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  1. Akari saw the moon move for the first time in 2 years. As the sun became unveiled, the Maehr kneeled down onto one knee and bowed his head towards the skies. "O' Luara, uhv'lye helun-ulmalu, uhv'laht dravyn tom eotal. Lye yx vyn. Uhv'laht onnyzh elhona elhya-veluleya" (Oh Luara. Our beloved mother, your suffering is over. We are happy. Your children sing the moon-song) The veteran whispered in prayer. As he spoke these words, the wolf which had accompanied him howled loudly. On the other side of the continent, a short elfess woke up from her slumber. "Oh, the sun is back." She muttered quietly, not understanding the significance of such just yet. Then, she fell asleep once more, hidden in a really nice bush. The constant night really ruined her sleeping schedule.
  2. Akari read through the missive with a frown. "Too many words, too few meanings" He muttered to himself. Then, unimpressed by their political attempt, the Maehr walked away.
  3. [!]Throughout the cities, where the Maehr resided, a missive was hung. ✦•······················•✦•······················•✦ Brothers and sisters. Through our differences, we must be united. The selfishness of our kind led to many tragedies - The fall of our city. The loss of our sanctuary. The deaths of our people. Now, with Bayde's death, our kin' must push forwards. In Vortice, the sanctuary is being rebuild. In Rosethorn, the refugees of Nor'velyth are gathering. In these two cities, the nomad Maehr are joining their kin, settling down after years of wandering. Together, we stand strong. Although our differences are many, we are still one people. With the threat of the Azulytes, seeking to break us apart, we must stand strong. Now, is the time for us to reclaim what we have lost, to form councils and raise once more. And so, I, Akari, a noone, swear: For as long as blood flows through my veins, I will fight for the Maehr. Until my last breath, I will help all those, who ask for it. And of you, my brothers and sisters, I humbly ask: Seek to understand your kin', no matter how distant. In them, you will find your biggest allies and most loyal of friends. ✦•······················•✦•······················•✦
  4. Agis would smile widely at the sight of such a request and threat. Then, he went into his alchemy laboratory to prepare a few will'o potions.
  5. I'd say, buff the ranged weapons. Make them viable against both mages and knights. Bows should be 2 emotes instead of 3, so that they can make up their lack of penetration with firerate. Crossbows should be better at penetrating armour, so that a well positioned crossbowsman can kill a knight in shiny armour. Then, to make them not too op, ranged weapons could force the user to wear slightly lighter armour, so that there are no plates, which could get in their way as they try to attack.
  6. The Isildrána History ───────── ౨ৎ ───────── At the dawn of time, the gods walked the lands. They themselves took care of gardens and of temples. The sun hid not in the skies - but grew in the middle of the world. The tree reached high - its golden leaves painted the world a golden hue. The most beautiful of all gardens belonged to the lady. She was the caretaker of the tree, which gave the gods light. She was the caretaker of the spring, which gave the gods life. She was the caretaker of the animals, which kept the gods company. One day - a coldness came over the world. The light of the tree dimmed, its leaves yellowed and fell. The springs were tainted, bringing upon the world plagues. The animals left the land, scared of the darkness - and alongside the animals left the gods, never to return. In all the emptiness of the world, from the cries of the wind, from the last light of the tree, the first Isildrána were born, to forever remember the beauty that was. Culture ───────── ౨ৎ ───────── The seed, the family, to the Isildrána there is nothing more beautiful than the bonds they share with their kin and their lady - Cerridwen. Their respect for her gardens, the animals she fosters in her arms and the land that feeds them is deeply rooted within their tales and stories. They are by no means druii, as that is a task wholly separate from their mission. Some of them may wish to take up this mantle, but even then, they’ll still be a part of the Isildrána, the little sapling that plants warmth within the hearts of many. Similarly to various missions, they may uphold outside of the seed, one’s blood ties are most often reaching outside the community. Many of the Isildrána keep in touch with their families, for the ties made in blood are usually unbreakable. And yet sometimes they have to choose between the seed and their families. Often in these cases, they are asked to choose their family, for the seed’s mission and unity may be at stake if they choose to stay. Rarely, do the choices of their family break their heart so badly that they choose to remain within the seed and shed their old name. The gift of life, the birth of a child and the task of motherhood are an important part of the Isildrána’s lives. Once a child is born, they’re tied with their blood to their parents, yet their hearts beat for the seed. They hear the stories of their various aunts and uncles and learn from them. From a very young age they are taught that no matter what happens, they have their whole family to lean on. They are to be called an Isildrána since their very birth and once they reach the age of thirty they become a full-member. At that age, they receive their Ilmyumier and a blessing of the matriarch, so that they may take the stories into the wind and tell them wherever they wish. Some may choose to remain with the seed instead of taking up the mantle of a nomad, they’ll receive a place to call their own and live amongst whom they call their family Markings of one’s skin are an important part of the Isildrána culture. Many of the members choose to wear their tales on their bodies. Arms are the most common. Onto them, new members etch the stories they are told by all those whom they’ve met. These Ilmyumier, represent being a part of the community and the willingness to sacrifice one’s body for the seed. Out of all the markings, the markings of the Matriarch are the most peculiar. Alongside having her arms tattooed, the leader of the Isildrána wears a mark on her back. This engraving etched in their skin always tells the tale which is most important to the seed at that time. For many generations, it was the tree of the sun and the garden of the lady, but this marking can take on any form as long as it represents the seed and not the one leading them. The act of marking one’s body bears with it an ancient ceremony. During a full moon, the Isildrána take to the forests and mountains. Within them, they find a spring so pure and clean that the eyes of an elf, human or dwarf can barely see the water. Under the light of stars, they gather together and tell stories of the person, who’s to receive the mark. Once the moon reaches its highest point, they are to be brought into the river. Using the water of the spring their skin is cleansed by the artist willing to etch tales into their skin. During their work, the seed keeps telling stories to bring calmness and comfort to the person receiving the mark. Once the sun rises, it shines upon the marked skin of a tale-teller, an Isildrána. Trials ───────── ౨ৎ ───────── Trials, although a part of the Isildrána culture deserve to be spoken of separately. No matter if these tests become one’s fondest memories or time of storm within their soul, they are some of the most important moments within their life. These trials are put in place not only for one to prove themselves to the seed, but also to look within their own soul. Through them, a person is able to see and overcome their weaknesses. To signify that a task is happening, a symbol will be placed on their forehead with henna, to open their mind. The most common of all is the night of many tales. Before being allowed to partake in this ritual, a future seed member first meets all of the Isildrána and is accepted by them. Once they have the blessings of their future kin they partake in the ceremony. As the sun is setting, the seed gathers in a place of nature, be it within the walls of a city or atop a tall mountain. There, an aspirant of the Isildrána takes a place amongst the family to allow them all to gaze at the person speaking. Once their attention is gathered, they are to tell the tale which best describes their life. Through their voice, they are to pour their soul into those around them. As the seed listens, they value the life of the newcomer and deem if they need and deserve a place amongst them. After the newcomer speaks the matriarch. Were they to pass the test. the matriarch will say “At the dawn of time, the gods walked the lands” Then, she’d be joined by the seed to tell their story. Beginning from the garden of Cerridwen to the tales of those who no longer walk amongst the seed and ending with the stories of those present. The most important to the seed is the great hunt. This Trial often takes many days of preparations and marks the whole life of whoever wishes to partake in it. It’s in this trial that the young daughter of the first Isildrána is to become a matriarch. Before the test, the seed is sleepless, telling stories from the life of the future matriarch, both those her favourite and those first told with her voice. During this night, the mother of the child renounces her position, to pass it upon the youth the very next day. As the sun rises above the horizon, the seed leaves their halls amongst merry songs and with weapons in hand. They are led by their future leader and with her walking at the front, they follow into a hunting ground. There, they take a step back, allowing the young woman and her mother to walk far in front of everyone else. Together, they find a beast as beautiful as those Cerridwen held in her garden. The seed mustn’t speak, not only to prevent the animal from running off into the trees but also to pay respects to the great being. With swiftness, precision and mercy, the elfess kills the majestic being. As the beast is giving its last breath, the matriarch may whisper a few words of comfort to it, but that’s all that can be said within the forest. As the seed retreats, they are to remain completely silent to pay their respects to the lady and her child whom they’ve slain. Once back in their halls, they take care of the carcass. With its skin, they warm themselves, with its meat, they feed themselves and its bones they lay within nature, careful not to break a single one so as not to hinder the animal's travels in the afterlife. As they feast, they sing into the sun and wind, celebrating the newly appointed Matriarch. Leadership ───────── ౨ৎ ───────── From the first Isildrána descends a line of elves with eyes the colour of a summer sun and hair the colour of winter now. It’s around them, that the seed gathers and it’s them who lead the seed towards the task given to them in the forgotten garden of Cerridwen. The most important within their culture is the matriarch. She’s the one who leads the seed at all times. Her voice is the most important within the Isildrána and she is to be heard by all. However, she isn’t the sole member able to decide. All those who bear the markings of the Isildrána may voice their opinions and decide on a common path.
  7. Xancraes was sitting with his pipe above some papers as he found the missive within them, with a slight frown he read through it. "Such a broad statement, an orc or human unaffilliated with the brigands can be killed without punishment."
  8. (IRP information) Name: Ragnar Tyrsson Race: Human Experience: 20 years (OOC information) Username: Royal_sheep Discord: thepolishhussar Timezone: Gmt+1 - Poland!
  9. Xan learned about the death of his teacher from Netseth. At first he didn't understand. At second he didn't accept. At third, he imbued his flesh with a mark that'd remind him of death and of his teacher. "I wish I knew you better" The elf said as he stood under the dark sky of Nor'asath.
  10. Xancraes saw the missive and gave it a single nod. "An honorable way to decide the winner"
  11. Both kiddos were adopted when they were very little, so for a while they most likely wouldn't know they are adopted. There's a girl and a boy to be adopted, they'd have two dads. The personality is mostly up to the player (Just don't make them into a villain or something). The kiddos would have an easy way of becoming a shaman or a fighter. The female has black hair, blue eyes and ashy skin (The first two can be changed) The male has silver hair, pale skin and icy blue eyes (Again, hair and eye colours can be changed.)
  12. Helious Summer Festival The days grow warmer and warmer. As the ears of wheat ripen, covering the fields with a layer of gorgeous gold, the nights grow shorter and the sun elves find themselves closer to Solaris. Summer is a time of plentiful harvest and for many, well-deserved rest. Alongside wheat ripen also the grapes which cover the vines in Helious. From these grapes, the wine will be made. To begin the harvests, a Festival will be hosted, allowing anyone who wishes to do so to help create the first batch of wine that year as they enjoy plenty of food and drinks. The Festival will be hosted under the sun, near a small river, where all the grapes grow. Anyone is invited, for it’s a time of peace and happiness. Special Invitations His serene highness, Prince of Helious, Jarad Munnel and his kin. The Heliousani house of Aelrothi. The Hope Family The Bishop Family The house of Roa The Franzen Family The Augusten-Kervallen Family The house of Calavénon The Citizens of Helious The Citizens of Amathine The Citizens of Nor’asath The Citizens of Lurin The Citizens of Balian Clan Loa'Chil Clan Jusmia Clan Maiheiuh Clan Kervallen Signed The high speaker of Helious. Patriarch of house Aelrothi. OOC:
  13. Xancraes read through the missive with a frown on his face. "To attack another when the mori are sieging the continent is an upmost crime against all descendants."
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