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  1. I didn't even know they were removed! Thankfully I got some when they were spawning at map start, but it'd stink if we cant get it another way. It was something that was basically free to get, so either add something like the Night Flower at the resource island or make them spawn. Glowsquid ink would also be a much more useful tile resource than crop growth if it can be implemented, or just make nodes around the map for glowsquid ink like there are for alchemy ingredients.
  2. Last Port of the Cormath Government of the Last Port Despite its tumultuous history, the Last Port of the Cormath developed a unique and structured form of governance via the Privateer Court. Cormath's government structure is fundamentally a pirate privateer democracy with a blend of traditional and seafaring roles, replicating ship positions and hierarchy. Captain of the Cormath, Head of the Privateer Court [Sebastian Esban, Captain of the Cormath | Domithicc] The Captain of the Cormath serves as the highest authority within the Last Port of the Cormath, but their leadership is collaborative in nature, working closely with the Privateer Lords. Together, they form the central decision-making body in the Privateer Court, responsible for the overall governance, safety, security, and welfare of the Last Port. Privateer Lords [Vicnan Hawkins, Captain of The Song Sparrow | PanicZealot3724] (left) [Charlotte, Captain of The Wanderer | GenericDonut] (right) Privateer Lords play an integral role in the leadership of the Last Port of the Cormath. They work in partnership with the Captain of the Cormath within the Privateer Court, the public-facing administration of Last Port. These captains represent various ships and crews within the town and actively participate in the decision-making process alongside the Captain. First Mates [Rafael | riorr] Serving as senior advisers to the Captain, First Mates have essential responsibilities in assisting with decision-making, providing expertise, and offering opinions on matters vital to the town. They are also prepared to step in and assume leadership in the absence of the Captain, ensuring the smooth operation of the town and upholding its governance structure. Quartermaster [Vacant] As the town’s head steward, the Quartermaster manages its resources and wealth. This includes overseeing trade and commerce activities, ensuring the equitable distribution of supplies and resources, and, significantly, managing the treasury, which encompasses the hidden treasure that founded the town. Their role is central to the economic stability of the Last Port. Master-At-Arms [Vacant] Holding the highest military authority, the Master-at-Arms is responsible for the town’s defense and security. They oversee the training and command of the town’s militia, maintain discipline among the residents, and develop strategies for protecting Last Port from potential external threats. The Master-at-Arms plays a critical role in safeguarding the port. If you're interested in joining, check out our Discord here: https://discord.gg/vJUETWdcMV
  3. Last Port of the Cormath History The history of the Last Port of the Cormath begins with a ship known as the Cormath. This merchant vessel, carrying a crew of traders and sailors, met an unfortunate end in a violent storm off the eastern coast of Aevos. The crew was left stranded on an unfamiliar shore, shipwrecked with their goods lost to the sea. After scouting the area they crashed in, the crew stumbled upon a hidden cache of treasure in a nearby cave. The abundant treasure was enough to not only absorb the financial loss of the shipwreck, but also afford the crew a comfortable retirement. Captain Tomas, the ambitious and ruthless leader of the Cormath, had other plans. Unwilling to share the newfound wealth equally among his crew, he conspired with a select few of his trusted men to seize control of the treasure. Tomas and his loyalists slaughtered most of the unsuspecting crew, blaming their deaths on the shipwreck. (Credit: Robert Simic) Stranded, and with no ship to transport the treasure, Tomas sent his men to Vortice, the city closest to their wreck, for supplies while he awaited his other ship to come looking for them. The ship that arrived, however, was not one of Tomas’s trading vessels. It was the Ogram, a formidable ship of red wood and black sails, under the command of Captain Vohne, who laid claim to the hidden treasure. Finding his treasure to be missing, Captain Vohne turned to the nearby shipwreck. Despite his best efforts, Vohne could not locate the treasure, as Tomas refused to reveal its new location. Captain Vohne warned Tomas of the wrath of two other pirate Captains to whom he owed a share of the treasure. He warned that they’d come looking for what was rightfully theirs. Realizing the threat posed by the three pirate captains and the potential devastation their search for the treasure could bring to Last Port, Captain Tomas and his powerful captains found a diplomatic path. (Credit: Gabriela Pruszkowska Engelmann) The captain of the Cormath and the most influential captains within the Last Port formed the Privateer Court to shoulder the responsibility of day-to-day governance and maintaining order, but crucially, they were the only ones privy to the secret of the treasure’s location. To appease the three pirate captains and prevent them from resorting to violence in their hunt for the treasure, Tomas granted them authority over the town’s affairs disguised under the clandestine Pirate Court. Although they remained unaware of the exact location of the treasure, this measure integrated them into the town’s power structure, and provided an outlet for their influence while maintaining relative peace, keeping the existence of the Pirate Court a well-guarded secret from the public eye. Recently, the Last Port has been officially granted the land that the Cormath shipwrecked on. Now acting as an autonomous vassal under The Unified Domain of Vortice, the Last Port of the Cormath continues to flourish as a haven for privateers, merchants, and sailors alike. If you're interested in joining, check out our Discord here: https://discord.gg/vJUETWdcMV
  4. Seb sighs as he returns to the shops in search of yet another outfit. He may well be the best dressed pirate privateer you've ever seen!
  5. Username: Domithicc Persona Name: Saelyth Tennallar Persona Age: 27 Place of Residence / Street Address: 1 Temesch Lane
  6. Saelyth nods as she reads, still not entirely sure what Petra is. "I love chivalry," she chants out of habit now.
  7. SURNAME: Tennallar FIRST NAME: Saelyth RESIDENCE ADDRESS: Temesch Lane I YEAR OF BIRTH: 1906/SA 110 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the Commonwealth of the Petra: Yes ((MC NAME)): Domithicc
  8. …As the sun crested over the Petrine valley, casting its warm glow upon the scene, the sounds of bustling activity reverberated through the air. Two prominent Elfesses stood distinctly amidst the others. One, a refined and elegant statured Mali'aheral discussed with the other, a strict and ebon garbed Mali'ker. The contents of a supply docket seemed to be the primary focus, while they regularly provided instruction to the laborers. As the sounds of busy workers and the rhythmic clatter of construction filled the air, Hohkmat steadily transformed before their eyes. Structures took form, and the vision of a thriving magocracy began to emerge. Amidst this vibrant scene, Saelyth and Rhae'lin discussed the logistics and future plans, their collaboration instrumental in shaping the destiny of Hohkmat. The City-States of Hohkmat A Letter From the Chamber of Earth We write to you today, filled with excitement and gratitude for the progress we've made in our beloved enclave. It is with pride that I announce an opportunity for you to contribute to the growth and prosperity of our city. The home in the back of our enclave has been converted to serve as a dedicated space for donations. This home, Temesch Lane I, is located on the road between Briga's Bullshit and the Hohkmat Enclave. The Chamber of Earth kindly requests your assistance in providing materials that are vital to our development. Specifically, we are in need of: Coal Iron Gold Diamonds Enchantments Arcanium Magegold Numerous wooden & stone blocks These resources will directly contribute to the strengthening of our infrastructure and the quality of life, ensuring the resilience of Hohkmat for years to come. Whomever donates the most resources will receive the prize of enchantments and the honor of our mana obelisks being dedicated in their name. Fledgling mages looking to be involved in organizational and logistical support to Hohkmat, should contact the Chamber of Earth. You’ll also notice that there is a shop stall outside the enclave that is now selling three types of focus crystals—one representing each of Hohkmat’s magisters. So declare your support for a magister by purchasing one of these focus crystals! Additionally, I extend a personal invitation to those who crave adventure and possess a spirit of exploration. Lady-Magister Valindra is seeking skilled individuals to join her in an expedition, scouting the build site for future expansion. Let us unite in our endeavors, hand in hand, to build a magocracy that stands as a testament to our collective will and determination. Your contributions, both in materials and leadership, will shape Hohkmat’s legacy and inspire generations of mages to come. Vizier Rhae’lin Ashwood of the Chamber of Earth Saelyth Tennallar of the Chamber of Earth
  9. Full Name, First and Last: Saelyth Are you a Voidal Mage? Aspirants and fledgling mages will not be turned away: Yes What schools of voidal magic are you familiar with, and which do you practise? If the answer is none yet you have interest, please write ‘Not Applicable’: Beginning lessons on Transfiguration. What puts you a cut above the rest?: An unquenchable thirst for knowledge, and the motivation to seek it out. Do you have any notable accomplishments?: None yet. What do you expect or wish to achieve in this endeavour?: A better understand of the void and it’s mysteries, and how we can apply them to better our lives on Aevos. Any questions?: No
  10. +1 cause I think it’s cool, but not really optimistic since telekinesis is/was already a thing and has been kind of filed under transfiguration now. Either way, I don’t think they’d let us have gravity before lightning :/ Fun to read tho!
  11. Saelyth cheers for the appointment of Lady-Magister to her new teacher. “I can’t wait to see what she’ll achieve… The wonders I’ve seen Ibi do in such a short amount of time…” She shivers, excited for what the future of Hohkmat holds.
  12. Why do I keep coming back to this

  13. I love the skin!! Somebody can close this now I guess?
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