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  1. THE ROYAL INQUISITION The Royal Inquisition, formally known as the Imperial Inquisition, is tasked with both the prosecution and punishment of criminals throughout the entirety of the Orenian realm. It is headed by the Inquisitor-General, Elijah Keen, vested as the highest legal authority in the realm, and naturally provided the following rights: The ability to conduct a trial on sight for those charged with a crime under Orenian Law, to carry out this duty with the utmost consideration for all evidence and testimony The ability to prosecute a criminal found guilty in violation of the law, to sentence the offender, and to ensure proper punishment is carried out The ability to investigate a case to the full extent of the law, including but not limited to the right to summon or detain relevant suspects/witnesses for questioning, ward off specific areas, and petition the Crown for extra privileges The ability to direct members of the Petrine Legion to carry out sentences handed down to offenders, and to execute warrants of search, seizure, and arrest The ability to utilize Petrine Legion facilities for detention and questioning of suspects – Exception, On Peers: As the right of the Royal Peerage to rule is derived directly from the Divine authority of the King, and their judgment is therefore beyond contestation by any but those who grant them said privilege, Peers of the Kingdom are not subject to the jurisdiction or authority of the Inquisition and are to be investigated, prosecuted, and judged solely by the order of the Royal Sovereigns. The Inquisitor-General Tasked by the Crown to command the Royal Inquisition, the Inquisitor General is expected to oversee, direct, and carry out all legal matters pertaining to the Kingdom of Oren with absolute authority and discretion. His Excellency, the Baron of Ames, Elijah Keen (@HeyitsNano) The Deputy Inquisitor-General Appointed by the Inquisitor-General to assist in the maintenance and day to day operations of the Royal Inquisition, the Deputy Inquisitor-General serves as an extension of the Inquisitor-General’s will by wielding equal authority and discretion, albeit subject to the reach and command of the Inquisitor-General. Assumes the Inquisitor-General’s responsibilities in his absence Sir Augustin of the Lion ( @Legoclub22 ) Royal Inquisitors Esteemed lawmen, investigators, and judges appointed by the Inquisitor-General with the consent of the Crown, responsible for managing cases and administering justice where discretion or the direction of the Inquisitor-General deem necessary They are expected to be paragons of the law, and are to be severely held accountable if they fall out of its bounds. Inspectors Employed by the Inquisitor-General to assist him and the Inquisitors in a variety of their duties however directed, particularly as assistants in the cases of Inquisitors and as extra investigators All those interested in enlisting within the ranks of the Inquisition are to pen a letter to the Inquisitor-General. (@HeyitsNano) (discord Nano#6884) Writ and proclaimed in the Year of our Lord 1870, HIS EXCELLENCY ELIJAH KEEN, Baron of Ames, Inquisitor General of Oren, Knight of the Lion, Prefect-Magistrate of Providence, President Pro Tempore of the Royal Diet, Oberst of the Ivory Company
  2. Skin Name: Traveler thing Discord tag: Nano#6884 Bid: $50
  3. Elijah Keen casted a gaze upon his closest comrade, Sir Augustin. "The failed people of Balian claim to be holy. Do they not sully the term by consorting with Azdrazi, spawn of Iblees himself?" @Legoclub22
  4. MC Name: HeyitsNano Discord: Nano#6884 Image: Description of Image: portrait of alaric keen, the founder of House Keen Dimensions: 2 high, 1 wide
  5. BROTHER AGAINST BROTHER, WIFE AGAINST HUSBAND - A MESSAGE TO VALERIE D'AZOR AND THE VICTORS OF ORENIA - 19th of Godfrey's Triumph, 1869 I - Letter to Valerie d'Azor II - Message to the Victors of Orenia I. Valerie, It has been some months now since I have laid eyes upon you. It has been some months more since those eyes regarded you as a friend. Though I can see your family's manor from the courtyard of my own castle, - a view which I promised and fully wished to share with you, - never even when I sought your hand from Savoy have you seemed so far away. I have slept little without your tender warmth beside me, though I know you care not. You were my beloved wife, and to you did I promise the world. To you did I trust the legacy of my bloodline. My heir shall forever have your hair. For you did I fight and bleed. For your love did I name my barony. And if not on the field of battle in service to my nation, then in your arms did I hope to draw my last breath. But you betrayed me. It started years ago, when you began covertly teaching my daughters to confide in you secrets which they kept from me. When you granted them liberty to defy my few stern directions. When you scolded my son for doing as I taught him. When you spoke over me. When you corrected me. When you questioned me. And though you showed no faith in my leadership of my family, still you expected the fruits of my labor. How you planned rooms in Castle Puremont. How you called yourself Baroness of Ames. How you expected - nay, demanded I grant you more and more authority over my affairs. You were never truly co-regent to my title. You were a parasite aiming to take control. You had no interest in the success of my family name. You saw me as nothing but a tool to use for your own benefit, only to then be cast aside. You never cared for my judgment or my will. I did every single thing I did to protect my family, yet from the beginning you only sought to manipulate and control me. When dealing with snakes, one is sometimes fortunate enough to spot a viper before it can strike, and thus I was fortunate. As I watched my Empire fracture before my eyes, I watched likewise as my own wife plotted to undo me. You saw this vile civil war as nothing but an opportunity. An opportunity to finally seize control over me. But I struck before the snake, and reasserted my dominion over my own name. You could not sacrifice my men's blood to your treasonous price, and so you sought to sacrifice my own flesh and blood. For as evil can not create but only destroy, so could you do nothing more to spite me but place my cherished daughters within the enemy stronghold in anticipation of our bombardment. It wasn't enough that I caught you in my own living room with an Imperial assassin. Did you think he wouldn't confess to me who hired him? You were to have me killed, and you succeeded in fooling me into believing the assassin was after you. But as I fought and bled that day to defend you, you abducted my daughters and rode to Fort TOS. Fool me once, shame on you. But you would never fool me twice. Were I not better than you at your own wicked game, maybe you wouldn't have walked back into my hands. But you did. And you had the audacity to mock me. The love I once felt when watching you with my daughters could only ever compare to the rage I felt in that moment, as you spit on my name, threatened all that I held dear, and taunted me with your nasty little lies. You should be grateful I was able to exercise enough restraint not to run my blade through your heart, as I would have been blameless to do. Because you had already run a dagger through mine. II. To the past and present people of Oren, peerage and commoner alike, In recent months, we have witnessed a most vile attack against the foundations of Orenia take place. The false claimant, Peter IV, attempted to revolutionize the citizenry of our nation against the rightful successor to the throne, Frederick I. Despite this, we the citizenry, lifeblood of our nation, prevailed. However, it is not these deceptions of Peter alone that have darkened the waters of our Kingdom. Unlike you, countless other families rallied against our rightful successor, and in doing so, betrayed every value they so claimed to uphold. An example of this lies in the events that the House of Keen endured - a similarly woeful and rigorous blow. My own wife, who I had believed to be the lifeblood of my family, defiled our household and enlisted in the dark ranks of treason and evil. Rather than choose the Kingdom and her own husband, she chose her sister, that false Empress whatever be her name, and fled with mine own children for the perilous confines of Fort Linnord. This was a most treacherous abandonment - and although her actions were claimed to be her own - were I to allow this fate, my children, the future of House Keen, would have surely fell in the crossfire of Fort TOS when the Kingdom inevitably bombarded its walls and eradicated its essences of evil. She would declare that the Imperial Insurgents were correct in their ways. That they would bring might and grit that the King Frederick I certainly could not — and that surely, without one doubt whatsoever, this King would experience a terrible loss. Likewise, this was the claim of House Darkwood, House Ruthern, House Vuiller, and the many other traitors who would soon lose against the mighty forces of our Royal army. This would be a tenacity no more tormenting to myself than to the many true Orenians who experienced similar losses and betrayals, and still yet prevailed. Were GOD not on our side, I have no doubt that we would not be standing here now. Ave Orenia, and GOD save the King. HIS LORDSHIP ELIJAH KEEN, Baron of Ames, Inquisitor General of the Kingdom of Oren, Knight of the Lion, Prefect-Magistrate of Providence, President Pro Tempore of the Royal Diet, Oberst of the Ivory Company
  6. Although the circumstances of their introduction was of little note, Elijah Keen had always respected Borys, having placed a visceral trust within him as his successor that all would be right in Savoy so long as Borys held onto the sails of safety. He was certain, upon his departure, that the man would protect Lucien, Olivier the Young’s offspring, and he was just as certain he would stay loyal to those causes. Among the many griefs recent events had tossed upon the Lord, this was one most significant, and having finally fleeted his mind, a tumultuous wave of reflection returned to hit him once again.
  7. The Baron of Ames notes his appointment as Inquisitor General, readying himself for what work lies ahead.
  8. The war had been won, and the Kingdom of Oren prevailed. The Baron of Ames knelt in the basilica before the altar. It was time to reflect, to pray to the Lord God and the skies above for what was lost and what was to come. Only, the Baron ran towards a better horizon, one of prosperity, of faith, of order. To him, the girls, left to consume the raw remains of both a false state and parent, ran away from it. Forever, they would run away. It would become all they ever knew. Indeed. He loved his daughters. The truth would forever burn bright, but not bright enough. For, in honest terms, falsehood festers faster than truth.
  9. Completely agree with you CJ. I think this has been a difficult experience for a lot of us players, and the tension created OOCly as a result of it is really really disheartening. I’m hoping this war can be settled as fast as possible so that things could go back to normal, and friendships, especially long existing ones, can be rebuilt. I’m pretty sad about possible friendships lost as a result of this, but here’s to hope.
  10. "Mashallah." The baron announced, scribbling a mustache.
  11. John "Chickenlegs" Jenkins invested eight minas into this workout plan. Just look at him five months later!
  12. Insurgents. Insurgents. Rivals. Mutiny. That was all the Empire had become. A boon for war mongering scum, and the antithesis of a civilized nation. Never has the House of Keen experienced an assailant, so foolish and froward, than on this dark day. For, on such a day, an assailant, donned in armor belonging to the Prince Peter, swung a blade upon the Baroness of Ames. -- "You will be repaid for your cooperation. Your life shall be spared." '"I need hands.. How else am I going to make milk of yak?" Sir Augustin moved then to remove from Sir Rorislav's right hand any armor which it bore, then gripping his shackles, and holding his hands out in front of him. He nodded to Elijah. "You may keep your left hand." "My Lord. Do you wish to do the honors?" "Indeed." He spoke, unsheathing his sword once more from its scabbard. He stepped forward, narrowing his gaze upon the assailant. Sir Rorislov gritted his teeth, in anticipation of what was to come. Elijah Keen rose his sword over his head. "With his hand, you have sinned gravely." He then brought it down cleanly upon Rorislov's right wrist. The swiftness and nature of the move ensured precision, indicitive of experience. "Never again." Sir Rorislav roared out in pain as the hand fell off his arm, his remaining hand grabbing at the cleaved wrist. Sir Augustin released the shackles once the Baron's blade fell - they weren't going to stay on his right arm at this point, anyway. The Knight stepped swiftly towards the fireplace, and took hold of a metal shovel used to scoop ashes out of the fireplace. Placing it directly into the flames, he stood several seconds waiting for it to heat up, thereupon, placing it against Sir Rorislov's wrist. The deed was done.
  13. HERE YE, As our Empire hereby descends into turmoil the likes of which I have never once witnessed before in my lifetime, I find it necessary, paying mind to the members of my family, to make a public declaration of the policy of House Keen. It is utmost importance that I clarify that I alone speak for House Keen. My wife, my heir, my children, my cousins, my nephews, and my extended family – none represent the will and stance of House Keen aside from me alone. Any word on this conflict from the mouths or pens of any but myself is not the word of House Keen. I will - and all others likewise should - view any statements of allegiance given by members of House Keen to be illegitimate, if not outright treacherous against myself and my family name. I alone, House Keen's sole patriarch, will dictate its allegiances, neutralities, and the hostilities. This is my word, and it is absolute. Penned in the year of Our Lord 1868, His Lordship, Elijah Keen, the Baron of Ames
  14. "It's an egg." JonesCO presents… A JonesCO - Baronial House Keen invention! The MULTI USE MULTI INGREDIENT MULTI SIZE JonesCO IMPERIAL EGGS YOU CAN…. ☆ Crack it to cook. ☆ Crack it to clean. ☆ Crack it at the stocks. ☆ Crack it on that one pesky wagon wheel that squealed the whole way from Haense, ☆ Crack it on your muscles. ☆ Crack it on your clothes to keep warm in those cold Orenian winter nights ☆ Crack it to glue posters on a wall, ☆ Crack it on your shoes to keep them moist in even the most humid conditions. ☆ Crack it and form bricks out of which to make shelter, Consumption is known to increase one's intelligence, bulk up one's strength, and even correct one's morality. JUST TAKE A LOOK AT OUR HAPPY CUSTOMERS! USE IT FOR ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING! The best part? It's ENTIRELY edible, and has an egg like taste to it, so if you're stranded in enemy Haenseni lines and in desperate need of instant STRENGTH, whip out your carton of JonesCO IMPERIAL egg! Only 100 Mina a carton! Not enough? For an upgraded 200 Mina, you can get a whole HOUSE of it! Still not enough? Contact JONESCO and for the SMALL price of 1000 Mina, you can receive an entire BUTTLOAD of it! Need more still? For the smallest price of 10000 Mina you can have IMPERIAL LIVESTOCK in your town for instant and infinite access to the material!
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