do eat" Abyssal smog was coughed from the right-hand-man's empty withery jaw.
  7. | Vweeeeeem. . . | A droid, HAL-Bot, made their way from the spotted gravel roads, leaving their storage-unit to look up to the stars briefly. "SUBJECT: Lector Stor. Would enjoy a clear night sky." - "I will relay this to him, for the Owynssiah." | Vwooooooom. . . | The storage unit closed with the machine inside. Until next time.
  8. Aurum testing is an excuse to pull two crossbows from a holster, 10 paces each, and wait for the animii clockwork to strike Saint's twelve.

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