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  1. Kax'ahli read over the missive with a smile. "I can not believe I broke my legs and now I'm going to be having a baby. What a strange world we live in."
  2. Name: Severin Salas Age: Honestly haven't decided but he's not a child or anything Race: Wood Elf Culture: Elven Ties: Lives in Urguan, works in the guild. That's all. – OOC – IG Name: You know what it is stimky
  3. Joining under the stars Tla'Kax'ahli Ruman'ahz and Tul'Fen'aril Hirxul Marrying of the star and the shield. " A star shines only as bright as its light, without it, it's just a rock. " Over the years, these two Kharajyr have shared a sacred bond. For most, one does not find it this early in their life. Through the traditions of the courtship, they shared a picnic together. Kax'ahli brought homemade tamales and Fen'aril a fresh kill to celebrate this new life together. Through it all; The death, the pain, and even the good times, together. Today we join these two together for their final ceremony. A ceremony of becoming one soul. Under the blessing of Xitekuepayoli the spirit of new life, rebirth. The spirit of moonlight reflecting off a pool of water. It is here that we are happy to announce the wedding of Kax'ahli and Fen'aril. At the pond near the Berr'lin Blvd. The after party is held nearby in the banquet area! As tradition, Kharajyr give no formal invitation extended to anyone, and everyone is only invited by word-of-mouth. [!] Each listed below, either of the two or both, would appear at your homestead. Whether door, cave, or such, they both would appear wearing ceremonial robes and invite you to their wedding. A plate of traditional Kharajyr meal would be handed to you as they leave. Those that receive invitations: The Silver State of Haelun'or Krugmar and the Bronze Polis All misfits of the Star Tribe of Axoltilo Axihuayan - Our sacred family Any Kharajyr and Musin
  4. Kax'ahli scratches at their head for a moment reading the word Mali'thill before the realization hit him. "Ah." A smile would soon spread across their face as they shout out to their Metz'al. "Fen'aril, tehaun tlapalotiuh in Sullas Talonnii?" They pull out an older looking parchment and begin to write with a long quill. [!] A scroll would be returned to their residence. Writing in native Kharahatla would be seen answering the questions. Name: Kax'ahli & Fen'aril Will you be in attendance at the Sullas Soirée? Yes/no/possibly: Quema (yes) Do you have any food or drink restrictions the Sullas hosts should be aware of?: Amo (no)
  5. Kax'ahli smiles upon the missive betwixt their paws in their home. After glancing over it for a moment, reading over the context of such, they give a warm look to their Metz'al. "A banquet of stars! How lovely. I do wish to attend, it would be quite impolite as a new leader."
  6. ((Minecraft Name: H0neyScunch) Name: Arqarie Mint'raro Age: Old enough (Old as shit) Vote 1: Alaion Miravaris Vote 2: Alaion Miravaris
  7. Make more Khas, we want you at our new temple. We would love more!

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    From a young age, Lavender and their siblings didn't see their father much. Raised by a single mother, they decided to leave Elvenesse and into a new homestead. Feeling the pressures of the growing kingdom made them feel nervous. After settling into a new home, Lavender felt uncomfortable. Their life was changing and they weren't ready for it. Then their mother became very ill. Lavender took up learning to begin studying their mother's ailment, this was something no one knew about. After she passed, Lavender wanted to continue the pursuit of knowledge in order to always find new ways of life. They accepted the new and honed it to be able to live a better life.
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