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  1. "I agree" The elf mumbled, head bobbing in a deliberate nod
  2. Orinmon wipes bronze elves' blood off his sword with a napkin, a slight frown, oddly enough along with a light smile rested on his countenance "Orcs can be nice people, but the bronze elves.." The elf snorted whilst the blade was sheathed "They are a funny bunch"
  3. MC NAME: GottaDelete DISCORD: ZONTY#3643 TIMEZONE: -8 EST ={ RP }= NAME: Cedoric AGE: 16 RACE: Human
  4. "Wow, wood is pretty cool now." The elf mumbled with a slight smile dancing on his features
  5. "NOOO!!!" Orinmon screamed out with sudden rush of anger resonating in his voice "Motherfucker!" His gaze furiously flickered around, barely lingering on anything "My fuckin minas!!" He let out now lowering his voice and shutting his eyes closed. His head tilted back, and the elf wailed in a sorrowful manner, now with some dignity.
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