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  1. Edvard would be on his forge, reading the missive while the steel was heating. Scratching his head he would say to himself: "Malin'ilandria? I really will need some more elvish lessons..." He shakes his head in confusion and continues working.
  2. Edvard would be sitting inside the coal mine entrance, with a hammer and a chisel he would be finishing the engraved owl in the stone wall. Once finished, grabbing all his tools he would move to the door and give a final look to what was done on the workshop and smile. "I hope Wynanya's dream can come true" The man woould say with a smile before leaving back to Ephesius
  3. RP Name: Edvard Kervallen MC Name: ECS1999 Voted: Yes
  4. ECS11


    The Kervallen family had always been involved withe the Orenian army, they were not famous soldiers. Edvard's parents were both soldiers of the army during the War of two Emperors, where them both died in the battlefield, leaving a 3 months kid alone in the world. Born in a small town in the Orenian Empire, Edvard never knew his parents and from the age of 6, which is when the family that took care of him threw him out of their house for being a problem, he had to live off his own ingenuity and cunning, stealing what he could and asking for money in the street At the age of 7, the episode that marked his life would occur as a stray dog attacked him at night, leaving him between life and death. It was then that his Master would find him, an old man who carried a long bow on his back, and after healing him he would teach him the art of archery. Every day in the morning he dedicated it to practicing with the bow and in the afternoon he stole and asked for money indiscriminately, until one day 3 years later he did not know more about his teacher, he only found his long bow where they always met to practice. To this day, he makes a living doing shows with the bow and robbing the naive who dare to approach his show. This trade has brought him more penalties than benefits because more than once he has stolen where he should not have and has gotten into pretty big problems.
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