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    Birth/Early life: Born in a slums of a city in the kingdom of Norland, he would grow up having to work to help support his parents. His mother being crippled and father having abandoned them. Eventually around age 12 his mother would pass away but she left a message detailing that his father was a prominent commander in an unnamed army. Teen/young adult: he would eventually leave the slums of the city and venture around the lands as a man at arms for hire in search of his father. working for different lords and mercenary companies. Adult: during this time he would have suffered many scars and injuries and was betrayed by his comrades and left to be captured with others of his group, later being imprisoned and tortured which would scar him mentally. After his release/escape he would roam the lands as a wandering warrior on the search for his father, which he had begun to track down. Eventually he would find him and confront him, resulting in a fight to the death and him killing his father. Early Adult life: After killing his father he felt extreme regret and emptiness and wandered the wilderness and different lands seeking a purpose in life. He had completed his quest but was not fulfilled, wondering if there was a better outcome to it all. By travelling the lands he came across many people in the world suffering, from disease, corruption, war, and other foul things. He would slowly be drawn to helping people during his travels, feeling that those deeds displaced the empty feeling he had. By witnessing the many struggles that the people and the peasantry had he began to wish he had the power to change the world for a greater good, but did not know how to come about it. Now: to this day he still wanders the lands, learning, helping others, building connections and relations. There was no telling how he could make a change in the world but he knew he needed a foundation first.
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