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  1. Emilio the Younger lays in his bed staring at the ceiling. The sun had risen hours ago, but he still felt cold; the glow of the sun could never compare to how his mother had brightened his life.
  2. A Squire’s Journal 28th of Sun's Smile: Tonight we camped in the woods around Eulersburg. I never imagined myself saying this but I miss the smell of mud. I fondly remember running through the swamps with my brothers and sisters near home and coming back caked in mud from head to toe. I miss the sweet wrath of our mother when she made us change out of our muddy clothes before dinner. I miss the bustle and clamor of family gathering around the dinner table. I know I fight so that the mud back home will still be our own and so all those faces I love can still sit and eat, but those memories grow foggy and the smell of mud mixes far too easily with the blood all around this camp. For being on the path to righteous victory this war certainly seems wicked. Wrath is not seen these days cleaning mud from happy children, but in smiting down fellow sons of Horen. Right before I fell asleep last night I thought I could hear the clamor of the dinner table, but then I realized it was the clashing of swords. Another bundle of Adrian warriors found their way in our midst. I can’t believe I miss the smell of mud. 29th of Harren's Folley: Last night I rode with my knight back to Valdev. I never thought I would miss the sound of babies crying. From the barracks when I first heard a man wounded in battle, I just assumed it was a crying baby. The days before I ever had heard a man wail in pain were better. The only thing worse than the wails of these men are the looks on the faces of their children when we ride through the gates and they don’t see their fathers among our numbers. More Adrians die each day than covenant folk, but that doesn’t make the memories of these children's faces worth it. The babies in town seem to cry less as of late. Even they realize that something is not right in the world. I honestly doubt I will live to hear children of my own crying and do I even deserve to? I cannot help but think of the Adrian children whose fathers I have made wail in pain, and in turn given them the same sad soulful stare as their own tattered battalions return to Winburgh. Both of our ranks have lost numbers, but each of these numbers had fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, children and spouses. I hope I never hear the scream of a wounded man again, that sound is not meant for anyone on this earth to hear.
  3. A young faced man in a trenchcoat wobbily walks up to the office of the treasury box. A third hand pokes out of the trenchcoat pocket and places the bid into said box it reads as follows: Emilio Varoche, Baron of Napoliza 38 years of age Illatian Bada Bing 500 mina
  4. Sylvia's brother Caspian storms back into the Cerusil manor after a long day's ride searching for the slayer of his sister. He looks down at his weapon of Azhl Death's Dance hoping it will strike true in the coming days
  5. Emilio Jr. takes finally takes his oversized armor off after a long ride back to Napoliza, as he looks to his younger brother Furio: "Once I grow into this armor, then I can truly show the men of Veletz what I am made of. House Varoche does not forget the death of Sigismond!!!"
  6. Caspian Cerusil walks over to his grandfather in the Cerusil mansion at what is now Celia'nor "Grandfather tell me about what Celia'nor once was, so that we may become it once again" He then sits down in an armchair to listen to the epic tales of past Cerusils
  7. THE VELETZIAN AUTUMN FESTIVAL; MASQUERADE, CARNIVAL AND TOURNEY FOEDUS VELEC In the year 15 of the Age of Rights and the Age of Reckoning ✠ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ BY THE UNWAVERING AUTHORITY OF THE STATE AND THE REPUBLICAN MANDATE BESTOWED UPON THE ILLUSTRIOUS CHAMBER OF HEIDMEN, WE HEREBY ISSUE THIS IMPERIOUS MISSIVE, RESONATING WITH THE EMINENT VIRTUES OF HONOR, DUTY, LIBERTY, FRATERNITY, VALOR, AND WISDOM. WITH THIS COMMUNICATION, WE ENLIGHTEN THY READER UPON THE INTRICACIES OF STATECRAFT AND UNVEIL THE CURRENT AFFAIRS THAT ENGAGE OUR SOVEREIGN REALM. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ A depiction of the town of Winburgh, circa 15 AR. LO unto the Heartlands, It is with great jubilation that we announce the coming harvest within the town of Winburgh. The fall season has come upon us, granting us an abundant harvest and a grand festival to celebrate it all. Join us in three days worth of festivities and excitement, with a little something for everyone to enjoy of all ages. Event Itinerary Day One, the Umbral Masquerade [Friday, Oct 27th, 7pm EST/11pm GMT] The Veletzian Harvest festival celebrations will be opened with a blessing of the harvest by the Father Nerium, in which we will take in the bountiful harvest provided by GOD to the people of Veletz. Shortly after the blessing, a short walk will be made to the courtly halls of the Veletzian palace in which a masquerade shall take place. Food and beverages will be plentiful, with music to accompany it. Costume and mask is encouraged, with a costume contest to take place during the night. Day Two, the Hallowed Carnival [Saturday, Oct 28th, 5pm EST/9pm GMT] The second day of the festival is fun for all ages, in which a carnival will be conducted within the Winburgh square. Varying games will be showcased for the carnival-goers to enjoy, such as but not limited to: Pumpkin carving, apple bobbing and strength contests for those wishing to prove their might. Day Three, the Veletzian Fall Tourney [Sunday, Oct 29th, 2pm EST/6pm GMT] All are invited to the Veletzian Fall Tourney. The format of this tournament will be duels in a double elimination style. One will not be eliminated from the bracket until they have lost twice. All participants must donate to the cathedral of St. Arpad to participate. All fighters must either bring their own gear or rent some at the venue. Meet for the beginning of the tournament at the cathedral of St. Arpad within Winburgh. Top placing warriors of the tournament will be handsomely rewarded! First Place: 750 mina, and tournament trophy Second Place: 500 mina Third Place: 250 mina ___________________________________________________________________________________________ GOD WILLING, HIS GRACE, Gaspard of the House van Aert, Captain-General of the League of Veletz, Duke of Middelan, Bannerlord of Veleç, Protector of the Midlanders THE HONORABLE, Viktoria Helena af Brasca, Baroness of Brasca HIS EULERSHIP, Laszlo Euler, Euler of Eulersburg Yvine Pavlichenko, Stablemaster of Veletz
  8. Tournament Registration RP Name: Laszlo Euler MC Name: Monster_Duck PARTNER'S NAME [OOC/RP/Discord]: [draqonight/Tito de Coca/draqonight] Discord:monster_duck Do you love Petra? I guesss
  9. Laszlo Euler smiles widely upon reading the new treaty. "I just love peace and friendship; my uncle will be overjoyed about this!"
  10. A faint screaming is heard from deep within the Eulersburg manor...
  11. Discord: Monster_Duck#7435 IGN: Monster_Duck RPN: Stephano Divecchia Age: 25 i think idk
  12. Stephano Divecchia wades through the blood in Velec's streets wondering when Adrians will realize it is time for a new religion, but bends down to retrieve a horse whistle from a fallen foe.
  13. Monster_Duck


    You’ve just arrived in a swampy, dim town. As you look around, your gaze is met with shacks and cabins. It smells of rotted wood and wet moss. You duck and step into a tattered tent, illuminated by a series of candles suspended in the air. At the back of the tent, an old hag raises her head, “What brings you to this dingy town? she begins, then pauses to study your face—”Ah, it’s you. I’ve been expecting you. Sit,” she gestures at a cushion, “Tell me your story.” ((How do you respond?)) "It was a hard journey getting here; I didn't know if I would make it," said Stephano. Stephano sighed as he went to sit on the cushion. "I am surprised you could recognize me with all this dirt and grime on my face. Do you have anything to drink?" the Hag poured a murky liquid as Stephano continued to speak: "I originally had a horse, but two nights ago, bandits stole it. I didn't realize how bad the crime has gotten in this area since the warden has fallen, but that is why I am here right? You have a new warden in mind right Matlida?" Matilda closed the curtain at the entrance to the tent and begin to speak in a hushed tone...
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