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  1. MC Name: ECS1999 Discord: EduardC11#9634 Image: Description of Image: Barony of Tuvia Coat of Arms Dimensions: 1x1
  2. The Unofficial but approved by the Crown, Minister of Beauty, Love and Appearance of Vortice approves!
  3. Who's the best grandfather? What kind of rp have you never had and would like to give a try? Why is Enisa so cute?
  4. MC Name: ECS1999 Discord: EduardC11#9634 Image: Description of Image: Sir Ephrem Kervallen, Baron of Tuvia Dimensions: 1x1
  5. Ephrem has been on the side of his Pater as he was writting the missive, upon he placed the signature, the young Kervallen would hug his father "Grazi teu, Pater. I'll make you proud!"
  6. The Inauguration of the Frederick Library Issued at Year 112 of the Second Age With the recent flourishing of the Lurinian Economy, the city has grown to be wealthy and full of life. Long time ago the Frederick Library found its bookshelves filled with many tomes, parchments and books but it is now, after the dangers in the south have been eradicated that we hold a feast to celebrate its inauguration. THE EXCHANGE OF BOOKS The Frederick Library has been open for a while, but this next elven week we will officially open it to the public. We will hold a feast where drinks will be served and each assistant or assisting delegation will be asked to bring a book of their choice for the library. In exchange we will provide one book which represents the culture of Lurin. A drinking competition will also be held with the following prizes: 1st Place: 400 mina and the copy of 5 books of their choice from the library 2nd Place: 200 mina and the copy of 3 books of their choice from the library 3rd Place: 100 mina and the copy of 1 book of their choice from the library Invitations were sent all Around Almaris: The Citizens of the Principality of Celia’nor The Citizens of The Commonwealth of Petra The Citizens of Nor’Asath The Citizens of the Koengdom of Haense The Citizens of the Grand Kingdom Of Urguan The Citizens of the Kingdom of Balian The Citizens of the Unfied Domain of Vortice The Citizens of Small Tower and North Keep signed, The Silver Lubba Baron of Lalwën and Head Lubrarian, OOC Time:
  7. Edvard Kervallen gets the missive, taking a careful read at it from his house in Lurin, the man seems saddened about the news of his friend's household yet a smile appears on his visage as he reads the name of a certain hier "I wonder where they got that beautiful name" He says as he leaves the missive on the desk.
  8. Ephrem reads the missive and just throws it away "Do nen think about that one anymore"
  9. Edvard Kervallen still thinks Lubban Purasangre is a better name for the horses, he also does not have all the golden carrots.
  10. From Lurin, inside his Barony, Edvard Kervallen smiles reading the contract, sending his son Evander a bird with a copy directed to his Balianite Villa.
  11. The new Baron Edvard Kervallen gives Mika a thumbs up at the news of the Lurin Cultural post
  12. Edvard does not make jokes about the dead
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