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  1. Username: Domithicc Persona Name: Saelyth Tennallar Persona Age: 27 Place of Residence / Street Address: 1 Temesch Lane
  2. Saelyth nods as she reads, still not entirely sure what Petra is. "I love chivalry," she chants out of habit now.
  3. SURNAME: Tennallar FIRST NAME: Saelyth RESIDENCE ADDRESS: Temesch Lane I YEAR OF BIRTH: 1906/SA 110 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the Commonwealth of the Petra: Yes ((MC NAME)): Domithicc
  4. …As the sun crested over the Petrine valley, casting its warm glow upon the scene, the sounds of bustling activity reverberated through the air. Two prominent Elfesses stood distinctly amidst the others. One, a refined and elegant statured Mali'aheral discussed with the other, a strict and ebon garbed Mali'ker. The contents of a supply docket seemed to be the primary focus, while they regularly provided instruction to the laborers. As the sounds of busy workers and the rhythmic clatter of construction filled the air, Hohkmat steadily transformed before their eyes. Structures took form, and the vision of a thriving magocracy began to emerge. Amidst this vibrant scene, Saelyth and Rhae'lin discussed the logistics and future plans, their collaboration instrumental in shaping the destiny of Hohkmat. The City-States of Hohkmat A Letter From the Chamber of Earth We write to you today, filled with excitement and gratitude for the progress we've made in our beloved enclave. It is with pride that I announce an opportunity for you to contribute to the growth and prosperity of our city. The home in the back of our enclave has been converted to serve as a dedicated space for donations. This home, Temesch Lane I, is located on the road between Briga's Bullshit and the Hohkmat Enclave. The Chamber of Earth kindly requests your assistance in providing materials that are vital to our development. Specifically, we are in need of: Coal Iron Gold Diamonds Enchantments Arcanium Magegold Numerous wooden & stone blocks These resources will directly contribute to the strengthening of our infrastructure and the quality of life, ensuring the resilience of Hohkmat for years to come. Whomever donates the most resources will receive the prize of enchantments and the honor of our mana obelisks being dedicated in their name. Fledgling mages looking to be involved in organizational and logistical support to Hohkmat, should contact the Chamber of Earth. You’ll also notice that there is a shop stall outside the enclave that is now selling three types of focus crystals—one representing each of Hohkmat’s magisters. So declare your support for a magister by purchasing one of these focus crystals! Additionally, I extend a personal invitation to those who crave adventure and possess a spirit of exploration. Lady-Magister Valindra is seeking skilled individuals to join her in an expedition, scouting the build site for future expansion. Let us unite in our endeavors, hand in hand, to build a magocracy that stands as a testament to our collective will and determination. Your contributions, both in materials and leadership, will shape Hohkmat’s legacy and inspire generations of mages to come. Vizier Rhae’lin Ashwood of the Chamber of Earth Saelyth Tennallar of the Chamber of Earth
  5. Full Name, First and Last: Saelyth Are you a Voidal Mage? Aspirants and fledgling mages will not be turned away: Yes What schools of voidal magic are you familiar with, and which do you practise? If the answer is none yet you have interest, please write ‘Not Applicable’: Beginning lessons on Transfiguration. What puts you a cut above the rest?: An unquenchable thirst for knowledge, and the motivation to seek it out. Do you have any notable accomplishments?: None yet. What do you expect or wish to achieve in this endeavour?: A better understand of the void and it’s mysteries, and how we can apply them to better our lives on Aevos. Any questions?: No
  6. +1 cause I think it’s cool, but not really optimistic since telekinesis is/was already a thing and has been kind of filed under transfiguration now. Either way, I don’t think they’d let us have gravity before lightning :/ Fun to read tho!
  7. Saelyth cheers for the appointment of Lady-Magister to her new teacher. “I can’t wait to see what she’ll achieve… The wonders I’ve seen Ibi do in such a short amount of time…” She shivers, excited for what the future of Hohkmat holds.
  8. Why do I keep coming back to this

  9. I love the skin!! Somebody can close this now I guess?
  10. So yeah. I have no mina to offer so hopefully $5 is enough to convince someone to make me a skin. I can barely edit skins without messing it up and I don't like walking around the server knowing my skin is just a mashup of random skins I found on PMC. It makes me feel like a fraud. The skin will be for my human character Tamara Vigo. I would like you to use Philippa Eilhart as a reference, except without the blindfold, feathers in her hair, and weird doily collar. If you're interested post a link to other skins you've made or message me on Discord at Dominic#9641 Thank you!
  11. Just got my paycheck, so I'm ready to buy some art if you're still taking commissions!
  12. I actually live for your avatar.

  13. nice avatar drag race is good

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